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This page begins to describe that which we've tried to accomplish (refer to our webpages, both transparency and continuity) and why these requirements must continue to be an ongoing process that we've only started to work on beginning in 1996 (see the webpage on  beliefs).   This, in addition to the expected us$4,500,000 or larger endowment this Foundation will have when our Founder dies (see history-estimates and founders will) and previous grants (see Our grants) and our described purpose (see Goals & Mission) are all intended to be our legacy to the truly needy women and children of San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico.

In addition, some of our other community-minded work is referred to at various projects

Note added in 2012 - it seems as if our legacy has dropped a notch or two.  While we are happy that we brought transparency to the forefront and made (some limited version of it) it almost universal in San Miguel, we have failed at making certain portions of disclosure transparent in all local organizations (chiefly the percentage of overhead versus mission, especially since the current general view is that the overhead may grow beyond the previous ultra-low percentages shown by most volunteer-run non-profits), and also the amount of salaried (and to whom - by classification) versus volunteer work, and also the cost of fund raising as opposed to just the net realized), not to overlook the even more important elements of Comparative Statements and footnotes required in full disclosures.  And our attempts at continuity have been even a greater failure as organization after organization has (inadvertently decided to) constantly reinvent their own wheel whenever there is turnover (which is an obvious constant problem) within the organization (turnover, in a town populated with so many older gringo people - amazing - who would have thought that would happen?).   Well, we have made some contributions and we hope that in the next 500 or more years what we started might just begin to take hold.   After all, the oldest of them, La Biblioteca, will only be 557 years old by then.



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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