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Last minute changes and an important announcement (regarding termination of this Foundation):

effective date the following information has been brought to all readers' attention on dates shown on the left  - but you can read even more details about it by clicking on the LINKS shown to the right discussed further on (click)
most recent changes subsequent to the below dates are to be (or have been) entered on a newer website (see discussion below, near bottom of this page), entitled "Instructions regarding all subsequent changes..."  
2019 to be entered here, if and when another newer than below 3/21/12 is needed or necessary  
Mar 21 2012 Announcement:  due to a combination of problems (but mostly grantees' inabilities to understand continuity, much less achieve it), the Founder is now forced to cut back on his own efforts.  Since he does not take lightly his guarantee to do what he has promised all these years on these MPWCF webpages, he announces the following changes.  No change will be made to the endowment (now calculated in March 2012 at its highest ever, us$3,276,572) or to his estate documents which create the bequests.  However, changes will be made to the timing and administration and finally termination of this Foundation.  See March 15, 2012 below for "option#2" which describes the tougher critical analysis of all grantees' annual input so as to decide how much of the Foundation's endowment is to be allocated to each individual grantee.  This is not a change but rather an announcement that the time for every grantee to fully implement their many previous promises to both full continuity and full transparency has run out.  It is also a reminder that any portion of the endowment not allocated to our SMA grantees by the time of the Founder's death will, by default, be allocated to USA grantees with similar missions.  The only change is that some time shortly after the Founder's death, this Foundation will close down (terminate, dissolve) immediately after it distributes each grantee's allocation of the entire Foundation endowment to each grantee for the grantee to possess (hold in their hands) themselves (instead of our holding it as previously planned). Previously we were to hold the endowment ourselves and distribute the income to the grantees.  The grantee will now be restricted by being allowed to use only the income from our endowment each year, but that may free up any prior endowment they already had that was not otherwise restricted.   The reasons for all of this are made clearer in selected previous public announcements shown below in this table.  Depending upon each grantees' own awareness, all grantees have been made aware of our needs and requirements for anywhere between 5  and 6 years.   Enough is enough.    We have completed all we are going to do.  Now it is up to the grantees, just as it should have been all along. Correspondence it is suggested that you read the entire announcemet dated Mar 21 2012
Mar 15 2012 see Option #2 (see link at the right) where grantees now have their own attempt at "review" of their own input by their own personnel, although NOT by the creator of the input Correspondence
Feb 14 2012 Due dates shown on templates for each item of annual input are the due dates. They are not target dates that can be missed.  All such dates will be constant so that they give you huge quantities of planning (for them) time. Correspondence
2011 here we give the grantees HUGE spoons so that they can feed THEMSELVES - each template for each due date requires little thinking other than the grantee's complete answers (and we made it clear that editing and updating the prior year's answers (but not the questions) WAS ok. templates
2006 here we talk about what will help qualify a grantee as either certified or otherwise eligible for post-Founder-death funding certified_grantees
2006 wrote a long-considered "restriction" into the Founder's Trust agreement that set in stone the need for Continuity and Transparency - see near the very bottom of the founders will webpage in a section called "d-restrictions"  founders will
2004-2011 repeatedly wrote both on this website and in individual emails to grantees of the specifics of their shortcomings in moving forward on continuity or transparency  
2004 we detail our thoughts on the specifics of continuity continuity
2003 we detail our thoughts on transparency transparency
2002 we answer the questions "why this info" is necessary and what is accountability, transparency and continuity why this info
2001 to encourage SMA's organizations that help women and children to also be open and transparent and also to plan for continuity Goals & Mission
1997 suggested that all of SMA's charitable organizations be open and transparent and also to plan for continuity beliefs

And now for information that effects you AFTER the Founder's death (or disability, or merely having to vacate his office and functions):

What changes have been made since the Founder left his office at this Foundation? If there are ANY, they must be fully disclosed.   And it is the right of any outsider/reader of this page to bring any inappropriate changes (first to our Trustees, but if not corrected promptly, then) to any governmental (Mexican or USA - IRS or State of Texas) authority, or any default beneficiary (Rider University or the ACLU Foundation) if the changes are not in accordance with the Founder's original wishes as already shown on the other pages of this web-site.  Except as noted below, no changes are authorized after the Founder has become disabled, incapacitated, or has died.  This web-site (all of its pages) becomes the "bible" (and instructions for all continuity requirements) for how this Foundation is to be run.  The endowment provided in the Founder's Will and his Trust Agreement requires that the Foundation's Trustees run the Foundation as the Founder has set it up or, by default, close down the Foundation and turn over the endowment to organizations in the USA picked by the Founder. This instruction was intended as an incentive to provide community pressure to remind the current Trustees to fulfill his pre-death, pre-endowment wishes.   For more information on this, see founders will (especially the sections called "d-replacing the founder as a trustee ... instructions regarding the future operations of the Foundation, points 2e and 2f." and "e - the continuity of the mission and operations of this Foundation as well as that of its grantees")

Note: changes necessitated by any governmental requirements are also to be disclosed.  That type of change is allowed, of course, as long as governmental requirements do not change the Founder's intent as disclosed elsewhere. However, those changes made as a result of current Trustee's or other Foundation officer's perceptions of changed circumstances - also fully disclosed -  require any outsider/reader to first bring their perceptions to the attention of the Trustees and if they don't receive satisfaction, they might consider secondarily bringing their facts to the attention of any interested parties here in San Miguel (newspapers, Yahoo and/or coollists, other interested parties, etc., etc., etc.) before going to governmental authorities, or the default beneficiaries.  That should be their last recourse.

No pages of this entire web-site may be modified after the Founder's disability, incapacitation, or death. The subsequent changes, such as later minutes or any government-required changes, or any other changes are to be handled as described below.


Since this entire website is to remain unchanged starting after the Founder's death or even his incapacity, the Trustees are instructed to set up a new (very small) web-site dedicated to ONLY ANY CHANGES from this web-site.  It is (if possible) to be named   Since this new web-site is initially intended by the Founder to cover ONLY government-mandated changes, the Foundation's own annual financial statement, and the minutes of board meetings, there should be VERY FEW (probably NO) other changes from this current web-site.  A link to this page (that you are NOW reading) and also to this original web-site (these will be two separately explained links) should be prominently displayed on the new web-site noted just above.  Again, if possible, the new web-site is to be named

If any interested person believes that the trustees are not operating in accordance with this, the original web-site (the one you are now reading), they should first write to the address and request the web-site URL (the http:\\) address of this new web-site that discloses these (supposedly publicly disclosed) subsequent changes.

If the reading of the new page of "subsequent changes" on the new web-site does not publicly explain any changes to the satisfaction of this interested reader and in accordance with this page you are now reading, the remedy for such wrongful Trustee behavior is described in the "Note" (approximately 4 paragraphs above) this paragraph.


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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