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1st year requirements

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What MUST an organization do before any initial grant is given to them? 

As of Oct 10 2008,  we have ceased accepting new grantees  

It is critical for any person representing any organization that wishes to be in our grant program to know that we have absolutely NO administrative staff and therefore if the requirements stated on this web-site are NOT met, additional opportunities to apply for grants will quite probably not be available, as we have huge limitations on our time availabilities.

The criteria we use to evaluate organizations who wish to submit to this Foundation a timely and complete "request for grants" is shown below.  

Don't get discouraged by the number of our questions.  Consideration will be given to organizations who are most forthcoming and do not give the appearance of withholding material information or shading the facts with half-truths.  See also some reasons WHY we require the information we do at the link "why this info"

All organizations who submit requests and who make realistic attempts to respond to all requirements will receive at very minimum a useful critique.  This critique will enable you, if appropriate, to submit better information the following year.

For every year AFTER the first year, each applying organization MUST review the 20 numbered items below, compare their current status/answer to that of  their latest previous response or update of those 20 items and, ONLY if there are any changes, inform us of the changes by re-issuing the entire list of answers with the latest change(s) clearly marked on this updated response.  This should be done by email with an attachment entitled Subject: (grantee code - see instruction immediately after point #20 below) - (year) - "Update of 1st year's 20 questions".   Note that this applies only to items #1-12 and #16-20.  For points #13 through #15, merely refer to your annual financial statements sent at the same time.

For the first year, each applying organization MUST:

read and understand why this information is necessary, most especially the reasons we require accountability.
provide an email (as lengthy as necessary) that lists responses to (and number-coded to agree with) each item in the below list.
  1. you read and understand our entire Eligibility page and sent us a written statement affirming that you have met (and still meet) every requirement under the heading "Each new grantee organization MUST:", 
  2. you state what methods you use to ensure continuity and consistency of your programs through re-invigoration and eventual succession of your current management?  Your response may refer to (by specific name) your  annual email (or attachment) that states in much greater detail just what you are CURRENTLY doing to assure continuity.
  3. Since all our current grantees now fit into the category of  "well known to us", you may merely state the number of years you are in our grant program.

  4. a description of your purpose, mission, and/or goals (from your bylaws or conception documents)

  5. who, exactly, are your past (and your proposed future) beneficiaries and how do you maintain continuity with them, if indeed you do, in your own grant programs,

  6. the background of your organization itself (its history),

  7. a discussion regarding your credibility in all relevant locales,
  8. a discussion of the stability of your organization,
  9. the background and relevant contributions of your founders,
  10. the background and relevant contributions of your current principals,
  11. a discussion of, and all details regarding, your use of non-monetary-type-benefits to compensate your volunteers,
  12. details regarding monetary compensation to all others,
  13. your financial status and past history (we strongly suggest you read examples),
  14. your current financial structure (again, read examples),
  15. projections of future cash flow (both in and out), (once again, see examples),
  16. a discussion of your past methods of (and future plans for) obtaining funding,
  17. details supporting any claim of tax deductibility in Mexico and in USA (see IRS discussion for the USA portion of this response as well as IRS Narrative),
  18. details supporting your legality to operate in Mexico and/or in the USA,
  19. discussion of your internal controls, both financial and other (see internal control),
  20. what, if anything, do you do to aid the mission of any other San Miguel charitable organization


attachments to your email input be named using the 5-letter file name for your organization (as shown in the middle of Our grantees page) that follows the format like this "casad-2011-name of attachment.doc" (where the "casad" is your 5-letter filename, 2011 is the year the grant is to be paid, and the attachment is succinctly-named and submitted in either a .doc, .rtf, .jpg, or .xls format)
submit your organization's application for grants as early as possible before February 1, of any year. The earlier the better as we may need time for additional answers to any remaining questions and our Trustees meet only once a year shortly after February 1st.  

You may ignore the rest of this page for any year subsequent to the first year since you are now responding to this in OTHER ways.

make a first attempt at transparency of your operations by preparing a financial statement using as a model (or example) the one we display at financials-example
provide contact information. We would prefer your email addresses, or secondarily, your telephone numbers with times of availability.   
complete your grant request with the following statement, signed by the Chief Executive Officer, AND the Financial Officer (if any), AND the preparer of the request.

"We have examined this request for a (enter the year #x) grant and certify that to the best of our knowledge the following documents are complete, accurate, and truthful in all respects. (insert the name of each document submitted) (then insert the name of your organization and names of officers). " 

We hope to hear from you as soon as possible and will contact you after evaluating your grant request submission.

Additional credit will be given to organizations that:

show that they comply with the various goals and mission of this Foundation as stated in various parts of this web-site, especially those sections that refer to continuity and transparancy.
show that they are now ready to receive and deal with responsibly their proportionate share of the income from an endowment that will exceed us$2,900,000 (see funding) in the immediate future should this Foundation's founder die unexpectedly (but not an unnatural death from dishonest hands - see founders will)



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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