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   “Underpromise and Overdeliver”

Welcome to our web-site - The MPW Charitable Foundation - We have four related interests here in San Miguel, each of which are intended to complement and  support each other.

Profile of this web-site: 

Basically, this web-site discloses the various interests (including past interests) of the MPW Charitable Foundation, Inc.   The predominant goal of each interest is (or was) to provide funds for organizations that improve the lives of underprivileged children and their mothers in San Miguel.  Each interest is intended to augment and complement each other interest, and all are directly related to the predominant interest, or goal, as described immediately above.

The Michael Paul Wein Charitable Foundation (MPWCF) is (and continues to be) intended to financially support the needs of children and mothers in San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico.  We vow to always and completely comply with our own motto "Underpromise and Overdeliver".

The apartments for rent section was (but no longer is) intended to create current income, as all profits were paid to the MPWC Foundation.  Later, after his death, the estate of Michael Wein will provide a much larger endowment for the continued operations of the MPWCF   

And, after the death of the Founder, whenever that is, his house will be for sale and the proceeds from the sale will become part of his estate.  Approximately 50% of his estate is bequeathed to the Foundation.

The online newsmagazine was intended to publicize the work (and aid in the administrative needs) of the MPWCF and its grantees as well as the apartments for rent.  It was also intended to complete necessary news reporting to the expatriate community in ways otherwise  missing from, and not even now accomplished by, any other local English-language media.

Community Services are supplemental services that the MPWCF interests have been providing the community, mostly as a sub-function of the main interest of creating a better environment for all residents (gringo and Mexican, adult and children) of this town. 

You may click on any of the four links in the paragraphs immediately above to go to that "interest" (or you may use the below links instead): 

apartments for rent        house for sale      online newsmagazine          community services

or you may use any of the buttons at the very top of this page to go to main-category pages of the MPWCFoundation itself.

Purposes of this web-site 

Transparency - we wish to make our organization and the processes that guide it transparent to all who desire to know anything about us.  We have, from the very onset of our existence, desired that all of our Foundation's grantees emulate this same premise.

Continuity - we hope that this web-site will provide most of  the continuity that we desire for our organization so that, when our current generation of officers, trustees, and volunteers are no longer with us, anyone can expect the same processes to guide our Foundation in the future.  Like transparency above, we desire that all of our Foundation's grantees follow this example themselves.

Instructions - for the reader, whether someone working for this Foundation or someone working for any prospective or current grantee, or any other interested person for that matter, the instructions and/or guidance  for anything relating to this web-site should be found on this web-site

Questions and answers - for any question that anyone might have about this web-site or how to relate to it, we hope that the answer to such a question will be found on this web-site.  IF this is not accomplished in the opinion of you, the reader, there are only two probable reasons:

you have not read the web-site sufficiently (we again refer you to the links at the top of any web-page) or, especially with regard to the Foundation, the site map for the Foundation.
it is something we have yet to consider (or we might have explained it poorly) and would appreciate your telling us about the problem (as you see it) by using the contact information shown at the bottom of this page. 

Our Mission

To devote our resources and income to making grants to charitable organizations which engage in activities such as the feeding, educating, housing, or meeting other needs of local children or women. 

Our Goals

...To help the financially underprivileged children and women of San Miguel and surrounding communities by aiding them in their nutritional needs, their educational needs, their housing needs, their medical needs, and any other similar needs.

...To provide financial grants and administrative help and financial management techniques to organizations that, themselves, are involved in providing educational, nutritional, housing, medical, and other aid to children and women, in and around San Miguel de Allende.

...To provide incentives to local organizations to become more transparent and open their lines of communication to their constituencies of every type (the contributing as well as the non-contributing public, the beneficiaries of their good works, the volunteers doing the work, and to any others interested in any local organization).

...To encourage and aid local organizations to become more self-sustaining and to become more permanent so that when the original founders are no longer active, there are dedicated and trained replacements available in perpetuity.  In other words, we wish each organization to constantly prepare for its own continuity.

...To encourage and aid any local charitable organization that holds itself out to be USA-tax deductible, to actually meet the requirements set by IRS for such a declaration.

An important note about THIS web-site:

This web-site has been created "in-house" so as to eliminate unnecessary overhead.  Rather than create elaborate graphics and eye-catching exhibits, we have attempted to tell our story, answer all of the questions we have heard in the years of our existence (including our pre-incorporation work, since August 1995), and allow the reader to find what he or she is looking for.  We know that the reduction of our overhead (cumulatively, still less than us$1,000 for the entire 20 years since our 1995 inception) leaves more funds for our mission,  that of helping the children and women of San Miguel.  We also want the reader to know that organizations that spend more of their funding on their own mission, and less funding on overhead, are organizations that we are more likely to fund with our own grants to them.  

Additionally, as we have spent countless hours over many years creating this web-site and more time updating it whenever necessary, we encourage any grantee to have spent some time reading and understanding it, because (now in our own maturity)  we no longer have the time to  "re-invent the wheel" with each new volunteer at each individual grantee and what those new volunteers think are their own unique never-asked-before questions.

Lastly, though, if you have looked for an answer to your question and with full consideration to what we say in the paragraph immediately above, you still can not find your answer, email the question (in specifically referenced detail) to the email address below and, if the Founder is still alive, we will answer it for you AND place the missing question and missing answer on this web-site.

Contact Information:

Our Founder, Michael Wein, is now highly disabled and can perform only limited functions.  The MPWCF is now operating under his Estate Plan, namely his Will and his Trust Agreement.  This Foundation, the MPWCF, will continue under current plans for his disability and under future plans for his death.  See allocations and other after-death plans on this web pages.

please use only email as we are unable, of late, to spend time on the phone
Skype visual contact and discussions
if you are able to use this, email and request a "connection" from mpwinsma to you
Postal address
       The Michael Paul Wein Charitable Foundation, Inc, Suspiros #14, San Miguel Allende, Gto., 37700, Mexico 
Electronic mail
General Information:

Note: in the event that the above information is no longer correct (and that would be more likely after the Founder's death), see the newer web-page listing various subsequent changes to this web-site

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“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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