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In the absence of other appropriate distribution outlets for our endowment (i.e, other Grantees' categories shown on our allocations webpage table listed in a higher priority order than this one -- specifically items A. thru E.), we offer this as still another limited possibility for one more "last-ditch" attempt to distribute as much as now legally possible of the Foundation's Endowment assets INSIDE San Miguel and not allow them to be defaulted by law (mostly due to the local damages done to the Founder) to the USA.

The Founder (Michael Wein) may select or approve various projects from those concepts listed in the middle of 1st paragraph of Note #1 on the allocations webpage.     However, the Executor, being most aware of the Founder's intent and need for a significant probability of success as well his desire to remove as much of the probability of wasting whatever funds are eventually distributed, will be responsible for implementing any selections that may or may not fit into this category.  Reputable and trustworthy custodians must first be found and certified as reputable and trustworthy by the Founder, while he is still alive.

So, for any suitable projects that are offered to be considered as a result of this solicitation, they must be offered in written form, with specifics of both the plans and the financing (both from our Foundation AND from specifically named others) together with a well-thought-out timeline (which includes "milestones" set out now to later compare to actual progress) for all actions, including receipts and usages of cash and timing of expected results.  After receiving such written input, we will have to interview both the proposed custodian of the funds and the proposed principals who will run and/or oversee the operation itself.   The custodians and principals should be sufficiently articulate so that they themselves can explain the project to our satisfaction.  As this Foundation and the Founder has previously received innumerable promises that have not been kept, please be aware that we will be especially hard-nosed in our review of all proposals and also in the subsequent reviews of progress and of any unsupported accomplishments.

Do not overlook proposing a project where the MPWCF might provide all or perhaps only a portion of the total initial fund as a "base" which will remain invested and all of the dividend income from that investment will be available for use annually in the "approved project".   Of course, the proposed custodial care of such base funding must also be specifically explained in such a proposal.


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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