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What MUST an organization do so that it may receive grants after the first grant is given? 

It is critically important for any person representing any organization that wishes to be in our grant program to know that we have NO administrative staff (other than the Founder himself) and therefore if the requirements stated on this web-site are NOT met, second opportunities to apply for grants will most probably not be available, as we have huge limitations on our time availabilities.

Be sure to read "An important note about THIS web-site" at the bottom of both the Home page and the Table of Contents Page.

And, one more thing, we suggest you re-read the link "why this info"

For each succeeding year after the first year, each organization MUST:

A -- between October 15th and October 31st for each year:

go to the due Oct 31st webpage and use the templates provided to you.  You should send us the email and the attachments required by the templates you find there.  A few more notes follow.
It would definitely be more efficient for both of us if you maintained an ongoing (updated annually) list of the answers to the questions asked on the due Oct 31st webpage.  Any changes from last year's input should be highlighted by color differentiation as explained on that webpage. 
be sure to read the some additional details webpage and follow its instructions for how to REPLY to us. The consistent format for REPLYs and other communications between us is important to our future relationship.     


B1 -- between January 5th and 15th of each year, email to us:

go to the due Jan15 webpage and use the templates provided to you.  You should send us the email and the attachments required by the templates you find there.  Another note follows.
Be sure to re-read our final emails from last year (generally, at least 2)  and "reply (see some details page for method of "reply")" to us between January 5th and 15th, explaining your actions relating (point by point) to our point by point comments. Don't fall into your own trap of commencing work on this step just before the Due Date.  You should read, understand, and even commence some of the work as early as WHEN you receive the two emails from last year, generally around mid-February of this year.  The email should be named (see point B2-5 below) "Subject - codename- new year - Responses to Comments in MPWCF's email dated (mm/dd/yy)"  ****#4 and #5 (see WHY below)     


B2 -- between  January 25th and 31st of each year, email to us:

go to the due Jan 31st webpage and use the templates provided to you.  You should send us the email and the attachments required by the templates you find there.  A few more notes follow.

1-to aid you in responding, we strongly suggest that you use the following links designed to clarify and even illustrate HOW you are to submit your input: annual certification, Checklist (summary), and templates before you go to the due Jan 31st webpage.
2-you must attach one combined 4-column comparative financial statement presenting your financial situation (all in accordance with our example).  This ONE-page computerized spreadsheet (probably created on MSExcel) should be in an attachment  named (see point B2-5 below) Subject - codename - year - Financials
2a - in the event that that Founder of the MPWCF has died AND you have received your first (or even later) distribution of your share of the MPWCF's endowment, be sure to read and respond to all parts of the afterwards webpage including the preparation of the annual analysis of the endowment itself.
3-see Point D below and then submit a separate attachment entitled (see point B2-5 below) "Subject - codename - year - 7 questions".  
4-remember that we need all input to be submitted via email (with email attachments that we are able to edit and return, which we hope will not be necessary)     ****#4 and #5 (see WHY below)
5-please note that our internal filing processes have become more voluminous and therefore more complicated as the years have passed. We now must insist that both your EMAILS and each attachment to your email be hereinafter named in a manner incorporating a 5-letter coded filename for your organization (as illustrated in the middle of Our grantees page in a section called "Filing Note") and that coded filename must follow this format, e.g., "CASAD-2010-name of attachment.doc" (where the "CASAD" is your 5-letter codename, 2010 is the year the grant is to be paid, and the attachment is succinctly-named and submitted in either a .doc, .rtf, .jpg, or .xls or other commonly used computer format)
6-submit your information for the current year (that is the year just ended) plus a certification letter in the format shown on our annual certification page (which includes URL links to help you understand each item prior to answering each point).  Only after you understand each item should you prepare the annual certification letter you will find as the last of the required inputs shown on the page "due Jan 31st"
C -- Should you have any questions, we refer you first to this web-site, and even more specifically refer to the pages showing
FAQs - answers to "frequently asked questions".
financials-example (of financial reports) that meet our needs (and yours, for that matter) as well as some more details explaining what is on this page.   However, for new grantees (who have received no more than two previous grants from us), a simpler version of a financial statement may be temporarily used as illustrated at  examples


