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6/1/04 -  We are having a serious crisis here at SMA OnLine, one that may cause us to cease publication.   Please read the 6/1/04 article (the first item in the  EMAILed information section, right under the web-site changes section) on the news about us page and its effect on the future of this news magazine.

Gossip as Social Fabric by Sareda Milosz
REMEMBER ME? My name is gossip. I have no respect for Justice. I maim without killing, I break hearts and ruin lives ...

book reviews by Wayne Greenhaw
Opening Mexico: The Making of a Democracy, by Julia Preston and Samuel Dillon
The Hacienda in Mexico, by Daniel Nierman and Ernesto H. Vallejo
Dancing Alone in Mexico, by Ron Butler

breaking news
Low cost pharmacy  inaugurated at DIF for people who can not otherwise afford drugs
Satellite TV from the DISH network is now available legally and at a fair cost in SMA
Thieves caught stealing ranch's payroll
Guanajuato Univ to start new master's degree in computer science
City government to provide garbage containers all around the city
funding to continue for Las Monjas, San Francisco Church, Bellas Artes and Plaza Zaragoza remodeling 
Today's message from outside of San Miguel.


Restaurant reviews, by Don Gussin

Book reviews, by Wayne Greenhaw

a column called Now and Then, by Lee Asheroff

community bulletin board

various current bulletin board items submitted by our own readers - the notices are for transitions (arrivals of people and new restaurants and departures of people), garage sales, etc., rides offered, recommended employees available, but certain types of notices are excluded (see criteria on that page)


We announce our second contest which started May 16th

We are pleased to announce the winners of our first contest 

Permanent record of all past contest winners and runner-ups

current controversy

Why do so many San Miguelenses feel free to criticize but are unwilling to do more than that? Why do they feel it is always some other person's job to fix things.

deaths and obituaries and eulogies

a listing of SMA persons who have died and obituaries and eulogies of these people


We need YOUR help, to make this paper succeed by Michael Wein, publisher

fiction stories

Reincarnation  by Richard Cretcher

At My Age? by Allen McGill
Café Teatro Athanor, excerpted from The Jamais Vu Papers by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin
El Matador by Wayne Greenhaw

Why don't you have happy people images, other graphics, or even a jazzy navigation bar, why such a "first generation" web-site?
how can I obtain a better free browser than the slow Microsoft Internet Explorer that I'm currently using?
What can I do when  the print on your web-site is too small (or too big)?
what is the problem with your web-site (or is it the internet itself)?
what is the problem with your web-site?
who is paying for all of this?

humor in sma

Just like home    by Allen McGill

No more ageist jokes by Sonya Oppenheimer
Don't look for what you're looking for by Elena Shoemaker
Is there a T.A. chapter here in town? by Milou Montferrier
Always an Adventure By Sylvia Berek Rosenthal


Interview with Michael Wein, publisher of SMA OnLine, mostly because he was available

letters (emails) to us

Sylvia Frammel 6/15/04 re: possible boycott by Atencion

many of you left comments and suggestions in our survey - and we have acted on them

Roger van Vloten 5/20/04 re: we need a parking garage, or more parking space

Judy Marzulli 4/25/04 re The Holidays in SM
Marlene in Matzatlan 4/18/04 re your anti-gossip page
Sonya Oppenheimer 4/12/04 re an outlet to share thoughts and ideas
Mark Schuer 4/4/04 re what gives with you San Miguelers?
and there are more (previous) letters on our letter archives page

local events
a day by day schedule of all local events that have been announced to us by you, our readers, from today and on into the infinite future.
a schedule of Fiestas Populares for the entire year

local politics
Absentee Voting for the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election by Jon Sievert
Some thoughts about Phil Maher by Sue Reid
Memories of Col. Phil Maher by Janice and Fred Edison
Biblioteca election results, by Teddy Alten

memories of sma
On renting, owning, buying, selling, real estate in San Miguel by Elena Shoemaker
Allende's birthday by Memo Almolky
I love San Miguel - from the coollist (author not known)
Harold Black and the Escuela Ecuestre by Jeannie Schnakenberg
Profile of Augusta Irving 1908-1998 by Sylvia Berek Rosenthal

How to Jumpstart Your Creativity by Jacque Parsley
Coming soon A movie studio By Lisa J. Adams
A Conversation about Change by Maureen Van Dine
There is a new baby in the home of Pat and Judy Marzulli
A luncheon was held ... at the home of Joe Collerain

new computer users

hints and definitions to help new users surf on our and other web-sites

nonfiction stories
ONLY   IN   SMA   - part II -   by Phil Hamerslough
First Impressions of San Miguel by Gayle St. John
Running with the Bulls in San Miguel by Patrice Wynne
How I found my San Miguel by Lisa Cornick
El Gringo Arriba by Michael Langford
Learning to Walk On Cobblestones the Mexican Way by "Ramblin'Rose Roland Salazar
ONLY IN SMA - part I - by Phil Hamerslough
How I Helped Win the Super Bowl by Michael P. Wein

non-profit organizations
IREE—The Little School That Could—Celebrates Its 13th  anniversary in September
Helping the Rural Society in Mexico    by Sue Reid

