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Need volunteers for International Jazz Festival      submitted by Elena Shoemaker
SMA Online (this paper) needs volunteers to help publish it - by Michael Wein

4/14/04      Need volunteers for International Jazz Festival      submitted by Elena Shoemaker

Hola, Michael,

At some point, I hope there'll be a PR person for the Festival this year. Right now, I'm that person. I hope that your paper can help me find intelligent, helpful people. Please put out the word that we'd LOVE to involve new people with the Jazz Festival.
This Festival is one of the few that is not commercial. We're a not-for-profit corporation that's just completed its tenth anniversary! Some of the best talents, well known in the music business, have come here. Those that can afford to spend a week in San Miguel do so, with pleasure. We have the support of local hotels, restaurants, and friends. We can invite jazz professionals to come here as tourists.
In this time of total commercialism, the Festival Internacional de Jazz stays true to its initial plan. We invite great musicians, we offer workshops, we teach, we share, we have a great time. That so many who've performed here want to come back is a good testament. Not just to our philosophy, but to the graciousness of San Miguel.
This Thanksgiving week, November 25-28, will be the eleventh Festival. A PRIME NUMBER!!!!!
We're looking for help from those who can offer skills and effort, who don't want to spend time in endless meetings, and want to help with fundraising, airline ticket begging, publicity, hospitality, and getting to know the joy of this Festival.
Of course previous skills are an asset. Are they necessary? Not if you really want to be part of something new.
Most great efforts are a result of stamina and passion, not past resumes.
You can check out the history of the Festival at

March 9, 2004 - SMA Online (this paper) needs volunteers to help publish it - by Michael Wein

We would appreciate any volunteer help to aid us in our 
web-site management
et cetera

We could also use someone who listens to the local radio each (or most) (or many) mornings and can help up gather breaking news and translate it into a very short English-language notice and then just email it to us at    In addition to that, when anyone hears of a local event, we would appreciate hearing about it as early as possible.  And lastly, we will ALWAYS need new and additional tips (or ANY kind, of ANY length) on how better to live here. 

And, of course, even more importantly, we will always need you, the writers, to send us your writings of any sort.   See how to write us for more details.   

And we also announce a contest that awards a us$1,000 prize for the favorite writing published in this paper as voted upon by you, the readers.   See the announcement in local events listed under the date of "now to May 20th".

we would be remiss if we did not refer you to an article about the first volunteer, Stirling Dickinson and San Miguel de Allende - read it by clicking on personalities

Objectives of this page:

1- to allow organizations that need volunteers to tell of their need, and to reward the volunteers with acknowledgement, and to discuss anything that has to do with volunteer work in this public place.

2 -this section will contain all information regarding  "volunteer stuff" that meet the criteria described in Instructions .   All notices will be published in the date order of receipt, with the latest notices on top (the oldest nearer the bottom).



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