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This sheet (originally submitted as a blank form) is to be provided to the MPWCF to be used as an ongoing control listing of the pro bono services provided under its control.   As each service (consultation in person or via phone or Skype) is requested and/or provided, both the MPWCF and the grantee will enter on one line the information detailing each consultation as their/his/her record of the consultation.  Obviously this is intended to be only an "account" record but should the grantee have provided false information either before the origination of the account or afterwards during or after each consultation, this account record will provide the basis for changing the pro bono status into a normal "paid by client/grantee" status (and this may turn out to be partial, total, or something in between, depending upon the seriousness and timing of the falsification of information that erroneously led to "pro bono" status.

The original application is a part of this agreement.  Additionally, client shall know to make contacts only during the day (9am-4pm local SMA time)

Note that ALL CONSULTATIONS will have a short "overhead" time  (approximately 5 minutes) added to the time actually spent by the grantee, for time the MPWCF must additionally spend to record the substance of the consultation for purposes of both history and possible followup.

Name of person (and organization) authorized to make any such request:______________________________________________________________

Contact information (phone #, email address, and/or Skype username): ________________________________________________________________

date and time of day description of consult and any other pertinent information  time in hours  cost of service

“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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