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Under certain circumstances, mostly if there exists a greater desire by the landlord to rent to a more desirable tenant (but only in accordance with landlords' own possibly changing definition), the following options may or may not be available.  These options are listed here but will not be discussed in advance of the actual final discussions between the landlord and the prospective tenant regarding the imminent rental of the apartment (this is because landlord must evaluate the "desirablity").

regarding payments of rent and utilities:

                           monthly costs and obligations, etc. associated with each option (note D):

rent and satellite-tv costs are in us$$$ and all other utilities are in pesos:

the 3 options are: #1: rent + 3 utilities #2 - rent + 5 utilities #3 - rent,5 util + sat-tv
monthly rent is $685 $662 $650
electric, gas, and phone (A)(B)

 753 pesos

753 pesos

753 pesos

r/e tax, any mid-year assessments, & water (A)

 0 pesos

205 pesos

205 pesos

satellite - tv (A) (C) $0 n/a $50

(A) all of the above utilities are based upon most recent 12 month's costs. Inflation has not been factored in.

(B) telephone (as above) excludes additional costs for your own long-distance charges and outgoing cellphone calls

(C) see more information on more details page (at the bottom - notes 1a and 1b) 

(D) one more option.  Prepayment of rent comes with tax-free interest paid to you.

regarding apartment furnishings:

the apartment is rented "as is", but the tenant may bring in some of their own furnishings under the following circumstances:

 - if the particular items are temporary additions by the tenant to the pre-lease inventory, no problem exists as long as tenant is comfortable with the additional physical presence of the added furnishing AS WELL AS the furnishings that come with the apartment.

- if the items provided by the new tenant are replacements for some items (for instance, a television set, or something else no bigger than the cumulative space occupied by a sofa), and the tenant takes responsibility for moving the old items to storage (IF available elsewhere in the house) and later replacing the old items in the original locations whenever the lease is completed, then the tenant may do this. 

- if the items are to be permanent replacements for current inventory items, landlord has to give his OK for this and the replacement must be as good or better than the current item.  At the end of the lease, the permanent replacement must remain behind in the apartment (i.e, as a "replacement" for the original inventory item).

- under certain circumstances, since this is a long-term lease of a minimum of 12 months, tenant may negotiate with landlord and if agreed to by both, certain replacement or additional items may be purchased for use during the tenancy.  Under these circumstances, landlord and tenant will agree in writing as to the the eventual disposition of the item at the end of the lease term AND whatever costs will be paid by each party.

regarding sub-leasing the apartment:


a.  Tenant remains the primarily responsible party  for this lease.  Sub-tenant's  primary responsibilities are to the  original tenant, and then secondarily  to the landlord.

b.  As the original prime lease was  negotiated as a long-term  lease (one  year or more), landlord's  responsibilities in  acquiring a sub-lessor  and  dealing   with  the  sub-lessor  are   to  be  virtually non-existent.   The advertising,  interviewing,  turning over of inventory, cleaning the  apartment, etc., etc.,  are all to be  accomplished between the original tenant and  the prospective sub-tenant,  with  such a  transition not  including landlord efforts.  Landlord  will only interview the prospective  sub-tenant after the  original tenant  has  accomplished  all  of  the foregoing  to  the  original tenant's  own satisfaction.   Then the landlord will have to approve the accepibiility  of the sub-tenant

c. Depending  upon how late in the lease  the sub-lease is to be  considered, additional  security for  performance is  required and will be a sum of money  that will assure satisfactory compliance with the original lease  terms.  The preferred  method of securing  performance is for the prime-tenant to pay the landlord the remaining months' rent in advance, but in turn, landlord may grant the original tenant a payment-in-advance discount on that money amounting to __ %.   In that event,  the original tenant may make  whatever rent payment arrangements with the sub-tenant  as he or she desires. However, this does  not impact  whatsoever on  any other  original tenant-landlord responsibilities under  this lease  except for the  payment of  rent.  It does  not change  the  agreed upon  stipulations  regarding deposits  and refunds  of deposits,  or  any other  stipulation in  this  lease. 

d.  a separate legal agreement,  agreed to by all 3 parties (landlord, original tenant, and sub-tenant)  to the sub-leasing of  the apartment,  is  to  be written  acknowledging  all  parts of  any sub-leasing  arrangement,  including  any monetary considerations for either monthly rent and/or  purchases  or  sales  of  any apartment or other furnishings, and this agreement must be signed  by all three parties.

e.  In the event of  a tenant's death, and depending upon  the physical location of the survivors  of the tenant, the security for  compliance may have to be increased to something more substantial than at present.





















“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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