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Well, I was completely shocked by the actions and non-actions of a local woman who I had trusted with both my life and my Foundation.  She was, previous to this, the most trusted person I knew between 1998 and 2011.  And yet, there was her unexpected unilateral renunciation of her obligations under our Agreement.  She just flat-out decided on her own that she would not do what she obligated herself to do in our signed legal contract.  It did not matter to her that she had already received $25,000usd as payment in advance  Nor did it matter than she had already received my professional services and other benefits promised her in that Agreement.   Nor did it matter that the combination of professional services plus the $25,000usd enriched her by more than $49,000usd in just the first year of our Agreement.  Is it possible that she might have been an out-an-out criminal who planned all of this in advance, or is she an opportunist who just thinks that she can get away with it, or was it her "I don't give a damn about anyone else but me" attitude that provided the motivation for this. or could it even be the work of an insecure person who justifies her actions by the tricks her own mind plays?  I really don't know.  But, these and more are all real possibilities, each possibility reinforced by this woman's own irrational and inconsistent actions.  You can decide for yourself.  In any event she did what I said she did and she did it to me.  She gained enormously from all of this and it resulted in huge physical, emotional, and monetary damages to me and to the women and children of San Miguel who would have otherwise benefited from the continuation of this Foundation's work even after my death.  I will prove all of this on this page and the "Evidence" page and other underlying linked pages.  Here's a summary of questions and answers that are dealt with on this page:

  1. how did we arrive at our original written and signed legal Agreement and how did it tragically evolve into the current problem?
  2. at the time this is being written, who got what and who lost what in this debacle?
  3. what were this woman's stated reasons for unilaterally terminating our agreement?
  4. what were my efforts in trying to resolve any of the problems from the beginning to the end (at least up to this point)?
  5. where would this woman be today, financially speaking, if she and I had not ever entered into this agreement in the first place?
  6. letter to this woman herself as to why she left me no alternatives and therefore why these web-pages had to be written.
  7. a summation (the conclusion)

1. how did we arrive at our original written and signed legal Agreement and how did it tragically evolve into the current problem?

"The woman" needed money and financial advice immediately and I needed future medical care taking and I also needed future help with the MPW Charitable Foundation.  I paid her $25,000usd as an advance against her contractual obligations - written promises she made to provide a number of future services.  She needed and immediately used the money to pay off a $25,000usd Visa debt (saving herself $5,247usd a year, or $437usd a month, based upon the 20.99% interest Visa was charging her).  In addition, as part of the consideration for her expected future services under the agreement, I agreed to continue to provide professional guidance on tactics to help resolve her current financial fiasco that was at that time threatening her life and her future.   However, some time after the Visa payoff had occurred, she started expressing annoyance at what she imagined to be hurtful actions of varying sorts against her, almost all of which had to do with words we each used in our emails to each other referring to concerns that arose within the scope of our Agreement.  Finally, after some nasty email interactions, the woman stormed out of a meeting I invited her to that was designed to be conciliatory.  She then started to make other actions that probably were intended to let me figure out that she did not intend to carry out her contractual obligations.  But she never returned the $25,000usd advance payment nor suggested any recompense for the professional services I provided to her that were already enriching her at the rate of more than $24,000usd each year.  Much later on, after much writing and prodding on my part, she finally offered to pay back (pretending as if the us$25,000usd were a non-interest bearing loan – and of course it was not a loan of any sort at all) at the rate of 2,500 pesos (that was less than $190usd) a month, a process that would require more than 10 years to pay off only the $25,000usd advance (and ignoring the valuable professional services I provided), all the while she continued to this day to save $437usd every month in interest on that very same $25,000usd Visa debt and continue to reap the other benefits of my professional services.   It was very obviously known to her that I most probably would not live long enough to collect "her so-called but disingenuous offer" as she was definitely aware that much of our legal Agreement evolved as a result of our background discussions of the facts that I was suffering from "end stage emphysema" and was attached to my oxygen tank 21 hours of every 24-hour day PLUS the related fact that her actions now caused me to once again need to begin again an entire new search for a newer replacement for me at the MPW Charitable Foundation for when I died. She knew that I was unable to do that now because of my health, the very health that she had obligated herself to aid.  Her actions look like the work of someone without compassion, without a conscience, and without any sense of ethics, morality, logic, or honor.  Certainly without a sense of responsibility or duty.

2. at the time this is being written, who got what and who lost what in this debacle?

