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The landlord's philosophy begins with our mutual knowledge that the ordinary tenant-landlord relationship commences with both parties being on opposite sides, with generally opposing goals. To aid both of us in reducing or even eliminating any such problems, our relationship will contain the following points:

  1. All legal agreements between the two parties will be in writing, so that there are no misunderstandings.
  2. All profits from the rental go to local charities benefiting local Mexican children and women, and not to the landlord.
  3. Rentals are set below current market levels (and continue that way for good tenants when leases are renewed) and follow the local practice for long term leases where the tenant takes care of the interior of the apartment and acts as if the apartment is his or her own property (the written lease expands upon this premise).
  4. The only agreements are long-term agreements so both parties have even more incentives to continue observing their responsibilities as outlined in the agreements.

As a result of point #2 above, landlord has NO personal incentive to squeeze out additional profits at tenant's expense.   As a result of point #3, tenant has more incentive to be a good tenant in the Mexican tradition.  And, as a result of #4, both tenant and landlord have long-term incentives.

There will be a written lease, thereby protecting both the tenant and landlord from any unpleasantness from otherwise unwritten misunderstandings and assumptions. Either party's memory or interpretation of what was "said" will not be a cause of future problems.  We have all heard too many local stories of non-communicated and unwritten but otherwise lease-type differences between Landlord and Tenant. This written lease is intended to solve all of those problems for both parties.   Landlord had experienced being a tenant himself in this town in six instances prior to becoming a landlord. Landlord has also experienced various tenant needs since his purchase of this property.  As a result, this lease is constantly updated so as to meet its intended use of protecting the rights of both tenants and landlord.  Additional minor changes to the master lease will always be considered and available to both parties to the lease.

There will be a list of "furnishings" (inventory) so that neither the tenant nor the landlord is misinformed at the beginning of the lease, nor unhappy at the end of the lease.

The tenant will also have access to a multi-page information booklet that enables you to quickly feel at home, both in the apartment and with the local galleries, restaurants, and other normal places of everyday living necessities.

Some frequently asked questions and the answers:
When can I be shown the apartment? whenever YOU and the English-speaking Handyman (who works here 3 days each week) are both available (you can generally set an exact and specific time between 9:30am-2:00pm) (but only on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays)  Call 152-2654 to set up an appointment. If necessary, he can also set up an appointment with the landlord himself to show you the apartment on the mornings or afternoons of any Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, or Sundays.
How much is the rent? us$685 a month plus utilities, but ONLY on a long term lease that terminates on November 30th of any year. 
What can I expect in the way of rent increases? In the past, for those who were good tenants, rent increases have been few in number and small in amount.
When must the lease begin? in a normal year (and under normal circumstances), the 12-month lease starts on December 1st.
What if I want to rent the apartment for a lesser period? We only rent to long-term (one-year or more) tenants.  In the event of an availability prior to some December 1st, we will rent from that point on until any following November 30th.
What are the extras that I must pay? You must pay for the telephone (especially for cellphone and long distance charges), plus your share of the electricity, and your share of the cooking/heating gas.  You can also purchase USA satellite-TV service at a price much lower than local cablevision (and with many more English-language channels) and Internet access.  The apartments are already wired for Satellite-TV, local cablevision, and internet access.  If necessary, there is also a public parking lot next door that has 24-hour security service.
What are some of the advantages of this apartment? It is very close to the center of town AND is on a quiet street, has free drinkable water, has maid service once a week and gardener service 3 times a week. Also, it comes with a WELCOME booklet to aid you, even more especially if you are new in town.
What about TV? the apartment is wired for both Mexican cablevision as well as USA Satellite-TV.   You can get more variety and movies using USA satellite-TV than if you used  cablevision, and all of that at much less cost than cablevision, as well (see notes 1a and 1b below).
What about Internet and email?  The apartment is already wired for such access.  We recommend using TelMex Infinituum as the service appears better, less expensive, and at more consistent and higher speeds.
Walking distances (how far is it to ...?) 5 minutes to the Jardin, 2 minutes to the Instituto Allende,  and  2 minutes to Benito Juarez French Park
How do we avoid misunderstandings that most tenant/landlords fight over?  We have a written lease and a written list of what furnishings are included in the apartment, and a written list of helpful hints, all of which make both the landlord AND tenant knowledgeable of what each agrees to do and what is expected of the other party.
Questions regarding Utilities (electric, gas, telephone)
....What was the average monthly cost of all utilities last year?        us$56 a month
....What are the utilities that the tenant pays for and how often are they paid?
.........electricity - payable bi-monthly near the end of every odd-numbered month
.........telephone (basic plus long distance and cell calls) - payable near end of every month
.........gas - payable when tank needs refilling -  3 times a year (generally January,  July, and November)

You may also be interested in this comparison with other local apartments for rent:

Because so many "extras" are included in this particular fully-furnished apartment, any other apartment would have to cost us$61 less each month to be of comparable value.   The following schedule shows you that comparisonAlso see note #2 below for one more "extra" upon which you can not place a  monetary value.

monthly costs - comparison between apartments (all figures in usDollars):

the cost of this item

at this Suspiros #14 apartment

at other apartments

monthly apartment rent                   685  if also             685       
all utilities (estimated)                     56  est. same         56
drinkable water is included at Suspiros #14                       0  additional        17
Sub-total of costs (excluding TV)                    741                           758
Television (optional, also see note #1a and #1b below)                    50 (note 3)                            94
Sub-total of costs                  791                           852
Savings at Suspiros #14

other apartment's rent would have to cost $61 less to be comparable


Both are now comparable

other costs $61 more



1a - As an option at most other rentals, you could order Mexican Cablevision (Telecable), which could have as much as 21 English language channels and would cost you us$94 a month. This will include only 6 movie channels (HBO-spanish, Cinemax, 2 CineCanals, MovieCity, Disney, FoxFilm) and 4 US networks.  You will also have to pay a deposit for the "box" and you also have to pay an installation fee of us$17.  For verification or updating of this information, click on this URL and then click on "Telecable" and then on "Paquetes", and then on "costos".

1b - As an option at our Satellite-TV wired apartment, you could receive well over 350 English language channels (plus 6 Spanish language channels, plus 120 digital-audio music channels), all of which would cost you only us$50 a month (versus the us$94 Cablevision for its much fewer viewing options). This will include 46 premium movie channels (8 Home Box Office -HBO- channels, 5 Cinemaxs, 6 Showtimes, 7 Starz, 8 Encores, 4 TMCs-The Movie Channel, and 8 other premium movie channels, including Sundance, IFC, and Flix), all 8 networks and superstations, 9 or more sports channels, 8 or more news channels, and 75 or even much more other channels including Bravo, A&E, History, Biography, Comedy Channel, Court TV, Lifetime, BBC, Nickelodeon, E!, Discovery, TLC, Family, Travel, Weather, and many more, PLUS a huge selection of music from 5 Video music channels and 120 digital audio-only music channels.  

2 - Another hard-to-quantify "extra": you can receive the satisfaction of knowing that the entire net profit from the rental of this apartment goes to aid in the feeding, housing, and education of San Miguel de Allende's children - read more about this at web-site   As a matter of fact, if the tenant wishes, the tenant may also help find, select, and expedite the funding of one or more of his/her own favorite local charities.




“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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