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Why is this information necessary?

The Foundation is frequently asked by grantees, both current and prospective, "why must we give you all of this information?  This is a lot of work for us and we have never had to do this before.  Why now?"  For this question, there are many, many, many reasons and we will attempt, below, to give you as many as we can think of.  If you believe that these reasons do not apply to you, we thank you for your time and we can both move on in other directions.

In no special order, these are our reasons.  Because: 

if you wish to accomplish your own mission in the years to come, you need to be able to plan, and planning includes financial planning, and financial planning requires reliable and fully disclosed descriptive financial information. 
your own directors or trustees or management or volunteers, whether or not they currently realize it, need this information to properly accomplish their own work
for any organization, large or small, profit-making or non-profit, failure to plan is like planning for failure.
we ask for nothing that any reasonably well-run organization does not normally create for themselves
anyone interested in your organization is entitled to know more about your organization
this includes not just those who wish to give you money, but those who volunteer to work for you, your own employees, those to whom you yourselves give money, those who are considering giving money to you, various tax authorities, your own advisors, in short, all who come in contact with your organization (what we prefer to call "your constituents")
information, to be useful to most of your constituents, should be complete (full and open disclosure) and comparative (so that readers find a context within which to understand information).
there are many laws that govern organizations  such as yours and among them are Mexican, Canadian and USA tax laws and most of these laws require much of what we are asking for.  For more on the USA tax laws, see IRS Regulations
there are laws (chiefly USA and Texas laws) that govern our Foundation and they require that we obtain all of what we are asking for.
the Better Business Bureau suggests that any person giving a contribution to any charitable organization ask them to offer certain information.  We are not being anywhere near as strict as the BBB as we have reduced their requests to a very tiny fraction of what they ask for, our requests being more suitable for a San Miguel organization.
At present, we are a one-person administrative Foundation and in effect much smaller than you.   We are willing to invest money and time in you but we require cooperation and information from you.

Most importantly, this is the beginning of a process wherein we hope to get to know your organization.   We have pledged to have a minimum of us$2,900,000 (and will probably have even more) in our endowment and we hope that you share in the (forever) annual grants that come from that endowment.  It would be foolish, no, actually stupid, for us to just hand out money without having some clues about how it is granted, how it is used by the grantee organizations, and what their plans for future use might be.  In this process, you will find that the input to us from you gets easier as the years go on and at the same time the grants from us to you get larger and larger.

We have asked for nothing that we do not (with even more limited personnel than you have) do ourselves.   We have instituted controls so that even with the death of our founder, this Foundation will continue and all grantees and our own trustees will work under self-perpetuating controls that guarantee that we will do what we promise to do on this web-site.  As some proof of this, we show you that we abide by our own requirements for continuity and transparency by providing on the following page (we do it too) information about us that we also request from our grantees.

What we ask for in the preceding paragraphs is called accountability.  Accountability is the key ingredient of TRUST.  We are accountable to all of our own constituents (including you and your organization) no less than that we require you to be accountable to all of your constituents (including, but not limited to, us). 

Oh, and lest we forget, the above is merely Transparency.  Continuity is even more important unless you wish your organization to cease to operate efficiently whenever you find that, at least in San Miguel, your volunteers are susceptible to death, sickness, desire or need to move elsewhere, or even to merely leave your organization for some other worthy organization here in town.   The town is replete with stories of what happens when any of the above personnel changes takes place without suitable provisions for continuity.

For more information, see the following links: 

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“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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