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The following information was written by me, Michael Wein, owner of, and full-time occupant in, the house for sale.  Each statement is true to the best of my knowledge and ability to describe, at least as of the date of this writing, July 31, 2012.   As I expect to remain alive for some time yet, this house is NOT yet available for sale now.

The following information is provided:
house facts
expenses of running the house


last update & editing was on 29-july-2012      note that the passing of time may change details so yellow stuff may have to be edited or cut out later   

THIS latest  printout that  you are  NOW reading is  still a  document in process, possibly  never completed,  but certainly  not completed at the time of this printing.  For a  POSSIBLY more current version, please look for this file sellTALE.doc in directory (or folder)called      

E:\mydocs\my-death\onMyOwn\sellhous,and compare its date to the date  of this printing.     Make this available to real estate agents and possibly also to (to read, but not to keep) prospective buyers who have moved to the “serious” stage                                                                                                                                      


A 1998 VW Jetta comes with the house (unless it can be sold  separately – probably at a higher price than it is worth as part of the house sale).  It is an almost new car insofar as the car was seldom used.  The odometer reading is correct even though it shows some 17,800 KM (60% of that is the conversion into miles - about 10,500 miles - on 7/29/2012). The car has been serviced annually so everything it needed, it got. If necessary, there are more data at \e:mydocs\sym\vw-jetta\vw-expenses.xls and \vw-usage.xls.             

 There is also a (purchased brand-new in May 2010) Honda 4-wheeler, that also meets the seldom used description above.!

This house is a 2-story, fully furnished house, with 2 income-producing apartments in the upstairs front (separated by locked iron gate from the owner-occupied downstairs portion), plus the downstairs part (which could also be rented out), located at  Suspiros 14 (in a  desirable centro location in the triangle with end-points at the Instituto Allende, Juarez French Park, and the Jardin).  It is located on a 15 meter by 35 meter lot, surrounded by 2 huge lots, both currently used as parking lots (even on holidays, these lots are quite quiet). The house was built in 1990 by a sophisticated and knowledgeable American couple.  It has a colonial look, but contains all modern conveniences.

This fully-furnished house includes on the first floor, an indoor living room; indoor dining room; outdoor living room; outdoor dining  room, huge master bedroom (complete with separate TV and music areas) and  large guest bedroom; both with  bathrooms and walk-in closets, kitchen  with middle  island and  fully stocked  with appliances (dishwasher, garbage disposal,  freezer,  refrigerator, water  purifier, etc., etc.), garage, maid's bedroom (wired  by buzzer to master bedroom), service area  (with washing  machine and dryer), and a hidden huge walk-in locked safe room (which contains shelves and walking area) which requires 3 keys/locks necessary for entrance.  It also includes a center courtyard garden with working fountain centerpiece and a fully-stocked bodega for gardener/handyman tools.  

The second  floor in the back has  a fully-furnished office with a large walk-in  closet and bathroom.  Second floor also has patio and terrace and sculpture studio, all with views in three or four directions.   There is a huge quantity of storage areas all over the house.                                                                                                

In a  separate area in the front, the  2nd  floor  also  contains  two fully-furnished rental apartments, both  currently rented at us$645-685 a month each (plus costs of all utilities extra) , all  year round.   As  of  2010, these  two apartments throw off a net profit  of approximately us$15,000 a year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The house  also contains  intercoms between  street and  kitchen, office,   bedroom, and  both rental apartments.   The house is wired  for satellite          TV, cable TV, and 15 telephone outlets (and contains  two roof antennas for DISH and Direct TV and one antenna for C-Band  satellites).  In addition, there is a third (extra and new and unused) DISH TV receiver, as well as two FTA receivers (NFusion and K-Box)  The center  garden has a working  fountain; the gardener/handyman  has a fully-stocked bodega. There is a legal requirement that upon a sale of a house, the current knowledgeable employees  will be automatically "paid off" upon that sale of house,  but may be re-hired  as if they were  new employees, with normal pension liabilities starting  anew from  time of  re-hiring.  The house also  has many boveda  ceilings, additional   bathrooms,  six fireplaces, and other niceties.   Pictures of the street, the front, and the insides of the house can be seen by clicking on the desktop icon called “mw- pictures” and then the Camera Pix folder wherein you will find 7 different categories for these HOUSE pictures                                                     


And, again  unlike most other  houses, this  house has well-written  leases protecting  the landlord, as well as inventory listings for the furnishings in each apartment and the "rules of the house".  These all serve to enable the landlord and the tenants to know what is expected of them and eliminate the main

The location of the house affords  the owner greater proximity to various    utilitarian and cultural  facilities.  A brochure can be  printed to show the buyer. It is in E:\mydocs\sym\landlord\welcome.wr1.  The buyer can  look at it,but not get a copy until the sale is finalized.

