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These pictures of the house and its contents were taken by me, Michael Wein.   They are arranged in the following order:

  1. the house itself 
  2. entrance area and courtyard
  3. kitchen
  4. indoor dining room and living room
  5. outdoor living room and dining area
  6. master bedroom
  7. guestroom
  8. office 
  9. other rooms and areas
  10. two apartments for rent (separated by lockable iron gate from main residence)

Sorry, although the many, many pictures we took of every nook and cranny in the entire house came out fine, having more than a few of them on this page became too cumbersome and time-consuming for both the uploader and the viewer (you).  However, all of those pictures continue to reside on my main computer and my Executor is probably aware of where they are and probably will send them to you if you are seriously interested.  The pictures you do see are representative of those others that you presently do not see below.

1a-view from the Rosewood Hotel terrace which is 1/2 block south and further away from Centro Historico  (giving you an idea of our "location")     Here you see our south wall and then beyond that you can see the 2nd floor sculpture studio on the left and the patio in front of the office on the right.                                                         

1b-views from the street in front of house at Suspiros 14


2a-entrance (looking from the courtyard towards the street entrance door, which is on the other side of a lockable iron gate which, in turn, separates the first floor  living area from the upstairs rental apartments )

2b - the courtyard (both from the courtyard level and also from the patio upstairs in front of the office)

3-kitchen (a entire wall of floor to ceiling cabinets is behind the person taking the picture and another 1/2 wall is far to the left

4a-indoor dining room (viewed from the indoor living room and another viewed from the kitchen)

4b-indoor living room

5-outdoor living room and dining area

6-master bedroom is below (these pictures do not do justice to the huge, spacious --with boveda ceilings-- master bedroom; there is also space - not shown here - where there now exists a 42" widescreen movie/television setup that can be operated by computer or ordinary connection to internal storage or outside providers)


8-office  (large, airy, office with walk-in closet - with an additional desk and more file cabinets - as well as a bathroom with shower - as well as a convertible sofa - so that this office can be converted into an additional bedroom on a full-time or temporary basis)

9-other rooms and areas (showing garage with room for car as well as a quadrimoto) (there is also a second level above the vehicle level that can be used for even more storage area, if desired) and at the right is a separate picture of the sculpture or art studio

And as a comparative "extra",  five pictures of the house taken in 1996 when the house was purchased by the current owner

10-there are also two apartments for rent (which are separated from the main residence by a locked iron gate and with a separate stairs leading from the common street entrance) -- you may see pictures of each apartment and the entrance and patios by clicking on apartments for rent (just go to the lower/middle of the page and click where it suggests clicking to see the apartments).




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