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Following is a list of, and information about, potential grantees (as yet "unapproved").  From our preliminary review, we already have information that leads us to believe that each organization listed below is most likely eligible and, in our opinion, has a mission that is both hugely worthwhile and necessary and complements our own mission.  As a side note, almost every organization on this list has already received one or more grants from us.

However, as of Oct 10 2008,  we have ceased accepting new grantees  (we suspect that this decision is now a permanent one)  Furthermore, as of March 20, 2011, the current roster of grantees being considered (as of 2008) for approval are as follows:

Jovenes Adelante

Casita Linda

Computadoras pro Jovenes

Lions Club

Feed the Hungry

And, each of the above grantees are currently in varying states of the process of approval, more or less in the order listed above..

The following tabulation, unchanged since mid-2009, will remain here as a historical note  (almost all of the below organizations had received at least one grant from us; the few (6) remaining organizations had been solicited by us but we had received no notice of their interest) :

  name of group notes: more information regarding status, etc.
1 ALMA a great mission; we hope that others will support them
2 American Legion c  
3 Amigos de Animales b  
4 Anyel b  
5 Audubon b  
6 Biblioteca's Stirling Dickinsen Scholarship Fund x more about this great organization on the specifics page.
7 C.A.S.A. c won second place prize in our transparency contest so they obviously are able to do this; we can't imagine why they don't appear to believe in real transparency
8 Casa de Los Angeles c  
9 Casa Hogar Don Bosco c more about this organization on the specifics page.
10 Casa Hogar Santa Julia d more about this organization on the specifics page. 
11 Casita Linda d fantastic mission; we made our first grant to them in 2008 and made a 3rd grant in 2010
12 Center for Global Justice b  
13 Colegio Atabel x we had never been able to find out if this organization fits our mission
14 Computadoras para Jovenes d we hope to make our sixth grant to them in 2011.
15 Crescimiento c  
16 Cruz Roja Mexico x more about this organization on the specifics page.
17 FAI Guanajuato c  
18 Feed the Hungry x more about this organization on the specifics page.
19 Hospital de la Fe b  
20 I.R.E.E. a we were awaiting someone to sponsor them and now hope that others will support them.
21 Lions Club d we hope to make our fifth grant to them in 2011.
22 Micro Loans to Women   see more details at loans to women web-page
23 Mujeres en Cambio d althou we have given this organization many grants over the years, continuity is lacking here.  .
24 Parque Olimpo x this organization's grant was intended to be "one-time" only grant from the very inception.
25 Patronato pro Ninos x more about this organization on the specifics page.
26 Programa de Musica b  
27 Rotary Club-Midday x more about this organization on the specifics page.  
28 San Miguel PEN c  
29 Science Camp SMA b  
30 SMA Online News x more about this on the specifics page.
31 So Others May Eat c  
32 SPA b  
33 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  d their outreach organization, Jovenes Adelante, seems to  be meeting all of our requirements.  We have made annual grant to them since 2001.
34 USA - ACLUF x more about this organization on the specifics page.
35 USA - Rider Univ. x more about this organization on the specifics page.

Notes relating to the above tabulation:

a.  Had (but no longer) been awaiting any positive interest on their part.  We had been looking for volunteers to act as intermediaries and to supply initial information as shown at Eligibility and 1st year requirements
b.  while we agree that this organization has a worthwhile mission, it does not quite fit into our primary Goals & Mission of providing help to organizations that alleviate problems relating to education, nutrition, housing, and medical care of local Mexicans, primarily children. However, there remained a chance that we might in the future give them occasional grants.
c.  Although we had interacted repeatedly in the past, this organization refused to meet our requirements for transparency. Of course, this most likely meant that they were not meeting IRS's requirements as well.  We have more to say about transparency, and also about some of these organizations, on the specifics page.
d. this organization is in process of meeting our requirements as to transparency and continuity.  We hope to be able to approve them some time in the future.
x. this requires more and further narrative than does most of the other organizations. Most of these organizations are discussed further on the specifics page.


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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