 There still exists a set of blueprints showing the electrical system and other useful data for changing, repairing, and/or maintaining the entire house. These are in the white cabinet in my office (top drawer – right side – “ Will and Estate” folders).  In addition, in the event that sewer repairs need be made, there are sewer entrances at varying points in the house and the garden so repairs are minimal and easier.                                                                    

The security to the house is superb and no breeches have been made at least since my ownership commenced in 1996.  The security lights are on the north terrace and garden wall, but there are subtle other obstacles to entry.  Centro is the safest place in town and the walls are high enough and barred (aesthetically appealing) and covered with either bars or buganbillia that hurts the unprepared climber.

 Location, location, location!!!   While the (approximately 5 by 5 block) Historic Center is a small area that is very appealing, immediately (1/2 block) outside the Historic Center is even better because you do not have the legal restrictions on building inside the Historic Center while still having the proximity to it. Enjoy peace and tranquility in a garden setting while being close to the celebrations (The terrace affords great views and private sittings).  Very secure location with no “intrusions” since purchased in 1996.   Even better, the property lies in a small triangle formed by El Jardin, Juarez (French) Parque, and the Instituto Allende, very much in the middle of things

The Centro area is more expensive chiefly because other areas have more than a few downsides.  Real estate agents, because they sell competing areas, will not mention that Los Balcones and Atascadero areas while having marvelous views of Centro, also have higher crime rates and are so isolated that people living there slowly stop coming to town as often as they previously expected to do so. According to local AA, the alcoholic rates are higher there.  And the areas between Salida de Querataro and Recreo suffer from similar situations although to a lesser extent.  The further out neighborhoods (like Guadiana and San Antonio and still further out) have similar problems albeit also to a still lesser extent.  The deceased purchased this property in 1996 when prices were greater bargains in all parts of town but this property looked more appealing for the above and other reasons and it turned out to be so more and more as the years moved on.

Because of the choice location, there is a comfortable swing on the second floor terrace affording perfect views of the many Jardin and Parroquia area aerial displays.  If necessary for larger groups, there are many additional chairs (plastic and/or canvas) on that 2nd floor too.

 Some important quantity information:

·        Modern 2 story house, built in 1990 with the look of Mexican colonial architecture, sits on a 15 meter by 35 meter lot (which is the same as 49.34 feet by 115.12 feet, which is the same as a 5680 square foot lot)

·        Excluding the 2 separate rental apartments, it has 4 bedrooms (one was converted into an office), 5 bathrooms, 3 patios/terraces,  5 gas fireplaces,  many boveda and/or cupola and/or vaulted high ceilings, many arches and tile floors, chef’s kitchen, internal courtyard and garden with fountain, indoor living room, indoor dining room, outdoor living room, outdoor dining room, BBQ and bar area,  office (with walk-in closet and bathroom, furnished so it can be used as additional bedroom), large size hidden safe room (for secure storage whether or not you rent main house area), maid’s room, mozo’s bodega, two-tiered indoor garage, service area (with washer and dryer), sculpture/artist studio with artistically inspiring views, many walk-in closets so storage is never a problem.  Magnificent unobstructed view of Parroquia (which is only 2 1/2 blocks away). This is a completely furnished property with unexpected extras including a slightly used auto (xx,000 km on odometer), a new 4-wheeled ATV,  computers, TVs, and satellite equipment as well as a water purification system and wiring for everything you might need.  All rooms are exceptionally spacious leaving much room to just spread out.

·        PLUS there is also the 2 separate rental apartments each of which has patio, kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, fireplace, boveda ceiling, and is fully-furnished and currently rented and throwing off significant rental income.

·        See ALSO e:\mydocs\sym\my-found\inactive\appraisal.wr1 for more of such information as shown in this listing

·        House is cool all year round with ceiling fans in many rooms, but the fans are almost never necessary in almost any years.

·        5 minute walk to Jardin, 3 minute walk to Parque Juarez, 2 minute walk to Instituto Allende, The house is within easy walking   (near level, not hilly) distance to everything, conveniently near restaurants, art galleries, theatres, shopping, language schools, library, etc.   

