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We have done what we ask of you since even before our own incorporation.  It is our way of life.  We believe in transparency and continuity.  Below, although not in the same format as we require grantees to provide it to us (which is mostly via emails and/or attachments to the emails), we provide the same information that we ask of you (except ours is on this web-site and therefore includes, by reference, links).  The main differences will be in delivery (i.e, instead of sending you all individual details, we will post this on our web-site) and instead of answering in the same detail as we require of you, we will tend to summarize and refer you to other webpages, etc.  Unless you can give specific links to the specific questions and answers, you will have to list the individual answers on your emailed input. Since the flow of money and necessary to function information is in the opposite direction than that of your own, that effects the needs for differences in responses.  So, here we go.   Note that this is an example of the first-year's responses.  In your cases, you should use your first year's responses as a springboard and edit it year after year forever for additions, deletions, amendments, and other updated corrections.

the 20 questions as shown on (and our response in 2004)

1-Have you read and completely understood our entire Eligibility page and now send us this written statement affirming that you have met (and still meet) every requirement under the heading "Each new grantee organization MUST:"

Yes, we have not only read it, but we have re-read and re-read it repeatedly, and certainly understand each nuanced word and what we are looking for in grantees..

2-Do you state what methods you use to ensure continuity and consistency of your programs through re-invigoration and eventual succession of your current management? 

Yes, we have responded completely and fully below in a long section entitled "Continuity" which answers the questions we asked all of our grantees  and which were asked on our continuity webpage.

3-Please state the number of years you are in our grant program

We were "in it" even before there was an MPWCF grant program - see our web-page called History.  The grant year 2014 is our 22nd year "in it" in San Miguel, preceded by considerably more than 15 years in New York City.

4-Write a complete description of your purpose, mission, and/or goals (from your bylaws or conception documents)

Article II of our By-laws (see Legalities and the item #2 "our By-laws" - article II) as well as the beliefs webpage as well as the Goals & Mission webpage all speak to, and are part of, our purpose, mission, and goals.  

5-who, exactly, are your past (and your proposed future) beneficiaries and how do you maintain continuity with them, if indeed you do, in your own grant programs

Our original purpose was to provide funds to help the poorer women and children in San Miguel.  We also wanted the charitable organizations of San Miguel to be able to continue their aid (using our, and others, funding) for an indefinite period into the future, well after our Founder's own death.  Therefore, based upon the Founder's profound belief that transparency and continuity were both an essential ingredient in the efficient implementation of each organization's own mission, we incorporated (see History) so as to institutionalize the process.  We battled rumors and innuendoes for years (see defense) and finally obtained not only grantees that we decided would be around to accomplish their mission for decades into the future, but we also got many other non-grantees to understand that transparency is good for them, and their own constituencies, as well.   In addition to this, we observed our own transparency and continuity continually improve, and our Founder wrote into his own estate documents further guarantees to assure continuity against almost any foreseeable (and maybe even unforeseeable) contingencies that might otherwise disturb the future plans.  See additional guarantees on various pages of this web-site, maybe most clearly at the bottom of Our grantees or Goals & Mission webpages.

6-Describe the background of your organization itself (its history)

see our History webpage

7-Describe your credibility in all relevant locales

As of the end of our June 30, 2013 fiscal year, we have now given over us$125,000 in grants to past and/or present grantees (listed in alphabetical order) on Our grantees webpage.  And we have placed into trust accounts (that are not recoverable by the Founder for his own use) over us$4,000,000 in marketable securities that will be distributed to these same grantees at approximately two years after the Founder's death.

8-Describe the stability of your organization

The Founder's Estate Plan, and his funding and investing history and future estimates, and the Trustee's instructions, as well as still other guarantees of continuity, all work side by side in the same direction to provide that stability.

9-Tell us about the background and relevant contributions of your founders

As of today, and we estimate that there will be no change in the future, all funding of the current receipts and future endowment of the MPWCF will have come from the pockets of the Founder and so far we have accepted no funding from anyone else.   See more about this at question #10 below.  The Founder, because he is in the 15% tax bracket (due to most of his income being from dividends from his investments), still pays 85% of all grants out of his own funds.

10-Tell us the background and relevant contributions of your current principals

See the formal notes and a picture near the bottom of the Goals & Mission webpage plus a more personal account on the interviews webpage. 

11-Tell us all details regarding your use of non-monetary-type-benefits to compensate your volunteers and how this very important concept is evolving within your organization

As of our fiscal year ended June 30, 2014, we have spent not one penny on anything to compensate any of our volunteers, including the chief volunteer, the Founder.  As a matter of fact, our entire overhead since inception in 2001 (14 years now) amounted to a cumulative total of us$643 and that included all incorporation fees to the State of Texas as well as all legal and accounting fees.  We believe in totally in volunteerism and suggest you read more on our volunteers webpage.

12-Tell us the details regarding monetary compensation to all others (employees, volunteers, officers, etc.)

We have had no employees who have ever been compensated with anything other than the satisfaction of "doing good" for our community.