"the woman" received the $25,000usd and retains it to this day.
she used this advance to pay off her $25,000usd Visa credit card debt, thereby saving herself ($5,244usd a year) $437usd every month that passes from December 2011 and continuing through today.
Using the two budgets that the woman herself prepared both before the beginning of my professional consulting and again, later, after we had made a lot of progress (see yellow-highlighted portion of 3rd paragraph of our Agreement as to the reason for such budgets), the woman's Income from her clients increased over $17,000usd a year, solely due to just a few of the many ideas that I gave her.  And her expenditures had already (in just over one month) decreased another $7,000usd a year (including $5,248usd saved from the elimination of Visa interest), so in the brief period between the preparation of the two budgets, her net excess of expenditures over income went from a $12,428usd deficiency to a $12,385usd excess of income over expenditures, a $24,813usd a year turnaround, all in her favor, and all from ideas that I provided to her as part of our Agreement.  As a result of these three benefits, she was now ahead by almost $50,000usd with many (repetitive) benefits to come at the annual rate of $24,813 in each future year.

On the other hand, I lost the $25,000usd.   Actually, the beneficiaries of my Foundation (which predominantly supports local organizations benefiting women and children) are the ultimate poor individuals that will suffer the loss from this woman's acts.  This is doubly aggravating as she had originally profusely sworn her need and desire to help these very same people as being her foremost reason for wanting to be my replacement as president of the Foundation.
There was also the cost to me of anguish and despondency at having to re-do now for the third time (re-reading, re-writing, printing, signing, gathering witnesses, and having each document notarized) my five separate estate legal documents to remove this woman from the responsible positions she had just recently agreed to take (which in itself had just recently required the second re-do of all five of the original estate legal documents, required as the result of our creation of the Agreement and her appointment to those positions in the first place).  And this was all in addition to having to also re-read and more than occasionally re-edit every page of the entire Foundation's website for the changes first in her supposed takeover upon my death and then a second re-do to make the still newer changes necessary to somehow repair the many damages caused by her renunciation of the job that she had already accepted and been paid for.  The time cost was horrendous and the constant reminder of her deceit and betrayal was present every day, all day, for at least four months now (with no end in sight) as I still continue to muddle through patching and repairing the Foundation's webpages for this damage.
Worse than that to me personally, I have suffered an even greater loss than that described above.  Those who have aided me and observed the growth of the Foundation during the years since I conceived of it in 1999, know that I've worked ceaselessly on it during that time.  This "shocker" has so turned my world upside down that I have already notified all of our Grantees that the Foundation will be permanently dissolved (previous to this Shocker, it was to continue indefinitely after my death - and the woman was to be the young and idealistic and very much trusted CEO who was to succeed me).  Now, my executor is instructed to dissolve the Foundation shortly after I die.  This amounts to a disintegration of my life's otherwise greatest accomplishment and it destroys almost 13 years of my working to accomplish the Foundation's  Goals & Mission, and that does not even consider the more than $120,000usd I've already paid out in Grants to our Grantees.  
And still worse than either of the three points above, my faith in myself (insofar as I had felt previously that I could both ferret out the untrustworthy and recognize the trustworthy) has suffered the most difficult emotional blow of all.  I no longer believe that I can trust ANYONE.  My friends that date back to the 1960s have told me that they have noticed that I show at least a little less trust in even them now.   That fact translates into the final reason for my closing down the Foundation.  I do not believe that I am now sufficiently capable to even attempt to find and trust some person who might replace me in administering, among other things, a $3,200,000usd or more endowment fund that I have nontheless still bequeathed in trust to the Foundation.  Of course, as a result of that, still worse is the probability that the $3,200,000usd will now NOT go to aid the women and children of San Miguel, but probably most or all of it will go to aid similarly needy people in the USA.
And still there was more.  I lost my greatest raison d'être, the prime reason which used to motivate me to wake up each morning, help me ignore all of my health issues, and provided my daily joy of looking forward to that day's plans and activities.  That huge joy has disappeared and now I have problems wanting to even get out of bed any morning.  This loss of passion was the greatest negative effect of this woman's induced trauma, this tragic and unnecessary destruction of my life and my life's work.  And all over the stupidest of causes, which was probably the woman's emotional insecurity with how others think of her and her own hyper-active misread perceptions of other people's meanings and intentions.
But the final and ultimately biggest loss of all, the greatest damage to me was the fact that the stress, the loss of trust, the loss of my Foundation, and the loss of the money and all of the other losses, took its toll on me physically.  Whatever limited life expectancy I possessed previous to that woman's re-entry into my life, was reduced significantly more by the callous and irresponsible behavior of a supposedly trusted person who had known completely about my health problems when she had contracted to aid me later in my life whenever that became necessary. That person was the one who unilaterally defaulted on her own commitments AND then proceeded to take so much from me as well as from all of my beneficiaries without showing any normal concern for the life-threatening damage she was causing.  This is so serious that it comes very close to a possiblity of attempted murder, and even if not that, effectively pushes that envelope to its limits.   And that is not as far-fetched an idea as it might otherwise sound, especially if you read the first of the February 17 2012 emails or about February 17th on the efforts page or again about Feb 17 (in the Feb 8 note included in point #6) below.   It is not a huge leap to think that I am being treated as her scapegoat for the losses she suffered at the hands of "her -ex" who stole a smaller value from her than she stole from me.