Sareda Milosz Receives Lifetime Achievement Award by M. Wein

The Shakespeare Readers  by Sylvia Berek Rosenthal

Violence is Not Inevitable (CASA) by Nadine Goodman
Musical Theatre in San Miguel by Judy Marzulli
Amendment to the below 24 Hour Association information by Russ Archibald
The 24 Hour Association by Russ Archibald

Repairs start on Las Monjas dome   by Don Knoles

Theatre is alive and well in San Miguel by Lola Smith
Suzuki Children’s String Program of San Miguel de Allende by Russ Archibald
The Playreaders of San Miguel by Fran Rowe
The Community of Hope by Pat Tirkot
New Officers Elected for Hospital de La Fe Board by Connie Mullis
and more in the nonprofit archives

now and then - a column by Lee Asheroff

The Maid Who Could Not Read  

What Color is a Blue Sky

The Constructions Site


Inez Zavala (of Lloyd's) By Sylvia Berek Rosenthal
Stirling Dickinson (of San Miguel) By Mary Elmendorf


Two poems     by Marj Schroeder 

Garden Queen   by Michelle Smith

Ruth O'Neal (who is dying of cancer) by Michelle Smith
Renewal (a haibun - prose/haiku) by Allen McGill
For Jenny Joseph by Sylvia Berek Rosenthal
Joy - a poem about cats by Sonya Oppenheimer
San Miguel Streets by Adeline Medalia
Best Friends by Sylvia Rosenthal
Blessed (a birthday poem for Florence) by Joe Ershun

restaurant reviews

Reviews, by Don Gussin

spiritual and religious

The Ritual of Nuestro Señor de la Columna   By Sareda Milosz
Religious Adventures in San Miguel de Allende from the Calles y Callejones travelblog
The Jewish Community of Mexico by Milou Monterrier
Virgin of Guadalupe, Goddess of the Americas by Patrice Wynne
The Blood of Christ—and Blood & Sand By Cherie Magnus


We have enough respondents to our first survey to publish results. 

tips re: computers

Additional virus protection    from Pat Marzulli

free utilities to combat web-site advertisements, etc. - by M. Wein

shortcuts to accomplish things faster on your computer - by M. Wein
Viruses and Other Annoyances - by Don Gussin
How to save time by using Mailboxes Filters, and Sorting EMAILS - by Michael Wein

tips re: employees

Take care in the hiring of domestic employees    by Michael Wein

LEGAL REQUIREMENTS regarding HOUSEHOLD EMPLOYEES in SAN MIGUEL compiled by the oldest receptive tour business in San Miguel, Promotion of Mexican Culture

tips re: fm2-fm3 visas

What are the pros and cons of the FM2 vs FM3 visa? by Michael Wein

tips re: living in SMA
Satellite TV from the DISH network is now available legally and at a fair cost in SMA
Rules (probably also known as "regulations") of the Mexican Nation   by Jesus Cabral
A long listing of many, many things to do in San Miguel by Michael Wein
for your own benefit, register your living here in SMA by Michael Wein
click-link to read the Mexican constitution (especially article 33) (all in English)

tips re: medical & health

Echinacea does little to prevent colds, from Reuters Health

Recognize stroke - be a hero, from the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
How to get a good sleep, from U.S. News & World Report
Measles problem for adults in Mexico, from local radio
Users of laboratory services beware. by Gabby M
Double Check your Prescriptions before ingesting by Pat Marzulli
The annual raffle for Hospital De La Fe, drawing, was held at La Puertecita Hotel.
The Tooth Demon by Reggie King (re tooth fillings contain Mercury)

tips re: odds-ends
What are the pros/cons of becoming Mexican citizen - by various people
Beware of person poisoning dogs in Los Frailes from Judy Marzulli
how to convert 800-series numbers so that they may be dialed from Mexico - submitted by Carol Schmidt
tips on disinfecting food by The Hastys and Ray Dugan
more tips on disinfecting food   by Judy Marzulli
tips on feeding hummingbirds, author unknown
how to build a garden on your roof by Jack and Carol Deal

tips re: shopping

Shopping tips for everyday living in SMA by Don Gussin
Shopping at the Tuesday Market by Lee Asheroff

tips re: taxation

3 articles on taxation (income, capital gains, and estate taxes) by Raoul Walters
Mexican tax laws regarding capital gains on the sale of your residence  from Don Gussin

travel articles

Blight Spirit        by Jane Casa

How to Handle a Bad Bus Day         By Sareda Milosz

Ancient Maya city, artifacts are research treasure-trove, from  USA Today

As others see us - article in The Oregonian
How we found San Miguel de Allende, by accident. by Marianne Koerner
Hot-Air Ballooning - Day 1 - by Michael Wein
Travel Alert-Theft by military personnel at military checkpoints - by Lou Vogt

volunteer stuff
Need volunteers for International Jazz Festival submitted by Elena Shoemaker
SMA OnLine needs volunteers to help publish by Michael Wein
click-link to an article about the first gringo volunteer, Stirling Dickinson

where's the advertising

we are not supported by advertising; we are independent of all such pressures

ze cellar - behind the scenes

How we came to be, how we decided to start this paper
What it takes to print YOUR article

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“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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