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This page, when finished, will be our only Public Relations Department (or P.R. effort) -- this page will tell THE STORY of the MPWCF and our own problems with even obtaining local grant requests from local organizations to have us help in funding them (giving our money to them) due to lies and gossip spread by malicious intent or merely stupidity and/or maladroitness, and we will try to clear up the gossip, and offer this substitute for the lack of attempted publicity, etc  - we will even include a copy of the uncompleted email (subject: money being given away) that I gave serious consideration to send out publicly some many years ago.

PUBLICITY -  we made the mistake of not looking for publicity.  As a result, too many gossipers have stated that this Foundation is a scam, a fraud and no money is available. Over and above the grants already given that have already exceeded us$120,000, the MPWCF's endowment (and bequest from the Founder, Michael Wein) will be a minimum of us$3,500,000.  You might be interested in reading our original (and only) Atencion article wherein we solicited grant requests

What followis is an early attempt (written by the Founder and subject to later editing, but never sent out in any form) at "tongue in cheek" publicity


All grants of cash are to be given away - at 99% or more discount on the dollar. Even as much as 100% below our cost. Last chance!!!

Yes, it is true - after 8 years, we are going out of business. We started in 1996 with a mission and belief and we have failed.


(***) this headline does not refer to our organization (which is a legally perpetual corporation, founded in Texas, and certified as a tax-exempt public charity by IRS) with an endowment of over us$2,900,000 - but it does possibly refer to YOUR ORGANIZATION because you probably lack two things - the financial transparency required by IRS to allow you to say you are tax-deductible for USA taxpayers - AND a real detailed plan for continuity, the lack of which will give you problems when your first generation of volunteers starts evolving into 2nd, 3rd, ... 10th, 11th generations.

Note to MPW:  continue on and explain below the HOW and WHY of:

certain IRS requirements (or refer readers of this email to certain of our web-pages such as xxxx, yyyy, and zzzz).

Financial statements and disclosures (why should your organization not be transparent - what is it that you feel you should hide? ----- IRS requires more than we ask of you; and the BetterBusinessBureau asks even more than that.

Continuity - WHY re-invent the wheel each time there is any turnover in any position of the officers or other volunteers you have.

I started the MPWCF to aid in obtaining TRANSPARENCY and CONTINUITY among San Miguel organizations, the only thing I ever asked in return for your access to our $2,900,000 or more endowment.  For reasons I can't fathom, local organizations either have something to hide and/or can't get their own acts together - in either event, they can not legally state that contributions to them are USA tax deductible. Since that is their right (except for the untrue statement that might cause large contributors IRS troubles), I just give up in my trying to help you help yourselves.

I give up - (continue on here talking about: change all pages on our website to reflect this and refer to the existing pages that show IRS requirements, what I expect to do from now on - trustees will be instructed to give all of our current endowment to our current grantees and accept no new ones.




“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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