In summary, as a documented result of all of the above, the gross difference between what that woman gained and what I personally lost now exceeds $75,000usd and is still climbing, and that does not even include the many serious non-monetarized damages I also suffered.  What the city and the women and children here lost dwarfs what I lost.  The total damages to everyone could easily exceed $4,000,000usd (or more than 50,000,000 pesos).  What started out to be my good deed, helping a woman in her significant and immediate financial needs, turned out to be so costly and life-threatening for me and so many others.  Whoever originated the saying "no good deed ever goes unpunished" knew exactly what their sarcasm meant and that is exactly how it also turned out to be for all of the residents of San Miguel.

See ALSO, the breakdown (or quantification) of the elements of our Agreement for a visual tabulation of the benefits and damages each of us received or suffered.

3. what were "this woman's" stated reasons for unilaterally terminating our agreement?

I was about to try to answer the above question but found it difficult as I re-read (now for the third, in some cases fourth, time) every email between us since January 2012 and discovered that immediately after she said, in various ways in various emails, that I hurt her by saying something, I then read and re-read it (what I had just previous to that written) trying to determine what she might have been so angry about and I even bent over backwards in this effort to ascertain what could be the "bad thing" I had just said.  I found next to nothing!  Yes, it is true that I said things that she did not like to hear but they were basically the same things that we discussed repeatedly at the very beginning of the time when I started trying to solve her financial problems and when we came up with the initial oral Agreement that we both thought resolved the problems each of us wanted to resolve.  It might possibly be true that now that she had the $25,000usd in her possession and most of my professional advice in her possession as well, she now thought she had less use for even more of my advice (which by itself had already enriched her by her own calculation of $24,813usd a year), and she probably tired of continually hearing my advice (even though she overlooked the fact that I still retained the many earlier emails from her in which she had just previously acknowledged that she should have always known better, and/or agreeing that she should have done this or that in the past, and/or stating that she was repeatedly embarrassed by what she either did or did not do previously). From the beginning of our friendship (first in 1998 and again in 2011), she has repeatedly overreacted and been overly sensitive to anything she considered a negative remark that hurts her feelings.  In the past, she has told me about so many other people that were also so insensitive to her feelings. My only conclusion is that she obviously overreacts to an abnormal extreme, well beyond anything I had ever experienced with any other person ever before.  I suspect her first year dropout from Princeton, and her subsequent abrupt departures moving out of Canada and then again abruptly moving out of Japan, were based upon similar overreactions to people saying normal things that this woman translates into the ultimate insult to her character, or to her abilities, or to her worthiness, or to anything else she considers sacrosanct and untouchable for other people's opinions or words.   Sad, but I believe that that is completely true with regards to this woman and is a problem that she has never learned to deal with.  I think that this is a flaw that her many medicines do not come nearly close enough to cope with.

Anyway, let me explain a little bit more.  At the end, it comes down to the fact that the woman said it was only the things I said (SAID!!?? -- wasn't there something about "sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me" that every little child learns) that made her angry enough to, without thinking clearly, abruptly terminate our agreement.  I never physically threatened her (after all, I was a 76 year old man, physically weakened with a serious lung deficiency and she was a 41 year old physical fitness buff and motorcyclist and trapeze performer).  I never cheated her (if anything, I went much too far in giving her things that, in retrospect, probably should never have been offered by me); I never broke any promise I made to her (I have a long term reputation both here and in the USA for keeping my promises); and although the woman could not see it this way, I swear that I never had anything but her best interests in mind anytime I made any suggestion intended to help her (hadn't I, after all, emailed her on Oct 7 2011 that I thought of her as if she were my daughter?).  But I evidently hurt her too easily bruised feelings. Read more about this subject and each of our choices in words used on the just-words webpage.

