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This page is buried relatively deep within this web-site intentionally as I do not wish that many people to read it.  It is basically an instruction to the Trustees of this Foundation after I, the founder, pass away.  I thought for a long time before having to admit to myself that this page IS necessary and therefore required.

Although I am hesitant about writing this page, it must be written.  I don't wish to go into the tragic details but having known David Bossman since the early 1980s (both previously in the USA and here in Mexico), I have a keener long-term insight into what makes him tick.  I have seen how his need for constant and ongoing revenge against Clyde Ellis (the elected president of the Biblioteca, circa 1996-2002) has manifested itself in David's palpable obsession with repeated attempts since 2002 to assert control as much as possible over the Biblioteca and I have witnessed closely his similar actions against anyone who thwarts his goals of any sort.  It is with this knowledge in mind that I direct the Foundation, in accordance with my Will and my Trust, both of which disclose my wishes for the future operations of this Foundation, to NEVER give David any type of control over this Foundation, or its endowment, or any of its future grants.  While he may be (although he would have to change much of his mental state to do this) exercising benevolent control over his realm of authority at (as of the time of this writing) Rotary-Midday or any other future affiliation in San Miguel, any future grants to any organizations that he is affiliated with should be watched extra carefully before either increasing the grants or making more and/or new grants to them.  If his position in any organization gives him ultimate (or close to ultimate) power over such grants, it might even be appropriate for this Foundation to cease such grants during the time that he exercises any such major or minor control. 

Although I don't wish to thwart the mission of this Foundation or any other organization in San Miguel, I am very concerned about this man as I have observed his conduct for well over a quarter of a century now and his obsessions truly scare me more than any other human being that I have ever met.  It is my belief, with repeated instances of observing this, that no matter how much he tries to accomplish something, he ends up sabotaging it as well as himself and I therefore forbid using any part of the Foundation's (now $3,200,000 or more) endowment, or the income therefrom, that I bequeathed to this Foundation to do good work, to his control. 

some further thoughts:  I could insert on this page even more knowledge that I have regarding: his past financial  bankruptcy - his continual lies and half-truths - his careless ignoring of facts that are pertinent to a specific situation -  his  insensitivity to others - his habitual lateness to every meeting (a result of his lack of care for the needs of others) - his lack of awareness of the disruption he himself causes - his excuses and rationalizations for what he has been caught doing  - he does not think things through - but mostly, his rationalizations and  lying to himself. as well as to others.  And of late, he is constantly pandering to the beliefs of his (whenever) audience as if he were running for office (like for Biblioteca office, for instance)



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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