D -- The following is required for grantee organizations who have already received 3 or more years of grants from us.   A response can be submitted on one email named (see point B2-5 above) Subject: codename-year-7 questions.  For any point below that is very lengthy,  you may submit a separate attachment named: Subject: code name - newyear - 7 questions-point #D(1, 2, 3, etc.).  Do not reinvent the wheel here.  Be sure to utilize prior year's responses as a "starting point" (where possible) and just edit them, update them, correct them, and definitely add to them, so that this year's responses are better, more complete, and a greater indication of where you now stand on each of the below points.
1.  review and describe your relationship and your compliance with the USA's IRS's regulations and how you know that this is the appropriate status for your organization. See the two pages IRS Narrative and IRS financials. Include a copy of your form 990ez or state why you are not required to file it with IRS. 
2. include a narrative disclosing your annually updated attempts at a detailed explanation for how you will plan, control, and appropriately use the vastly higher annual grants to your organization (from your share of our endowment that is expected to be at least us$2,900,000 -see funding) wherein your share of at very least us$20,000 each year will commence after the Founder's death -- providing that you continue to satisfactorily meet the annual reporting requirements (like the ones you are reading now) prior to, and continuing after, his death.  ****#2 (see WHY below)  
3. include a very detailed discussion of internal financial and management controls with emphasis on how they relate to current funding as well as to your organization later on when our grants increase substantially (as discussed immediately above). You will get a greater idea of what kinds of controls we are looking for when you read internal control and audit procedures.   ****#3 (see WHY below)
4. disclose that you comply with the various goals and mission of this Foundation as stated in various parts of this web-site, the most important of which are your organization's transparency (points #1 thru #4 on that page), disclosures (points #1 thru #4 on that page) and continuity (points #1 thru #6c14 on that page).  Please tell us how you are dealing with these essential requirements in your own organization. The "continuity" response should be written out in great detail and it should be the one that you use to educate and train your own volunteers.  It should be long and growing longer as you add, occasionally delete, but always continue to amend it for accuracy, greater details, history, and anything else that will enable your organization to continue its mission probably forever.
5. disclose how you protect your own organization against the slim possibility that, after the death of our Founder, a renegade trustee (or trustees) of this Foundation may wish to consciously or sub-consciously subvert the wishes of the Founder.  Grantees may find protection against this threat by reading and understanding the various controls on this web-site, most importantly the grantee's rights as specified on the trustees page.  All people, trustees included, are only human, and huge sums of money (in excess of us$2,900,000) are involved here.  We need to know what you plan to do.
6. disclose that you are capable of planning for the future.  Among your plans should be one to review this web-site well before deadlines. If questions are in order, and time is available to do so, we may answer them (but only) if they are submitted well before December 31st.  
7. disclose that you have read and understand all pages of this web-site that have anything to do with your organization's current status with this Foundation.  One of the things, among many others, we wish to get through to you is DO NOT SEND us ANYTHING that we have not specifically requested.
8. if the Founder has died and the Foundation's Endowment has already been distributed to our Grantees, starting in the year when you have received any of those Foundation dissolving distributions, you must also send the Endowment Assets Report discussed on the afterwards webpage.

****Some supplementary information regarding "Why?"

  1. Teresa Heinz Kerry, in describing herself years ago, said she was a "venture philanthropist", demanding accountability for grants.  We feel that this is normal and appropriate for us as well, and we shall continue to require it.   Ruth E. Lilly, known also as the first lady of poetry, had demanded that even her smallest philanthropic grantee, the 3-person Poetry Magazine organization "become financially savvy fast".  Apropos of nothing other than in memorium and as a show of my respect,  Ms. Lilly died yesterday (12/30/2009) at the age of 94.
  2. you really can't expect us, after the Founder dies, to just hand you these greatly increased sums of money every year without a plan that he has agreed with during his lifetime.   And since time is moving on, this plan must be formulated NOW and the details fleshed out as the years go forward.
  3. this is a furtherance of #2 above.  We wish to be reasonably assured that your organization does not later fall victim to the "temptations that flesh is heir to". 
  4. we remind you once again that rather than have many separate pieces to any one year's email communications, the questions and answers and answers to more questions should ALL be shown on ONE email that conforms to our reply format, as shown on the middle third of the web page  some details
  5. When we say "able to edit", we suggest that you use emails and/or MSWord for narratives (words) and MSExcel for spreadsheet-type (numerical financial) information in your attachments.  Emails (themselves) are fine for narratives but not for tabulations that read better on attached spreadsheets.



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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