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Under specific and certain circumstances, we may provide professional services (but not money) to specific individual grantees.  Below are the ways to apply (your "application") to obtain such services.  Also see pro bono - pg2 which describes a page that will account for such future services that you must print and submit to us with your original application.  This Page#2 is intended to be used for our mutual use in recording such requested services as well as details regarding our having provided them

To obtain such pro bono status, you must DELIVER to us at our SMA address (as shown on our MPWCFoundation home page under "postal address") (do not mail it, place it in our mail slot) the following information:
Your name and/or your organization's name as well as all appropriate or necessary  "contact" information 
A fully descriptive narrative of WHY you should be a pro bono client and why (if applicable) you were never (when such REGULAR GRANTEE status was offered to all in SMA) able or willing to apply in the previously (but no longer) available way.
Why you should NOW be considered as a one-time pro bono client (and perhaps also as an on-going future pro bono client).
After reading more about our 2015-2016 announcements of why WE CAN NOT accept new ongoing grantees due to our own health problems, tell us why you feel we should nevertheless help you within our now limited means by providing any other information that we should consider to aid us in our decision to accept you or not.
how and at what specific times we can contact you for more information 
keep in mind that our own time, stamina, perserverence, and abilities to make changes in our own lifestyles serverely limits what we could BOTH be willing to do and could still do nowadays.



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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