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The following is a list of all pages on the Foundation's portion of this web-site.  You can use this list in various ways. 

Be sure that you read and understand and consider the implications for your organization of the new (in 2012) fact that we are going to dissolve this Foundation a short time after the Founder's death, whether or not you have met all of our requirements WELL BEFORE his death.  Your share of our (now in 2021 estimated at us$10,000,000 or more) endowment will be decided by him before he dies AND it will be based upon your cumulative input year after year.  You have been provided guidance on this in the table at the top of subsequent changes 
This "site-map" page can now be considered the Foundation's "Home Page" as it can be used as a "link to click on" method to "go to" any of the below pages (links or URLs) by clicking on the first (underlined) purple-ish words naming or describing any page.
It can be reviewed every year (by grantees, trustees, the USA default organizations (ACLUF and Rider University), and all others)  to decide which pages are most important to read that year. At very least, you should, every year, read all of the pages marked below with "(C)" (the most important pages that are most CRITICAL and CHANGE somewhat almost every year).  All other pages may sometimes change somewhat from year to year.

(C)  NOTE: We have added (in 2012) this  (C) symbol to differentiate and point out the most CRITICAL of web-pages (all shown below)  that EVERY grantee and EVERY trustee should read EACH AND EVERY year.  However, each of these critical pages may also contain links to other pages and where the link offers important information regarding details and/or definitions, that page should also be read each year as well.  All pages on this web-site are subject to change as soon as an otherwise incomplete thought, poor original wording, or other change is necessitated by new factors (including problems brought to our attention by you, any reader).  In retrospect (in 2019, THIS  (C) symbol appearing below is no longer applicable since our original plans for annual grants to San Miguel grantees are no longer applicable in 2019 as none of these SMA grantees have kept their transparency and/or continuity promises and therefore later plans have been made by the MPWCF's trustees to grant all current grants and future final grants to the previously (at the time of the MPWCF's IRS application and approval) announced "default" grantees instead.  For historical purposes, little of the original thrust or meaning of the earlier pages have been amended where it was not necessary to do so.

One important thing to remember is that this web-site has evolved over a period of at least (now in 2019) 18 years and there will be inconsistencies between various things written that we just did not change or otherwise catch any time we reviewed specific portions of this entire now sprawling website.  We had asked all readers to tell us whenever they found something questionable (while the Founder is or was still alive and could do something about it) but we are sure that things skipped other people's notice, too.  When the Founder dies, we all will be stuck (as only the Founder's Executor(s) will have final authority to decide what the Founder meant but he (they) will have no ability to change the website itself) with what is NOW printed (unless some one of you tells the Founder prior to his death or even disability).  So, read what we've given you and know that the underlying links as well as the above-links (i.e, the page linked before/above each page) will shed SOME light on his meanings.   And you have his blessings in cursing the woman who damaged the Founder for her major role in this as the trauma that she caused to the Founder's mind and body definitely accounts for some, even many, of the post-2011 problems on this website  (You can read more about this on the Shocker webpage.)