While I am sure she was upset by whatever it was that bothered her, I maintain that (at least to a point just very recently) I never said anything that was ever intended (quite the reverse, in fact) to upset her although at the same time, was myself upset by two things: 1) that she seemed to always feel that I intended to do these "bad things" and 2) that she too easily ignored or overlooked the many things that she, herself, did and said that hurt my feelings (but, however, never caused me to even consider backing out of any oral, or later written, commitments I made to her).   So, for a moment, let us go along with her and pretend to accept some of her extremes like accepting as a premise that I truly said things that were hurtful (even though I know that I certainly felt and meant otherwise) and even accepting the premise that she felt that they were intentionally hurtful (I KNOW that they were otherwise), that is still no reason to back out of a contractual obligation that she had agreed to in supposedly good faith.  Finally, even accepting still another premise that she was legally allowed to back out due to reading merely words that she considered hurtful (and I have never known that to be a valid legal loophole), was there then any reason why she did not, at the very beginning when it was so easily possible to (ignore the valuable professional services I gave her) to do so, at very least offer to repay the $25,000usd using as a source the same credit card that had just been paid off?  And then, after more and more distressing emails, she makes the laughably inadequate offer to pay 2,500 pesos a month, a sum that will never come close to restoring anything approaching a fair settlement in my lifetime, she had offered to pay less than $190usd each month while, at the very same time, saving $437 each month in Visa interest herself.  It tells you something about her when you ask "Did she or did she not realize that it would be hugely beneficial to her to simply continue her offered arrangement forever and never pay it off, so beneficial to her was "this specious offer"?   Even assuming she was justified in her feelings, the woman has obviously never acted in good faith (or even remotely like a 41-year old person who is trying to pass herself off as a grownup) and at the same time refused to repair any of the damage she has caused.  The only other effort that she (might have) made, in all this time, was to set up a meeting (without even communicating with me) at San Miguel's Mediation and Conciliation services, even though she knew that my health would not permit me to attend such a meeting even if I had been informed of it in advance.  And even that is in doubt as the Mediation office says that they had no record of any such appointments being made at all..

Equality and Trust, behavioral qualities that to me appeared to be present between the woman and myself before the Agreement was signed, went missing in how she related to me later on after the Agreement was beginning to be acted upon.  The conclusion is that this woman continues to want everyone to live by the many "rules" that she constantly issues while being unwilling to live by them herself.  She too often states what she will allow or not allow to be discussed, narrowly defined so that when it becomes convenient for her to do so, she can squeeze between the very obstacles she sets up for others to observe.

4. what were my efforts in trying to resolve any of the problems from the beginning to the end (at least up to this point)?

I have written email after email and made attempt after attempt trying to reconcile or even get the woman to discuss our differences or misunderstandings only to be met with inappropriate and irrational anger and non-responsive rebuttals.    The end result was that this woman instructed me to never write her again and to write to her attorney instead.  Well, she neglected to tell her attorney to respond so I end up with no other way to communicate with her now.  What used to be a number of possible compromises have now disappeared completely. 

Rather that publishing here all of those many details that I allude to, for whoever who wishes to read them, please go to the efforts page for the specifics of these details.

5. where would this woman be today, financially speaking, if she and I had not ever entered into this agreement in the first place?

I am sure that everyone except the woman herself knows the answer to this and it is not a pretty answer. I've asked her this question on more than a few occasions when she first defaulted on our agreement and not only did she not have an answer, her responses were merely to ignore the question altogether (as she is wont to do whenever she does not like the question --- or, I guess, any complete and honest answer that would be required).  Well, I will tell you (and her) that the answer is that she would then owe (really owe, because the Visa money was a real honest-to-goodness debt, a debt that cost her 21% interest) and still owe $25,000usd or much more to Visa, and that due to the fact that without the additional $24,000usd a year of budget-balancing that I pushed her to accomplish she would be even deeper in debt, and that without the $437usd a month in interest that I caused her to save she would be still deeper in debt, and that without the changes in financial responsibility that I caused her to start to undertake, things would obviously not have gotten better miraculously all by themselves, but CONSIDERABLY WORSE, of that you can be 100% absolutely sure.    On the other hand, she would not have ever have had to be subjected to the "pushing" (that she considered so vile, malicious, hurtful, and worse) without which none of the benefits she received would have ever happened.   

6.  letter to the woman herself as to why she left me no alternatives and therefore why these web-pages had to be written.

Miss (no-name-used), I know that you are not happy with these public statements but you have refused to read, listen, or discuss every other alternative that I had previously offered you.  The following is a chronological list of what you turned down and in each case I was forced by you to go to the next step (because you had refused to even consider each earlier and less onerous step in turn). 