13-Describe your financial status and past history 

We refer you to the latest copy of our financial statements at financial statement as well as funding and history of our past and our future estimates.

14-Describe your current financial structure.

We refer you to the latest copy as stated in the answer to question #13 above.

15-Describe how you project future cash flow (both in and out)

We presently normally have one annual contribution from our Founder and we normally pay all grants in the Spring of each grant year.  Other income and other expenses are quite minor and are sporadic.  As a result, we do not at present project cash flow monthly but we definitely will starting immediately after the Founder's death as monthly income will be significant (averaging 1/12th of a projected us$200,000 or more annual dividend income) and we will estimate it monthly from Spreadsheets that are currently on the Founder's computer    However, for the time being, we include (in the left-most money column) a current projection of today's estimate of either the first or the second typical year after the Founder's death at our financial statement webpage.

16-Describe your past methods of (and future plans for) obtaining funding from sources other than us.

We expect to obtain NO future funding from any source other than the Founder's donations during his lifetime and from his estate after his death.

17-Describe the details supporting any claim of tax deductibility in Mexico and in USA 

This corporation (this Foundation) is registered as a Sec. 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization.  We file all applicable tax forms, chiefly IRS's annual Form 990ez and Texas's annual franchise tax forms.

18-Provide all details supporting your legality to operate in Mexico and/or in the USA

We are a Texas corporation operating under the laws of the United States and the State of Texas.  We merely pay out grants in Mexico and have no other legal obligation to Mexico other than to not break any of their laws.

19-Describe your internal controls, both financial and other (see internal control)

As we are currently a one-person organization,  internal control is not an option available to us now.  However, as soon as the Founder dies, this web-page will become a starting point for the then-current 3 trustees who will split any duties as required by many requirements shown on the trustees webpage.

20-what, if anything, do you do to aid the mission of any other San Miguel charitable organization

Our original mission was to aid ANY and all San Miguel charitable organizations that requested our help.  In addition to grants that we made (see Our grantees), we also used the professional financial skills of our Founder to provide free community services as either requested by various organizations (see miscellaneous) or just supplied by the Founder as opportunities arose. 


CONTINUITY -- This is our status report on all of the following points.  
1-a mission statement that discloses what the organization is attempting to accomplish including the who, what, where, when, and why of its mission.

The beliefs webpage as well as the Goals & Mission webpage all speak to, and are part of, our purpose, mission, and goals.

2-a set of by-laws that explains the mission and how it is to be accomplished in great detail.

Article II of our By-laws (see Legalities and the item #2 "our By-laws" - article II)  speaks to our purpose, mission, and goals.

3-a recording of the minutes of meetings (mostly for historical purposes but also an aid in training your successors) documenting the discussions that go into the decisions that end up in changes or additions to operating procedures or even reasons why a discussed thought was NOT adopted.

See the web-page minutes prior to the Founder's death and to the webpage subsequent changes (which will describe WHERE to find this after the Founder dies).

4a-written operating procedures, policies, rules, processes, etc. that describe just how every part of every process that culminates in the operation of the entire organization and its mission is to be accomplished by providing new personnel (or even long-term participants new to each job or position) written words describing how the particular job, assignment, task,  etc., has been accomplished in the past.  Training new people becomes easier and there should be no need to reinvent the wheel any time a new person starts an old assignment that is new to them.   An organization chart (which itself will change periodically) is probably the first step in creating the abovementioned descriptions of the processes that operate your organization.   

THIS ENTIRE website was written with the above ends in mind.  With the exception of the organization chart (which obviously can not be created until after the Founder's death), all of the above is both accomplished on the pages of this web-site while we also recognize that this task is never complete due to changes in method, changes in needs, and still other changes that do and will continue to occur and which will then cause this website to be amended, edited, and otherwise updated and changed as the years go on.

In addition, we have made provisions for any changes needed for this website after the Founder dies.  All grantees are referred to the webpage subsequent changes where directions to the "supplemental website" showing such changes will be found.

4b-as the MPWCFoundation has been in continuous existence since 2000, we have finally come to the point where THIS web-site will have to provide 99% of the information in HOW a grantee is to create all annual input that they send to us.   We have answered all of their previous unanswered questions as asked (and immediately ALSO placed the new or amended answers on the web-site as well) so it is now up to each grantee to maintain files of our answers, suggestions, emails, etc., so that each grantee now knows that we are no longer going to TEACH you how to do your annual input.  From now on, you have to train and re-train all successors in the process of creating the annual input.  You are on your own and we will not duplicate prior instructions from past annual Comments letters.  In isolated cases, if asked well before each December 31st, we will answer specific and well-phrased and documented questions that have not been asked before, but we will not repeat them from then on.

Our part of the above is DONE as far as we know.  Now it is the responsibility of any grantee to ask the questions that may require us to further amend this website.

In addition, we have made provisions for any changes needed for this website after the Founder dies.  All grantees are referred to the webpage subsequent changes where directions to the "supplemental website" showing such changes will be found.