accomplishments - a listing of public albeit non-Foundation projects started (and generally completed) under the auspices of the MPWCF
afterwards - this page has to do with the Founder's death and how the Foundation dissolves after that time and, if applicable, how any of the original Grantees receive funding while obligating themselves to future reviews, too.  We apologize that this subject comes so early near the top of this list, but must explain that this is because what you are reading is alphabetically listed 
allocations - latest instructions to Trustees regarding the Founder's most current wishes regarding distributions to Grantees (both the annual grants as well as the much larger final "Endowment-Creating" distributions when the Foundation is dissolved approximately two years after the Founder's death). This page will also generally have the most current and up-to-date estimate of the Foundation endowment according to the MPW Trust Agreement (which is in effect, his Will and its bequests). (while the "example" remains constant, the current total estimated "endowment" is updated each year).
annual certification - instructions only (with underlying links) on HOW to prepare the annual certification letter - DO NOT use this for your letter that you actually send us.  Use this ONLY for the guidance it gives you.
apartment for rent - top page (the home page or index) for the MPWCF's apartments for rent which raise current funds for the MPWCF grants
asset distribution - a form letter that distributes the MPWCF's endowment to the various Grantees of this Foundtion at the time of the MPWCF's dissolution approximately two years after the Founder's death.  This letter also includes instructions for the care of these "restricted assets" and expects a return of the letter with Grantee signatures signifying their acceptance of the terms.
audit procedures - a list of audit procedures useful internally for any San Miguel organization as it has been designed for local San Miguel Allende organization's use (and probably incomplete or otherwise not useful elsewhere).
BBB on IRS -  the Better Business Bureau discusses IRS    
BBB & public accountability- The Better Business Bureau's own standards and how we reduced them to bare and basic minimums for easier use for any less sophisticated SMA organizations
Beginners - a page for beginners to enable them to understand either this web-site OR many other web-sites
beginners#1 - similar to the above, but a different slant on the same "newness" subject.
beliefs - a statement by our Founder, written in 1997, before this Foundation was even more than a mere dream  
Calendar- our annual calendar with dates of our normal activities and calendar-date requirements for both grantees and our own trustees
certification-example - (this is now superceded by a separate certificate to be used as part of the due Jan 31st template).
certified (approved) grantees - a now superceded list of the "at that time" approved grantees as well as major criteria and requirements for approval (see this as a forerunner of the now current webpage " allocations " for the latest such information). 
Checklist (summary) - a checklist (and summary) of what -and when- we expect each ongoing grantee to send us each year.  However, all underlying links must be read and understood first or this summary is useless. Please be aware that this particular page (and the three templates that underlie it) is an exceptionally important page to you.
community services - this is the "home page" for the "all other services provided by the MPWCFoundation and its related interests such as a list of people who have been designated as people to inform when their friends have had emergency medical actions, a list of various projects we have started and completed here in town, a few gripes, some warnings about Gossip, etc.
continuity - a discussion, and definition, of what we meant by "continuity" and what we require of our grantee's continuity efforts (C)
copyright - copyright info, as well as info re: webpage names, webpage parts, webpage evolutions, and problems of inconsistency
correspondence  very early correspondence relating to questions (and answers) that outside people had regarding this Foundation website
crisis - a crisis that we are going (or went) through 
critical - a page of critical instructions to the MPWCF's own trustees (now, or more importantly) after the Founder is no longer physically involved in the running of the Foundation.
defense - a page that should be unnecessary but since one or more local nasty people harmed the MPWCF by gossiping that we do not even exist, here is our defense, complete with proofs
Disclosures - examples and discussion of financial statement consistency and disclosures (and when they are necessary) (C)
due Oct 31st - template - forms (or formats) to be used by grantees for both emails and attachments in order to completely answer all points (or questions)  due each year by  October 31st
due Nov1-Jan15 - template - forms (or formats) to be used by grantees for both emails and attachments in order to completely answer all points (or questions)  due each year just prior to Jan 15th  We strongly suggest that you commence work on this well before the due date but not email it to us until January 10th through 15th.
due Jan 31st - template - forms (or formats) to be used by grantees for both emails and attachments in order to completely answer all points (or questions)  due each year by January 31st  We strongly suggest that you commence work on this well before the due date and that you incorporate prior year's input (as amended for this grant year) in its completed state.
due next - we suggest you read this for "what comes next" after the Oct 31, Jan 15, and Jan 31 due dates, especially for what comes next after the Founder dies. 
eligibility - what are the basic requirements for eligibility of a prospective grantee
emergency medical care - a list we gathered of individual's emergency friends to call in the event that one of the persons on this list is stricken and hospitalized. 
endowment - after the Founder's death, the Grantees will receive a share of the Founder's bequest to the MPWCF (currently estimated at us$4,000,000 or more) and this is how the grantees will account for it. 
ETFs - an article on "Understanding Exchange Traded Funds" and our recommendations to our own Trustees for which ones to buy as investments suitable for this Foundation's needs (due to the fact that the MPWCF is now scheduled to close within about 2 years after the Founder's death, new investments by the MPWCF is no longer an expectation).
examples - for use by grantees: how to create financial statements (including the use of elementary single-entry bookkeeping)
FAQs - frequently asked questions, together with the answers to these questions    
Fast Track - a shortcut or faster way to make a 1st grant request (but, only for each year's "one-time" grant).  A request for an "ongoing grant" is a later step for such a new organization
financial statement - a copy of our own latest June 30th year-end MPWCF financial statements (updated each year).
financials-example - an illustration (example or format) of good financial statements appropriate for use in obtaining additional grants.(C)
Form 990ez - a copy of IRS Form 990EZ for your review, where necessary
Founders Will - extracts from the founder's Will that effects you and all other grantees    
funding - how is the funding of this Foundation guaranteed (by the founder's Will) to continue to be funded?  This will give you an idea of our planning. (updated each year).