February 8 2012 - I wrote an email suggesting a face-to-face meeting as there were a lot of things we really had to discuss.  You then nit-picked the entire long email and were clearly upset with many things you thought I meant (but your perceptions were repeatedly NOT what I meant - or even said).  But, you did agree to meet on Friday (2 days later).  At 8:50am Friday, you wrote that you could not meet that day.  Instead, we next met the following Friday (Feb 17), the day you showed up with the "I want to kill you" face (that you yourself admitted to having and feeling).  So, we attempted to talk and we got nowhere.  You stormed out of my office even as I begged you to stay because the annual meeting of the Foundation was next Wednesday (Feb 22) and you had long known that you and I were supposed to introduce you to the other Trustees as my replacement, something that they already expected to occur since I had informed them (in glowing terms) of what you had agreed to do for the Foundation.  I again emailed you to remind you of that and offered a conciliatory tone, hoping that you would at least continue to perform your Foundation obligations.  You did not show up and thereby publicly embarrassed me in front of the other Trustees.   
Feb 23 - you made an unannounced and unexpected visit to my house and handed the keys to the house back to my employees without any comment -- another embarrassment in front of my employees who had personally seen how much I tried to help you and who knew how much I counted upon your help in any medical emergency (mostly because you insisted that I inform them of this).  
Feb 23 - in an email, I thanked you for the return of the keys.  I accepted, albeit reluctantly since you left me no choice, your unspoken (to this day) decision for a unilateral termination of our agreement and said "Please be kind enough to tell me both when and how you will return the benefits you already received as a result of that agreement."   There was no response to this email.  A reasonable response to that reasonable question could have solved this entire problem and while still leaving me with many other damages, I might have been able to live with that as a unsuitable but nonetheless livable compromise at that time for the loss of all of the many critical services I had otherwise planned for and expected to receive in the future.   This was a great opportunity for you to comfortably (for you) to resolve a bad situation for me.  But you neglected to take this opportunity and instead resented my offer.
Mar 4 - The Trustees of the Foundation wrote you a formal letter acknowledging your default on your legal obligations to them and asked you to respond with your plans to remedy the situation you created.  
Mar 4 - You responded to the above letter but made it clear that all faults were all mine alone and that you were not at fault at all in the matter in any way.  Even if that impossibility could be true, I still think that since "my words" were all that bothered you, and that "words" alone should not have caused you to unilaterally terminate the agreement, and even if termination was valid and appropriate, certainly return of the benefits received were in order at that time.  So. even though I had planned for but lost the future healthcare you obligated yourself to provide and I planned for but I lost the perpetual life of the Foundation that I spent 13 years in planning for and even though you had received all of your contractual benefits in advance, you did not even see fit to offer to return any of the benefits (and that alone could have saved you from much of this, had you done that without dragging this out in such a life-threatening and stressful and hurtful way ever since early February 2012).  
Mar 6 -  I wrote you a long email agreeing with you that we each have been hurt too badly to ever renew our previous friendship, but when I received your offer to pay 2,500 pesos a month to completely resolve the terminated agreement, I said "Now, for the first time, I AM angry.   I strongly suggest that  you do something FAIR for a change.  You've  got some nerve to have  blamed everything on me up to this point and now attempt to move on without taking any share of any of the blame yourself by offering me $2500 pesos a month to make us "even".   Again, what kind of person are you?

I am so amazed that you act as if there should be no consequences for you.    All I ever wanted since you terminated our agreement was to get back to the status prior to that point, as much as possible.  Maybe the only way for you (and of course, me too) to get an impartial view of this situation and how it is to be resolved is to make it a judicial matter.  Please know that it is currently not my intention to do that, but I will do it if you make it necessary to do so

I am very sorry that it may come to this,"
Reading the above email today makes me realize how understated and overly compromising my emails to you were even at that time.  I would like to now add many other things that you seem (and seemed at that time, too) incapable of understanding.  That your anger with me was more than possibly an overreaction and you did not seem to understand how anyone else in this world could think you were not the perfect person you portray yourself as.  Even as things stood then, would it have been impossible for you to think you shared some blame, that you might have done some thing more than just a little unethical (or illegal), or that you could have shown even a minimum of gratitude for the ruinous financial future that I had already rescued you from (I suggest that you see point #5 above if you are even a little bit conveniently forgetful).
I am reminded now of the concept of the "scapegoat".  After being hurt so badly by your misplacing your own trust in others (I know of at least two examples where you did that, but there are probably many more), I just might have been treated by you as a scapegoat.  It is not a new concept as it goes all the way back to the bible and Leviticus.  All of your own problems blamed upon me. Think about that!!!!!
Anyway, from that time on, I sent you emails that enabled you to get out of this default with a modicum of damage to your financial status (which was still at this time enriched by my $25,000usd payment, and by the savings to you (the absence of Visa interest) of $437usd each month ($5,244 a year) , and by the other budgetary influences from me enriching you by another $19,000usd a year, every year from then on.  Even you should be able to add (if only with the use of the Spreadsheet that you enjoyed learning how to use after I taught you its advantages) all of that up ($25,000+5244+19000 equals) $49,244usd, much of it recurring year after year).  No responses came from you until I received the last email (Mar 28) from you which instructed me not to write you any longer but to communicate with your lawyer.
On Mar 28, I phoned the Agencia del Ministerio Público de Mediación y Conciliación where you said in your Mar 28 email that you sat waiting for me on two different days.   However, the person at M y C said that they had no record of such a summons having ever been sent to me (and that if it had, they would have had someone at my house sign for it -- no one at my house ever was contacted).  So, with that information, I wrote your attorney and offered, nevertheless, to meet with him and you whenever he could set up an appointment to do so.   I ended that email to him with " look forward to resolving this problem which has gone on too long."    However, as of today - May 17, I have yet to hear from either of you.
Nonetheless, since you had decided to retain an attorney, I was forced to consult one myself, and I did so on April 10th.  He then contacted your attorney and, according to my attorney's email to me dated May 10, you won't budge one inch from your offer to pay 2500 pesos a month.  As a matter of fact, I was even more confused by my attorney's email to me so I wrote the following to you on May/11/2012 (see more details about this at #4 above), asking YOU to clear it up because I said "I just received the following email and either my attorney is lying to me, or your attorney is lying to my attorney, or you are lying to your attorney. But someone IS lying.  It may be possible for you to think that it is me who is lying.   But I need to know who you think has misstated the truth.

