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Regarding the subject of volunteers:

#1 - The MPWCF also needs volunteers - for more information, click on help us

#2 - regarding all other organizations, In our opinion, working with a volunteer staff entails a lot of the following:

a balancing of the costs of hiring employees (costing much money that can otherwise be used for your mission) against the non-monetary rewarding of volunteers
volunteers should be compensated with recognition, with promotions (causing a variety of enjoyable experiences), with psychic rewards (your guess on what these are, is better than ours) and other compensation that does not reduce your mission-directed funding
it should be recognized that keeping (by reducing turnover) volunteers is not easy but is critical to your success as a most-likely underfunded charitable organization
organizations that get the reputation of rewarding their volunteers by inviting them to many expensive parties are not, in our opinion, spending their funding well.
organizations that invest a little time in training their volunteers at the various jobs they offer, generally get volunteers that are (in addition to being better at their jobs) volunteers who improve all future job training.
organizations that invest a little time in writing up each job's description and the requirements of each job, generally harvest dividends similar to those described immediately above.
organizations that move volunteers around in the job responsibilities available in their organizations, generally get a better organization with happier volunteers, better ideas flowing through the organization, and an organization that will more likely continue to thrive for a longer future.
as our small part in helping your organization accomplish more of the above, we offer three awards (one is monetary).  See lifetime achievement 


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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