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Micheal, I heard that Atencion is boycotting any competition.  Big Bully does not acknowledge either your presence or Inez Robert's San Miguel Chronicles.   What are they afraid of?   Word has it that you asked them to publish an announcement of a contest with a prize for writing and they would not publish it.   Very strange.   Or maybe not so strange after all when I hear all of these other things about the library.      Sylvia Frammel    6/15/04

Our survey results are in.   The comments and suggestions you have left for us are re-printed (together with our responses) on our surveys web-page.  Click on the surveys link and see what your neighbors have suggested and what we are doing (or have done) in response.  That page is broken into 3 parts:
the first part summarizes what you have said
the second part has percentages and other summary data
the third part (as in letters to us) has your individual suggestions and comments when you chose to leave them

SMA is one of the friendliest towns I have ever lived

Hopefully the city will be able to boast an art and history museum. The existing historical museum can be much improved and a separate lively art museum for this renowned artistic center of Mexico is needed to attract more creative artists to form groups with annual exhibitions that may attract art lovers and dealers from all over the world.

One urgent need for SMA is parking space. Taxi service is excellent but SMA still needs space for people without a garage to leave their cars or trucks. Maybe a beautifully designed parking tower will enhance the architecture of SMA.                   Roger van Vloten 5/20/04

The Holidays in SM

Each time a holiday comes and goes in SM it becomes more difficult  to get around and do the everyday things one must to make this our home. I feel as though the town, our home, does not belong to us during this time. We cannot park or conduct any sort of business without difficulty because of the hordes of tourists. Before the holiday begins we say “lets stock up so that we don’t have to go into town during the crowded time”. And yet something usually happens and we are forced to deal with the problem. After the holiday week ends we always discuss perhaps moving to some place else that maybe resembles the way SM used to be 10 or 15 years ago. But this is our home. And where would we go? If any body knows of a place that has what SM has to offer I wish they would tell me. Till then I guess we’ll just stay here and continue to enjoy all of the wonderful things that SM has given us until the next holiday week.                                      Judy Marzulli 4/26/04

I came across the link to your site and wanted to say what a great idea that is.  It should be something that all expat communities think about doing, actually.  How is it going?  Are you getting a fair amount of co-operation from folks.   I was highly amused when I saw your anti-gossip page.  Isn't that the truth about gossip and rumours amongst the expats?  Falling victim to that stuff is really ugly and it seems to be worse in expat communities than it ever did north of the border in even a small tiny town.  Cudos to you for putting this all together for them in SMA.           Sincerely, Marlene.   Mazatlan Home Finders



Information and entertainment as current as today and as easy to access as a click of my mouse, what a wonderful concept! An outlet to share thoughts and ideas, true and fictional, learning about how well one's words work with a degree of anonymity, remarkably soothing for those of us unable to accept praise or criticism with admirable grace.

     This e-news is a brilliant idea. It has even been engineered to navigate easily. And, it is particularly praiseworthy because, as I read the publisher's statements of intent, this has been conceived as neither a vehicle to slant opinions in any special direction nor to earn the publisher any profit.

     I sincerely hope this publication gets the participation it deserves and the publisher doesn't get undeserved aggravation or criticism.

     What a terrific gift to the SMA English speaking community. Let's all help it happen in a big way!                                                                                        Sonya Oppenheimer 4/12/04

Dear Mr. Wein,

I noticed that you say you don't have an editor and yet your own name seems to be all over the paper.  Why don't you get more writers to write?

I also noticed that Attencion seems to have the same problem.   What gives with you San Miguelers?                                              Mark Schuer 4/4/04 

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“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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