"Do you stand behind every word that I received below? I highlight in red words that I question. The reason I question this is that if you stand behind every word, my path becomes obvious to me (and, I guess, to you). All gloves have to come off and we will have to go to court on this. As you know, we have a signed contractual agreement that you walked out on after you received most of the benefits up front and then you refused to do your part that was due both in the following weeks and into the future"

That letter from my attorney regarding what your attorney told him said that the loan was for 20K.   Well, we both know that it was never a loan.  It (together with the professional services I already provided) was a partial payment in advance against future services that you failed to provide and it even more certainly was not for 20K of some unspecified currency (it was for $25,000usd plus the value of the professional financial services).  No longer a surprise to me, you did not respond again. 

I have waited since February 8 2012 for you to come up with something, anything, to show that you are really concerned about arriving at a fair resolution and are not completely guilty of theft of my services, plus outright stealing of my money, or any criminal act at all.  I have waited patiently until now to take some real and effective action of my own.   But my patience has finally worn out.   So this is where we stand today.  I have been reduced to the following options:
1-Use the Mexican court system to sue you for restitution of your obligations to me --- I am positive that I do not have long enough to live to resolve that, plus the fact that the damages to me were for far more than merely $25,000usd in monetary amounts (see breakdown for more details) 
2-Use the Mexican court system (including the local district attorney at Ministerio Publico) to charge you with grand larceny (or whatever the Spanish version of something much greater than petty larceny) for both theft of the $25,000usd AND theft of my services --- at least this time-consuming path can continue on even after I pass away.  I am more than happy to make and leave behind whatever notarized affidavits are required of me and to provide both my Executor and the D.A. all  of the physical evidence that can outlive me.
3-Make this an open and public issue by writing about it locally --- this may be the least of all pains to you, especially insofar as you've opened this door yourself in the past by your public denunciation of Dylan Butler after you wrote on the Civil_List that he stole from you (in his case a much, much smaller amount than even only the $25,000usd that you stole from me).
4-Just let you get away with it and let your conscience haunt you ---  but you should know that there is no way that that is going to happen since you don't seem to even have a conscience.  I remember your pretenses of concern for the "children that the MPW Charitable Foundation" helped and the pleasure that you would have when you could run the Foundation.  But I now see how all of that was just another of your grandiose statements that I had believed that you really meant because you unilaterally walked away from your own obligations to do just that as signed for by you in a written legal contract while you continued to retain all of the prepaid benefits.  
5-Report you to the Canadian and the Mexican income tax collecting authorities for all of the greater amounts of taxable income you earned in all of the many previous years when you did not pay income taxes to any country at all (on incomes that were greatly in excess of what most other working expats as well as Mexicans living here earn) --- Obviously, it is not just me that you steal from. You steal from anyone in Canada or Mexico who pays their fair share of income taxes, too. While I really don't want to have to report this to Hacienda or to the Canadian government, it may be the only remaining option and I will happily reserve it for consideration at a later date.  One of the benefits of using this option is that you will then experience the same type of non-compensable stress and problems that you have caused me.  They will become similar time-consuming bureaucratic headaches and stress for you, too.  Dealing with two tax authorities is the closest I can come to exacting a little bit of equality for what you have caused me in ruinous damages of my previously less complicated and more comfortable life.
6-There IS one more thing and it is very ironic insofar as, back in 1998 or so, you helped me write the statement that slowly made its way into my Will and other estate documents. It had to do with what my Executor was to do and how much he could spend to "locate and punish any impatient souls who might wish to profit by, ahem, speeding up nature’s own methods" (that should sound familiar to you, because that is an exact quote of your words) --- so, I hereby inform both you and my Executor that  I have no doubt that the stress and emotional impact upon me of your treachery has been vastly destructive of what otherwise remained of my health and my life as opposed to whatever time I had left under less stressful circumstances.  I now authorize my Executor to use that clause in my Will to pursue, if still necessary, the fair resolution of my claim for damages from you forever and forever, until completely resolved to what my Executor knows that I would think to be a fair resolution.  I suggest he, and you, look at the quantification of benefits received and damages suffered before resolving this point.

7-My evidence, compared to your "unsubstantiated allegations",  is so strong in my opinion, I have even considered offering you the option of using your own father as our impartial mediator.  The only remaining problem I had with that idea is that my beliefs in his fairness and impartiality derive solely from your own statements of how honest and ethical he is and since your own honesty is in such great doubt at this point, I must consider how good are your words as my source for that particular idea?   However, It might still be a good idea and I will continue to consider it as a possibility if the circumstances are right.  (LATER note: I could not locate your father's home address).

