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For those who wish to contribute (and we hope that all readers will do that) to this online paper, the following explains how to do that.

There will be no editor.   Each writer will be responsible for writing, editing, formatting, spell-checking, and submitting his or her own input in an email to the publisher. The publisher will merely copy it from your email and upload it to this web-site. There will be no further editing or review.  We would prefer that the email contain the entire article as we can not accommodate attachments.

The publisher only expects to maintain this web-site.  Everything else is done by you, our reader/writers.

Much of the publishing is automated, therefore each email should follow this procedure and be submitted in this format:

Send your article, letter, story, name, etc. to:

Subject: SMApaper (so that we know WHY  you sent the email to our email address) 

Please suggest which web-site page you think it belongs on (use the below list - our current web-pages)

Write your article or story thusly (this will be the entire unedited portion that will be copied and pasted, as is, into our web-site):

Write the Title of your story or article or letter  
Write your name as author (as in "by Mary Smith")
Write your article (no length restrictions are now contemplated)

We currently have separate web-site pages (departments) as follows, all of which pertain to matters effecting expatriate life here in San Miguel:

letters to this web-site (as compared to longer articles for the below listed pages) letters
listings of local events (as far enough into the future as you think appropriate) events
breaking news - write us if something has just happened breaking news
current controversy - presenting both sides of any current SMA controversy  current controversy
something for our community bulletin board (tag sales, people needing new jobs, arrivals and departures of people, restaurant openings, etc. - see the page for more info)
charitable and other non-profit organizations (articles about these organizations and what they are currently doing) non-profit organizations
volunteer stuff (including positions available at non-profit organizations) volunteers
deaths in our community (listing of deaths as well as obituaries and eulogies) deaths
eulogies and obituaries for those who have died in the recent past obituaries and eulogies
tips for living in SMA, including  fm2-fm3    employees    computers    medical-health   shopping  odds-ends   in-general
travel (stories and hints about trips in and around Mexico) travel
local politics (laws forbid our publishing anything to do with Mexican politics, and space limitations require us to forbid articles on politics of other countries) politics
anti-gossip (an opportunity to re-but public malicious gossip about oneself or one's friends) anti-gossip
periodic columns from local individuals on local matters columnists
interviews of local people interviews
profiles, of local people, written by local people personalities
local people's memories of prior times and people in San Miguel memories of sma
original fiction (these should be relatively short) fiction
original non-fiction (these should be relatively short) nonfiction
poetry (only original poetry) poetry
spiritual and religious articles spiritual
humor relating to San Miguel humor in sma
ideas for new surveys of community thinking
competitive contests with prizes
publisher's editorial editorial
and aids to you, the readers and writers FAQs   behind the scenes
we are considering additional departments and welcome your suggestions miscellany

If you have any doubts of what type of material belongs on each web-page, we disclose the "objectives" of each department at the very bottom of each web-page.

All submissions should be original as we do not wish to infringe upon anyone's copyright privileges.  If you choose to include a short quotation, be sure to name the originator.

Please be aware that laws against defamation, slander, libel, etc.,  apply directly to each writer of any published writing.  If the writer is unknown to people in this town, there may be a need to establish identity before publishing.  The publisher takes no responsibility for your writing.

And some no-no's:
there will be NO commercial use of this online paper except for announcements of non-profit organization events and of their needs for volunteers. 
when anyone is campaigning for anything or otherwise being very uncivil, unethical, dishonest, or otherwise writing things beyond the boundary of contemporary taste, their writings may not be published or, if published, may be removed as soon as this behavior is noticed.  Sorry, but rather than have a poll every time such behavior is noted, the decision of the publisher on this particular problem will be the final and only one..

Copyright information:

© SMA OnLine 2012. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any type, republication, or redistribution of any content of any web-page, including by caching, framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of the original credited writer. The ownership of all writings in this online paper (this web-site) rests in the hands of the original writer.  SMA OnLine has only the right to publish it electronically on this web-site.   The copyright laws of all parties to the NAFTA codes govern this online paper.   However, fair use laws are observed.

objectives ( and other notes) for all web-site pages are shown at the bottom of each page

Objectives of this page:  to encourage all to write their thoughts to and for us, and to give them some guidance on our own needs for input compatibility with our already established publications..And for those of you who like more depth to their instructions, we refer you to What it takes to print YOUR article on the behind the scenes page.


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

Some, but not all, pages on this web-site were selectively modified as recently as the date shown at the bottom of the MPWCFoundation web-page.   This entire web-site is copyrighted  © 2000-2020 by The Michael Paul Wein Charitable Foundation, Inc  

QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS about this web-site?          E-mail us at    SPECIFY EXACTLY  the page name using the entire URL link and illustrate your question or comment by showing both the problem wording and your question or comment about IT.