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SMA OnLine News Magazine a free community-run nonprofit public service, written FOR and BY the expatriate residents, in our attempt to meet needs not being met elsewhere                                                             

Important note: this SMA Online Newsmagazine was created by the MPWC Foundation prior to March 14, 2004, to fulfill the needs and mission specified on the newsmagazine's goals and mission web-page.   Unfortunately, as we described at news about us (see the 6/1/04 notice under "emailed information), our cry for help went unheeded, and we had to cease publishing almost all new entries after July 4, 2004.  

Nonetheless, many of the pages still contain information and news and tips that are relevant even today.  We suggest you pick and choose and continue to enjoy what remains useful and informative.

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Mayor inaugurates low cost pharmacy at DIF which will help all people who can not afford to pay for medicines elsewhere.  It appeared that gringos as well as Mexican naturals would  be able to use this service 
Satellite TV from the DISH network is now available legally and at a fair cost in SMA
City government to provide garbage containers all around the city
Crisis - regarding breaking news at SMA Online - see breaking news page
Claudia Escalante talked about the Fundacion Pueblos Magicos.  She said that San Miguel de Allende will receive the financial funds to continue with the remodeling on the historic buildings such as Las Monjas Church and San Francisco Church, as well as for Bellas Artes and Plaza Zaragoza 


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take a look at our new computer users section which will offer you ideas and hints on how to make your journey through this (and other) web-site easier, faster, and more fun.

We also introducing our new BULLETIN BOARD, free to all users, to be used for rides offered, recommended employees available, garage/tag sales,  arrivals and departures of people, and the like.  See more details by clicking on community bulletin board 


Our recent survey which looked to gain the following information, elicited just that.

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So that you do not have to waste your time re-reading any pages where no change has occurred since your last reading, the newest HEADLINES and all of the current web-pages (departments) are shown below.  You may go directly to those pages by clicking on the underlined categories at the left. On the other hand, for a complete listing of all articles, click on any link for the table of contents.  

 click-on-link below: go to this web-page (department)(section) the newest and most current item now published on that particular web-page is entitled (see below), or a description of what is on the page (in cases of constantly changing subjects):
anti-gossip Gossip as Social Fabric 
book reviews Opening Mexico: The Making of a Democracy     by Julia Preston and Samuel Dillon
breaking news <<for more details of the newest news, click on this link at the left
columnists  the latest from Lee Asheroff, Wayne Greenhaw, Don Gussin
community bulletin board transitions (arrivals and departures of people and restaurants), garage sales etc., rides offered, employees available, etc. etc. etc. etc.
leave a message by clicking here >>>>>> You may leave a message for us about anything by clicking on or you also may send an email to     Click on either of these 2 links and leave us a message or even some short input for publishing.
contests Announcing our 2nd and 3rd contests - including rules for entry
current controversy Why do so many San Miguelenses feel free to criticize but are unwilling to do more than that?  Why do they feel it is always some other person's job to fix things? 
deaths  obits/eulogies listings of recent deaths, and eulogies and obituaries of the deceased
editorial We need you to make this paper succeed  
fiction Reincarnation
FAQuestions (and answers why ain't they no pretty pictures or swirling graphics on your web-site?
goals and mission To enable anyone who has anything to say, this is a forum to say it 
how to write to/for us For those who wish to contribute to this paper, here is how to do that.
humor in sma Just like home
interviews with Michael Wein, publisher of SMA OnLine, cause he was available
letters to us  possible boycott by the Biblioteca?
link to other sma sites various other SMA web-sites are accessible using this web-page
local events  a listing of local Mexican and gringo events in San Miguel de Allende
local politics Absentee Voting registration for the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election
memories of sma  On renting, owning, buying, selling, real estate in San Miguel 
miscellany How to Jumpstart Your Creativity
Movies this week's schedule of movies in SMA
new computer users hints and definitions to help new users surf on our and other web-sites
nonfiction ONLY   IN   SMA   - part II
nonprofit organizations IREE—The Little School That Could—Celebrates Its 13th  anniversary 
now and then The Maid Who Could Not Read  
personalities Inez Zavala (of Lloyd's)
poetry Two poems    by Marj Schroeder 
restaurant reviews Restaurant reviews, by Don Gussin
spiritual and religious The Ritual of Nuestro Señor de la Columna

We report the results of our first survey about SMA OnLine News 

tips re: computers  Additional virus protection
tips re: employees   Take care in the hiring of domestic employees 
tips re: fm2-fm3 visas  What are the pros and cons of the FM2 vs FM3 visa?
tips re: living in SMA  Satellite TV from DISH network is now available legally and at a fair cost
tips re: medical/health Echinacea does little to prevent colds
tips re: odds & ends What are the pros/cons of becoming a Mexican citizen
tips re: shopping Shopping tips for everyday living in SMA
tips re: taxation 3 articles on taxation (income, capital gains, and estate taxes)
travel articles Blight Spirit        
volunteer stuff Need volunteers for International Jazz Festival
ze cellar - behind the scenes How we came to be. How we decided to start this news magazine

Our mission: click on and see goals and mission

Our objective: this paper is published for the expatriate residents of San Miguel de Allende.  All articles are to be signed by, and all legal responsibilities are those of, the writers themselves.  The publisher assumes no responsibility for anything written.  Our stated purpose is that we will publish (with certain restrictions - see how to write us) anything that is submitted without our editing any of it.  Please go from this page to any of the above "click-on" links (which are the various reading departments - sections - pages - of this online newspaper).

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