4c- a well-created "To Do" list for use by (and contributions to it from) all members (temporary or permanent, volunteers or paid workers) of your organization that tells date by date how and when to do things that re-occur.  This would include things that must be done on weekly, monthly, semi-annually, annually, etc. bases and would be things that must be done by your people for the MPWCF as well as any and all facets of your mission or management of your mission. 

The MPWCF has such a "to do" list and it is a software program called Lotus Agenda that currently (as of 2/25/10) contains some 1200 separate "items" that meet the above needs.  If a copy of Lotus Agenda is NOT on the Foundation's computer AFTER the Founder's death, the Trustees should ask the Founder's Executor for it and receive a copy and then, of course, USE IT.

5-a summary listing describing all significant contracts or agreements plus individual extracts for each of the items on that listing.  The extracts and/or the originals of the contracts or agreements with any other parties (be they contributors, vendors, organization office holders, volunteers, beneficiaries, whatever) should be maintained in a secure central location and a specific person should be designated to be in charge of keeping the historical integrity of such records.  This contemplates the creation of "written notes to the file" for any important agreement with anyone which has not been committed to paper (contractual or otherwise).

The ONLY currently applicable contracts or agreements that we have is the agreement between the Founder and the MPWCF that provides for the rental of the Founder's apartments and the profits to be paid to the MPWCF.   Any and all other agreements made previously (and that are now completed) are not listed here.   As of some time ago, the apartments were no longer being rented to anyone.

6-each grantee organization should have a plan that includes a method that tracks the performance of their organization, their programs and/or its participants. This tracking should define clearly their main objectives as well as the obstacles.  This plan should also enable anyone to evaluate the effectiveness of any plan and its methods.  If a grantee organization won't commit to measure their own return on their own investments in themselves, how can others measure it or otherwise evaluate it?  Among your plans should be the following points:
6a-insiders and outsiders need insight into your plans for what happens when your current grant increases to as much as us$20,000 to us$50,000 a year.

We have many pages on this web-site that address that concern; in addition we have analyses on spreadsheets on the Foundation's computer folders that bring into focus possible increases and decreases in the amounts we will (or won't) have available under various scenarios.  We even have contemplated similarly various scenarios that might effect the Founder's estate and how we will be impacted and what we can or should do to reduce negative impacts upon our grantees.


6b-How will you handle the transition (your current grant quickly increasing each year in steps like - say - $10,000 > $20,000 > $50,000 or more a year?

This, too, is contemplated in the point #6a answer.

6c-Certainly you know the details better than I do but even I know that you will have problems that must be addressed. For examples (only, provide your own), you will:
6c1-have much more to give to each beneficiary of your mission - how will they and you handle that?

This is under the control of each individual grantee.  Our review is concerned with how each individual grantee will address this and the following possibilities.

6c2-have more money so you can help even more beneficiaries - what are your thoughts on this?
6c3-need more volunteers on your staff to process all of this - how will you get them?
6c4-need more volunteers on your staff to mentor or otherwise guide each beneficiary - how will you get this type of volunteer?
6c5-have to think of expanding your programs which, in turn, will create new and different problems.
6c6-have to consider whether (and how if you do) you will desire "partial pay-back in kind" from graduates (lawyers, accountants, mentors for current beneficiaries, etc.)
6c7-have to consider the job prospects in and around the State of Guanajuato (or all of Mexico) for students considering certain curricula
6c8-have to consider how you are competing with other local organizations for the volunteer staff you need and what kinds of credentials are useful.
6c9-have to consider how you are going to handle (incoming, outgoing, investing, endowments, etc.) the vastly larger sums of money coming in from us.
6c10-have to think about how you are going to plan for (and deal with) occasional annual grants that may be higher or lower than a norm (we, too, have to plan for that).
6c11-have to consider how will your own endowment fund be structured and how will it be used

All of the above (from 6c2 to 6c11) requires that we respond identically to the response in point 6c1 above.

6c12-have to implement controls over the greater amounts of funds (internal audit, internal controls, more board oversight).

We have considered all of this.  Some of our responses are on this website; others will have to be determined by future Trustees as circumstances warrant at that unknown time.

6c13-have to increase the amount and type of information that you place in your internal (and probably external, too) financial statements - You will need more and better narrative, fuller disclosure, and more comparisons and explanations of variations. And, you will need to know the details of what every current volunteer does so as to replace their abilities if or when anyone leaves unexpectedly in any way.

We respond identically to the response in point 6c1 above.

6c14-The above are just a few questions that occurred to us that should already have occurred to you and your organization as you are INSIDE and we are on the outside. And the questions are the easy part. You probably should have already thought about answers but now the details for each answer become more important. Each answer should be, if you consider each problem, an answer that creates even more new questions which should also then be considered

We respond identically to the response in point 6c1 above.

In addition, we have made provisions for any changes needed for this website after the Founder dies.  All grantees are referred to the webpage subsequent changes where directions to the "supplemental website" showing such changes will be found.



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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