What fascinates me most is that you've broken our agreement based (you say) upon your accusations of my saying horrible things to you.  You've accused me of such horrendous malevolence and stated those accusations in many email comments that directly followed my mostly invisible but "supposedly bad statements".  As UN-bad as those statements from me turned out to be (upon anyone's re-reading of them), you often responded by "upping the ante" and making much more horrendous statements about me at that same time in that same email.  I don't understand why you appear to lack normal capabilities regarding a reasonably balanced perspective? And all of this could have gone away before it ever started.  I never expected you to be anywhere near perfect and accepted you for who I thought you were.  But you created a  boogie-man or scapegoat out of a weapon-less man (who you repeatedly acknowledged was trying to help you, before instantaneously and through some huge relatively unexplained "miracle", he (that's me) somehow pivoted on a dime for no apparent reason and now - you thought - wanted to destroy you -- very strange thinking --you've outdone yourself with this one) and ignited a problem that ruined a very nice thing that worked for and benefited both of us.  All I ever needed from you was some equality in interactions and your trust in me as much as I trusted you (at that time, in spite of the blatant fact that your trust in me was more warranted because I had already proven that I am a person of my word and had already given you all of what I promised).    Have you never heard of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"?  And, even more specifically, could you not see beyond your insecurities and see how after all I had done for you already, you JUST MIGHT BE WRONG in thinking that I did not always have your best interests in mind.  Your apologies regarding your 2002 termination of our friendship was accepted by me even though it  came 9 years too late.  You could have apologized for (or at minimum, discussed) this almost identical 2012 termination much sooner than (whenever you finally take some time to consider all things) and we could have resolved the problems without all of this current turmoil.   It must be a terrible burden to pretend you are always right and that everyone else is always wrong.  However, I suspect that you really don't believe that yourself, even though something compels you to continue that most theatrical performance, trying to prove it to everyone else (or maybe to only yourself, your guess is as good a guess as mine on this one). 
I am undecided as to what to do next, as almost every one of the options listed above has both appeal and downside.   Perhaps a combination is in order. But whatever I end up deciding, please be aware that I've already given you every opportunity to repair the damage yourself at minimum hurt, cost, etc. to you and you've refused every overture.   My current indecision results mostly from the fact that you, at the beginning, apparently pretended you were scared to death that you would merely lose my respect when you finally admitted to, and allowed me to repair, your attitudes towards money as if it was Monopoly Money.  Your fear of loss of my respect over your previous mishandling of money is so definitely disproportionately laughable now.  Do I even have to waste time deciding on how much respect should I offer you now?  
Another irony is that you pride yourself on being a writer, but you don't communicate about the 99% of a huge number of things that you consider even slightly personal (and I am not even thinking about the things describing your financial life that I needed and finally got so I could help you).  It is quite possible that your biggest fear is now having to admit to your own parents and friends that you had always foolishly but lackadaisically directed your own life towards its recent financial implosion.  And that your unusual need for secrecy and privacy stems from not allowing anyone (certainly including your own parents - is it possible that you don't trust them, either?) to see that you really have never been able to manage things for yourself.  I can even conclude from all of this that your overreaction to merely words used by others stems from the fact that you think (even obsess) about those words and repeatedly exaggerate their meaning and then subsequently OVERstate them in your own mind making them into accusations that were never said or even intended by those other people (certainly, including me).
I continue to wonder what is really behind your obsessive need for privacy and secrecy.  What other long string of previous circumstances have you attempted to ignore, hide, and thereby attempt to leave behind, before your abrupt departures, in Canada, at Princeton, in Japan, or in your fourteen or so years in San Miguel, that remain hidden by other people loyally continuing to blindly observe your long list of ("this is not for discussion" or "this is off-limits") rules that you forced upon them regarding your own personal requirements for privacy and secrecy?  Realizing finally (I stupidly continued my loyalty to you long after I finally accepted that you defaulted on our Agreement but now it seems to finally have dawned on stupid me) that I no longer owe you such continuing loyalty after what you've done to what remains of my once decent life; that is what amounted to the last straw in what now seems to be an inevitable and probable decision to make most (I will, of course, keep secret those portions of your life that do not relate to this) public treachery.
Well, the above is the only part of what I've decided to do now.  Soon, you must realize that you have yet come to terms with what you've done and what you need to do to just begin to remedy it.   I really and sincerely apologize for this but somehow you, in your deepest introspective but nevertheless strange mind, will have to admit that you left me no other choices.  What would you do if you were in my shoes?  Would you have just ignored all of this?   Of course, you wouldn't.  You get upset and overreact at as little as 1/100th (1%) of this.   I know that because you have repeatedly told me of your anger with, and your relentless chasing of, the "ex-partner" who you say swindled you of an even smaller amount most recently.  Well, I had to do something, too, and you removed, one by one, all of my easier-on-you alternatives.  Did you really think there would be absolutely no consequences for your breaking our Agreement AND/OR at the same time keeping all of its prepaid benefits?         Really!!!      What makes you think you are so special that you always deserve your own special rules that only apply to you and no one else?  Isn't it time for your irresponsiblity period to come to an end??????????????
What a shame this all is and such a waste of so much potential.   Take another look at what I had until just recently thought of and wrote about on a webpage about you, mostly written at a time immediately prior to this shocker.  How big a fool was I, thinking that about you?

