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As of Oct 10 2008,  we have ceased accepting new grantees 

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This Foundation provides the following services, on an annual recurring basis, chiefly to its grantee organizations, but, in certain situations, we may provide all or some of these services to other organizations on a one-time basis.


As a result of an ongoing review of input from each grantee organization, we provide annual monetary grants, generally increasing in amount each year, to each organization that has satisfied our criteria for merit of its service to the community, transparent accountability, and other criteria published on this web-site.   It is anticipated that as the years go on, each grant will continue to exceed the prior year's grant.  Our Founder, Michael Wein, has stipulated in his will that, unless he is a victim of an unnatural death, a sizable portion (calculated at a minimum of us$2,900,000) of his estate is to go to this Foundation as its permanent endowment.  Therefore, it is anticipated that, if the grantee organization continues to meet  our criteria, upon the death of our Founder, the successor Trustees will increase the current grants to considerably greater amounts.  

GRANTS OF MANAGEMENT AID (due to failure in health of Founder, this is no longer available to the public):ement review, advice, or financial audits

        When requested, or when necessary, we provide management expertise and techniques, all simple to implement, to enable the organization to do their charitable work more efficiently, while, at the same time, organizing and managing their affairs in a productive and modern manner. We will no longer promise these services subsequent to the Founder's incapacitation or death. These services may include, among others, the following: processing systems (computer and non-computer)

...economics evaluations 

...personnel acquisition/evaluation information and controls  

...administrative techniques and controls        

...organization of time and performance

...Chief Executive Officer on a consulting basis

...controlling expenses with better management flow planning and reduction of debts

...developing and achieving financial goals

...feasibility studies for possible new activities or processes

When necessary for reporting to outsiders (or the organization's constituents), we may also provide the expertise that will enable other independent persons to audit the grantee organization in a manner that might satisfy our needs as well as the needs of other outsiders.   There are two separate types of audit services we may provide: audits of either (or both) internal control or management productivity. audits, leading to the type of financial statements issued by public companies. 

We have also prepared and are willing to distribute free of any charge under prescribed conditions, our copyrighted publications "Review of Internal Controls" and an "Audit program for the small San Miguel charitable institution".  While permission to copy them from our web-site is NOT authorized without our written approval, there are only limited reasons why such approval might NOT be permitted for this documents.  For the time being, however, you may read the latest versions by clicking on the links at the top of this page. We highly recommend that persons in your organization, independent of top management and operating personnel, actually perform and accomplish the review and the audit suggested above.


We have a plan, tentatively scheduled for implementation after the Founder's death, that will provide credit in the form of loans to local Mexican women who have plans to start new (or expand their current) businesses in the San Miguel area.  More information can be found on the loans to women page.



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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