Goals & Mission - The MPWCF's own goals and mission
grantees - our past and present grantees, as well as a description of the method we use to FILE  (and, of course, retrieve) all input we receive from others
help us - we need YOUR help    
History - a history of the Founder's work leading up to the formation of this Foundation; and a history of the status of the Founder's early partners in creating the Foundation
history-estimates - history of increases in the Founder's personal fortune, and how it effects the MPWCF's expected endowment after his death (updated each year).
home- the home page, the first page, the index page, of this web-site.  However, an alternative homepage for use of ongoing readers is this site-map you are not rreading. 
how to do it - an illustration (example) of how to account for the Endowment that each Grantee may (or will) receive after the Founder's death
internal control - a review of internal control, useful for any San Miguel Allende organization, big or small.
IRS financial requirements - IRS's requirements re: any grantee's financial information
IRS information - information regarding IRS and its requirements for us, the MPWCF
IRS regulations - extracts from IRS publications regarding contributions/donations
Legacy - what we hope will be our legacy for San Miguel in the decades to come.
Legalities - legal documents supporting the Foundation's legal and IRS status and its qualifying as a charitable organization in all necessary legal jurisdictions (chiefly USA-IRS and Texas)
lifetime achievement - our funding of our Stirling Dickinson Lifetime Achievement Award
loans to women - this page describes our tentative plans for the future in which we plan to provide initial credit to local women who have reasonably well thought out plans to start or expand current local businesses.  We also have links to our work in process: forms, processes, and other in process work. With the unexpected but now necessary planned dissolution of the Foundation (see subsequent changes - specifically Mar 21 2012 announcement for all details) this very necessary idea can not be carried out by us.  However, we hereby give any organization that is willing to do this on a costs-recovered but otherwise non-profit basis, our permission to use any and all ideas on this otherwise copywritten website, but only if they adher to the copyright restrictions enumerated on that page.
minutes - minutes of our annual and any other Board meetings (updated each year).
miscellaneous - all other services provided by this Foundation (loans to women, grants of money and grants of management aid, etc.)
newsmagazine - our earlier attempt to supplement Atencion with a free, no advertising, non-profit, newsmagazine addressed primarily to all of the needs of the expatriate (not the tourist) living in San Miguel - and while this is now out of date, there are still time-resistent articles of value to the reader today - also if anyone is interested in taking over the publication of this copyright-protected newsmagaze. we will allow you to do so under certain relatively minor restrictions that can be agreed to by you and us
other_projects - proposes "other projects for San Miguel" that, if intelligently planned by the various persons suggesting them, can be accepted by the Founder's Executor as alternatives to distributing the MPWCF's dissolution-time endowment to USA sources.
potentials - a list of, and information about, potential grantees (as yet "unapproved")
promises unkept - a discussion and listing of the Founder's occasional disillusionments with San Miguel and its Gringo and Mexican people who repeatedly make promises that they do not keep 
publicity - a page of publicity and public relations which, prior to publishing it here just recently, we have resisted using for these many years.
replace founder - instructions to all replacement trustees (as well as to the other trustees) when the time comes to replace the founder after his death or disability. 
requirements for the first year - initial requirements for a first-time prospective grantee
requirements for future years - ongoing requirements for a grantee returning for the second or any ater years 
Site Map - this site map (THIS page) that you are now viewing  -  this page may be considered the most up-to-date "Table of Contents" available to you.(C)
SMA's own online newsmagazine - top page (index) for SMA's alternative (and free with no advertising) online newsmagazine - our attempt to supplement Atencion with a non-profit, newsmagazine addressed primarily to all of the needs of the expatriate (not the tourist) living in San Miguel - and while this is now out of date, there are still time-resistant articles of value to the reader today - also if anyone is interested in taking over the publication of this copyright-protected newsmagazine. we will allow you to do so under certain relatively minor restrictions that can be agreed to by you and us
some additional details - additional details of requirements for grantees returning for the second or later years  (especially necessary reading when you are writing "replies" to us) 
specifics regarding "potential grantees not approved" - additional detailed comments and reasons for current status of "potentials"
subsequent changes - the table at the top of that page describes a new fact: this Foundation is going to be dissolved earlier than previously expected.  This will effect you NOW.   It also has facts regarding changes to this Foundation's procedures that occur AFTER the founder has died (and how you, the reader, can ascertain whether or not they were appropriate changes 
Table of Contents Page - Table of Contents page for this web-site 
templates - forms (or formats) to be used by all grantees in their planning (final forms are due Oct 31, Jan 15, and Jan 31 or every year) for both emails and attachments in order to completely answer all points (or questions) asked each year (C)
10 things - SmartMoney Magazine made 10 statements about non-profit organizations (what you should worry about and what such organizations won't tell you) and why many of the non-profits are not quite what they profess to be.  We address such problems with how we deal with (or respond to) all of these 10 potential problems.
transparency - a discussion, and definition, of what we meant by our important requirement of "transparency"  (C)
Trustees - the details and instructions that govern how our trustees run this foundation, now and most importantly (as a continuing legal restriction in the Founder's Will) after his death. 
volunteers - what we suggest local organizations should be doing with their OWN volunteers
we do it too - our own attempt at answering (for purposes of additional transparency and continuity) the "20 questions" and the Continuity questions
Welcome! - the contents of a copywritten brochure created to Welcome new Renters (or visitors of any kind) to San Miguel Allende
why this info - why we MUST have the information we request - there are no legal ways for us NOT to receive this required information and still provide ongoing grants to organizations.

“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

Some, but not all, pages on this web-site were selectively modified as recently as the date shown at the bottom of the MPWCFoundation web-page.   This entire web-site is copyrighted  © 2000-2020 by The Michael Paul Wein Charitable Foundation, Inc  

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