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6/1/04 -  We are having a serious crisis here at SMA OnLine, one that might force us to cease publication.   Please read the 6/1/04 article (it is the first item in the  EMAILed information section, right under the web-site changes section) on the news about us page and its effect on the future of this news magazine.

Objectives of this page - to make movement from web-page to web-page easier than it might be without this page of three (3) different methods of finding what you are looking for.

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Table A-listed in ALPHABETICAL order


Table B-in sort of a HIERARCHY order

acknowledgments humor in sma obituaries and eulogies O   HEADLINES local politics personalities
anti-gossip HEADLINES odds-ends O table of contents specific local election memories of sma
book reviews interviews personalities O breaking news specific office interviews
breaking news letters to us poetry O write to & for us non-profit organizations columnists
columnists links to other sma sites politics-local O FAQs volunteer stuff book reviews
community bulletin board local events restaurant reviews O new computer users deaths now and then
computer tips medical and health shopping tips O goals and mission obituaries and eulogies restaurant reviews
contests memories of sma specific election O acknowledgments anti-gossip travel articles
controversy miscellany specific office O ze cellar - behind the scenes editorial surveys
deaths Movies spiritual O news about us tips for living here spiritual
editorial new computer users surveys O contests computer tips miscellany
employees news about us taxation O letters to us employees humor in sma
FAQs nonfiction stories tips for living here O controversy fm2-fm3 tips fiction stories
fiction stories non-profit organizations table of contents O community bulletin board medical and health tips nonfiction stories
fm2-fm3 tips now and then travel articles O links to other sma sites shopping tips poetry
goals and mission   volunteer stuff O local events taxation tips    
    write to & for us O Movies tips re: odds-ends    
    ze cellar - behind the scenes          
Table C-In the below NAVIGATION table, we list our recommendations for HOW OFTEN to visit these pages
Look at these pages on a DAILY basis Look at these pages on a WEEKLY basis Look at these pages on a MONTHLY basis Look at these pages periodically, pretty much at your leisure
breaking news contests anti-gossip acknowledgments
community bulletin board controversy book reviews fiction stories
deaths FAQs (tips for usage) editorial goals and mission
letters to SMA OnLine tips for new computer users interviews humor in sma
local events in SMA news about us miscellany links to other sma sites
Movies restaurant reviews now and then memories of sma
tips for living here plus each of the categories shown below table of contents obituaries and eulogies nonfiction stories
computer    employees fm2-fm3    medical/ health      shopping odds-ends volunteer stuff politics-local non-profit organizations
    spiritual personalities
    taxation poetry
    travel articles surveys
      write to & for us
      ze cellar - behind the scenes



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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