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On this page that you are now reading, you will find information about, and above you will find the buttons that link to, our templates wherein we do everything for you except fill in the answers (which obviously are to be your own unique responses).   USE THESE TEMPLATES (copy them verbatim  - 100% from the beginning to the end of every template - to the media you use for your responses).  Do NOT edit our questions.  BUT DO EDIT YOUR ANSWERS EACH YEAR.

It seems as if just one or two of you insist upon doing things your own way.  Right now, the Founder's health concerns and time concerns mandate that we start applying UNIFORMITY to the annual grant input formats.  So, starting with grant year 2012, after you once again review the web-site, and most specifically the site map for all of the pages noted with a (C), you will then be ready to start on the Checklist (summary).   That page gives you your path, your directions, your best guide, or as we have called it. your checklist.  The next thing is to understand HOW to send things to us; We, here on this page, explain how you are to send us an exact picture (a "template") for each of the documents you send to us EVERY year.

Some notes (or "definitions") are in order.  To illustrate each of the individual input forms (see the click-on buttons at the top of this page), we will assume that the grantee is named "Example Organization" and therefore their code name would be the 5-letters: EXAMP.   We will also assume the following dates for this example.   The grants will be paid in the Spring of 2013, therefore the Grant Year would be 2013 (even if you are responding to something due Oct 31 2012 or even prior), the current year (for purposes of the financial statements would be 2012 (or the year just ended, if you're preparing the statements in January 2013), and the prior year would be 2011, and the next year - for the budget or forecast - would be 2013).The templates are in a form (or format) so that you can copy them directly from our web-site and paste them onto your own MSWord or MSExcel document, or even your own email sending page, as your starting point.  This will save you time (and where we have made changes from any prior year, it will help you make sure that you have the latest up-to-date questions that you are to answer) and save us time as the questions will be uniform and the answers will be comparable from one to another grantee-to-grantee.  DO NOT EDIT (other than as noted ON the template itself) any of our questions.  We want answers to our questions, not answers to questions altered by you.  If necessary, in your responses, you can describe any problems that the unedited questions caused you.

Then, just use the following color coding methods to complete each input document.  The following color coding applies ONLY to the following three template pages, which are the "due oct 31", "due Nov1-Jan15", and "due Jan 31" pages.

Be sure you are aware of our Calendar and the critical dates that apply to you, the grantees, and read especially the three notes, marked (A) on that page.   The "due dates" are the dates we expect to receive your responses, not the beginning of a period of your own making.   How you comply with the due dates and requirements for the three templates (on time and with full - FULL - transparent answers) is part of what we expect of any organization that is even beginning to meet the continuity requirements.   Finally, and only because one of you is STILL causing us "missed deadline" problems, 4pm of the night of the due date is a unalterable (no excuses) deadline that must be met.  We will not read anything received after 5pm.  START NOW so you avoid last minute problems that always occur for everyone.  NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Things you should read, then possibly but not always change when you ENTER your own information, and then if changed, you can change the color coding to BLACK

Things you should read as they are instructive in nature, but you most often should delete or erase them (and close up the empty space where they were) before sending them to us. (GREEN)

Things that ask questions or make statements that will remain unchanged on the input, but which will be followed by the below... (this color is NAVY BLUE)

Responses by you to the above questions or statements from us, that respond to the above questions or statements. (BLACK)

Your changes (due to this year's editings, deletions, additions) to the above that was otherwise THE SAME as you sent us last year.  Note that in these cases, after the grants have been paid, the changes are to be re-colored in BLACK on your own permanent records to match previous permanent answers and thereby become part of your ongoing response. (RED).

Be sure that you read and understand and consider the implications for your organization of the new fact that we are going to dissolve this Foundation a short time after the Founder's death, whether or not you have met all of our requirements WELL BEFORE his death.  Your share of the endowment will be decided by him before he dies AND it will be based upon your cumulative input year after year.  You have been provided guidance on this in the table at the top of subsequent changes 

One more thing - regarding "contradictions" on any page of this website.  If you find such a contradiction AND you failed to bring it to our attention early enough, THINK, what is the purpose of our asking you for such thing(s).  Then respond with your best guess of what we wanted and justify your decision with your reasoning.  BUT stop looking for the easy way out.  Time is running out for me and as a result, running out for you and your organization's chances of increasing  your allocation of your portion of our endowment to be sent to you about two years after my death.

Finally, let's go on to the various due date pages.   Click on one of the buttons at the top of this page. 


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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