See  also costs of running the non-tenant portion of the house \OnMy Own\sellhous\exphouse.doc as  well as the tenant portions of the house at \sellhous\exprentl.doc.   See also file e:\mydocs\sym\my-found\inactive\appraisal.wr1

Total costs of utilities  (all figures, in USA dollars):

·        real estate taxes -8500 pesos for entire year 2012

·        gas for house  2,500 pesos (year 2012)                 tenants pay 2/3rds of the gas amounts

·        electricity for house – 2,000 pesos (year 2012)        tenants pay ˝  of the electricity for entire house

·        telephone for house - 180 pesos a month, plus charges for long distance calls  - tenants pay their own telephone costs

·        water for house – 2,500 (year 2012)  paid by owner

·        tenants pay entire (upstairs) telephone bill, and 2/3rds of entire house's electric bills and gas bills

 Some new additions to the house:

..For some reason there is an unused 4th water heater in the metal cabinet on the patio next to the middle upstairs apartment.  This can be used as a replacement for the other 3, if needed, or connected to provide hot water to the service area or the kitchen

..New Whirlpool washing machine (dec 2009) and new Whirlpool dryer (Aug 2011) purchased and installed. vega (piller, house support) was added/replacing the old vega to the north-east corner of the garden (and all others were inspected by an architect and engineer and they stated that we did not need any other replacements (june 2011)

,,there may also be new and unused equipment in the master bedroom’s hidden (behind the shoe rack) saferoom.

There is a "restriction" in the deed of the property to our north (and repeated as information in our own deed) that the owners of the property to our north CAN NOT build higher than one story from street level, nor can they destroy the visibility of our windows on our 2nd floor. This apparently has been tested insofar as the various owners of the property to the north have tried unsuccessfully to develop that land over the years that I have owned my house.  No changes in that lot has been noticed since 2006



THIS latest  paper that  you are  NOW reading is  still a  document in process, possibly  never completed,  but certainly  not completed  at the time of this reading.  For a  POSSIBLY more current version, please look for  this  file EXPHOUSE.doc in directory (or   folder) called e:\mydocs\mydeath\onMyOwn\sellhous,  and  compare its date to the date of this paper:                                                                 


There is  a blue  plastic folder/binder  (currently underneath  my office desk) that contains  a listing of up-to-date expenses for  the house such as telephone for me, telephone for upstairs apartments(A), for real estate taxes, for water, for gas for house (A), for electricity (A).       

(A) it should  be noted here that if there are tenants, they pay all of,  or share part of,  each  of  the expenses that are noted “(A)” and the details will be found in the folder called e:\mydocs\mydeath\onMyOwn\sellhous in the file called expshare.wr1 

In addition to the above listings, there are also \SYM files as follows:                                                                                                                   

·        Employee’s salary history and raises and xmas (aquinaldas) and vacation pay: \housempl\100%hist.wr1, & \calc-a-v.wrr1

·        gas purchased for the house: \housothr\gas4hous.wr1

·        various sporadic expenditures: \housothr\vendor$$.wr1                                                                                                                         

·        VW-Jetta & Honda ATV (the 2 vehicles may be sold separately or with the house): \vw-jetta\vw-expns.wr1 and \usage.wr1                                                 

For purposes of ease of review, the following are listed (all in PESOS):     

All of the following was update as recently as (see the "updated" column at the very left):




R/e tax

TelMex Phone

Water ***

Gas refill ***

Electricity ***


700p wk

900p wk

5401 annual

157P Mo basic

Varies bi-monthly

3 x a year

Varies bi-monthl


900p wk

1100p wk

5855 annual

157p mo basic

Avgg 900p bi-mo

3 x a year

Approx 3000p


1000p wk

1200p wk

6426p annual

157p mo basic

Avgg 450p bi-mo

3 x a year

Approx 4500p


1100p wk

1200p wk

6426p annual

489p mo (incl internet

About 200p monthly

3 x a year if tenants

Just dropped a lot



1100p wk

1300p wk

8517p annual

489p mo (incl internet

About 225p monthly

Less than once a year without tenants 2500p

About 250p bi-monthly

 2012 to  2020 years






no rentals

during 2012 to  2022+




 1000p wk

 2000p wk

 15402p yr

389p mo (incl internet)

sbout 400p monthly

   2000p annually approx

 about 375p bi-monthly ***
































































               *** Water (SAPaSMA), Gas (Gas Express), and Electricity (CFE) all vary too much to insert here but look look at individual bi-monthly or monthly bills for actual billings.  They are in my office files in drawer #21 (top rightmost side on east wall of office).  NOTE ALSO that SOLAR PANELS HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED REDUCING ELECTRICITY FROM 4500 PESOS BIMONTHLY DOWN TO ABOUT 375PESOS BI-MONTHLY AND HAS BEEN DOING THAT SUCCESSFULLY FOR MANY YEARS NOW.




“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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