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General information web-sites:

Calles y callejones - backroads of San Miguel -
Coollist - to subscribe/unsubscribe (password=sma) -
Expatriate Forum - Mexico -
InfoSMA - Atencion -
Insider's Guide to San Miguel -
MexConnect -
MexicoChannel -
Mexico Lafta -
MexicoOnline -
NexoMexico -
Portal San Miguel -
San Miguel Chronicles -
Solutions Abroad - SMA page -

Educational Institutions:

Bellas Artes - we would appreciate help in obtaining this web-site address
Biblioteca Publica - we would appreciate help in obtaining this web-site address
Hispano Americana Academia -
Instituto Allende -

Tourists' sites:

Turismo San Miguel -
Calendario de eventos en SMA -

Objectives of this page: to provide links from our site to other SMA-related sites that might have further information on anything to do with this town


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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