7. a summation (the conclusion)

This woman would probably tell you that she was justified in unilaterally terminating our signed legal contract and that she even made attempts to resolve the damages from her broken promises, but I ask you:

Was her offer to pay me $190usd a month (what? forever?) a genuine and fair offer sufficient to resolve everything?  Was denying me channels of communication with her or her attorney sufficient in whatever small attempts she may have made to resolve everything?.  Was setting up (or maybe not even doing that) an appointment with the local Mediation and Conciliation people and giving me less than two day's notice (while ignoring the more important fact that she knew that I could not afford that much time away from my oxygen source for even a non-stressful meeting, and much less a stressful meeting with lawyers and the woman herself) anything more than just a gimmick?
How does her anger, which was caused by her own interpretation of words that evidence shows were not intended to hurt her but rather to help her, how does that anger over mere words justify her breaking a legal contract to provide critically important services at all, much less justify Andy's decision to not return the (approximately) $50,000 or more in cash and other tangible benefits she had already received?
Nit-picking is not a defense.  Will she provide any real physical evidence to prove anything that was truly important enough to actually be a justifiable cause for termination and that her motives, her actions, her conclusions, were all as virtuous or as blameless as she would like to be perceived?
Ultimately, the question must again be asked, what financial position would this woman be in today had we not ever gotten involved in this Agreement that started out to be disproportionately favorable to her in the first place, and that ended up with a still greater lop-sided result than we ever originally anticipated?  She can't come up with a reasonable answer and perhaps jail is the only path to her personal redemption.   It occurs to me that the major prosecutable crimes are the following: Theft - guilty, tax evasion - guilty.   Even more personally hurtful to me but not prosecutable are:  Her taking a dying person's life preserver away from him immediately after he had just saved Andy's own life.   Andy, can you even possibly be proud of what you've destroyed?  You deserve the most horrendous verdict imaginable based upon what you've done versus anything  you imagine being done to you
So, she took and still has the money.  she took, and still has and will have forever, the benefits of the professional advice.  And she has caused the diversion of $3,200,000 (much more than that now) in funds intended to help local women and children, diverted the funds from Mexico to the USA.  And she has never given anything in return except a lame semi-excuse for why she did it.  Weigh her excuses and see if the excuses come anywhere close to offsetting the damages she has caused ADDED to the benefits she has received.
Absent jail, she wins no matter what settlement is finally reached.  That is because I continue to lose in even the best of imaginable results. No one can return the loss of trust I now have in everyone, and no one can bring back the quality of my remaining life, and no one can bring back the lost longevity of life, and certainly no one can replace the loss of my life's greatest (but now unfinished) accomplishment, this foundation's work.  So the only remaining open question is how badly do I continue to lose and how minimally can she be made to win?   I refer you once again to the breakdown of benefits and damages each of us has received and especially to the summary at the bottom of that page.
Given the above circumstances, what would you (anyone) advise?  Would anything I now do seem to be out of order or inappropriate to you?   I long to hear from you.

We, the individuals who are involved in TPOTRFOMPW, have gathered all of the information that appears on the various (and linked pages below it) webpages from conversations and other varied communications with Michael.  As a matter of fact, he was adamantly against our publishing any or all of it.  But we were too anguished by his constant reluctance to take actions quickly against this woman as well as his continuing protection of her in spite of what she did to him.  We met often and argued often and finally overruled him and after publishing all of these pages, he finally agreed to at least read and comment on them and offer some major corrections and suggest many deletions, some of which we accepted.   As these thoughts and words now approximately, and to the best of our ability, reflect his own words, they remain worded "in the first person".  He also got us to eliminate certain things like the details and amounts on the budgets and the cashflow spreadsheets and we finally agreed that the "tops" of these documents were all we would publish at this time.  We feel strongly that he has been "taken" by a greedy and malicious and immature woman who professed to be completely trustworthy to gain his confidence and trust and then she turned around exhibiting nothing of what she was before he helped her out of her very serious financial mess.   Her true colors are now showing.  We even provide evidence, something she ignored in making her own wild accusations unsubstantiated by her own words in the many emails we examined.

written, edited, and uploaded (and password protected) by TPOTRFOMPW



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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