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Apartments for rent

Suspiros #14 in the Centro area of San Miguel

The Foundation (MPWCF) and/or Michael Wein NO LONGER rents apartments to anyone for any reason.  This will remain in effect until Michael Wein's death at which time the below information will again become pertinent.


Two apartments are available for rent. It is our history to continue to use them to raise funds for the MPWC Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing aid to impoverished  Mexicans, predominantly children.  The entire net profits from the rental of  these two apartments are donated to the MPWC Foundation and the Foundation in turn transfers those funds to local grantees (see more about this at the Our grantees page and at the MPWCFoundation pages).   Our public advertising appears below with even more details available (plus a map and pictures on this and other supporting pages, the first of which is apartment details).   Additionally, there may be, some time in the future, an entire house for rent, too.

Fully furnished apartment available in Centro area, for a 12-month period (or longer if you wish).  Under certain circumstances, we will consider a period as short as 6-months for "the right tenant".

Rent $685 USD month plus utilities --- this is available at a market rental rate, intended to speed rental of apartment because all profits from its rental go to local charitable organizations and landlord wishes to facilitate the process.

Description of the space - light, airy, breezy, apartment with patio facing south --- completely furnished --- one-bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, patio, fireplace, boveda ceilings, ceramic tiles, other amenities. Kitchen is completely equipped with a long list of necessary kitchen equipment including toaster oven, microwave oven, coffee maker, etc., etc., etc.

Views - three views (including northern bedroom facing the Parroquia and a patio facing south)

Location - a one-block street in the real true el Centro, inside the triangle formed by the Jardin, Juarez Park and the Instituto Allende --- an especially safe and secure apartment in a lovely house in a prime centro location, conveniently near everything including restaurants, art galleries, theatres, shopping, language schools, library, etc., etc., etc.  -- see more about the Centro definition at the apartment details webpage.

Walking - For those who are new to San Miguel, know that we are a town on the side of sloping mountains so that there is almost no "flat or level walking area" and almost no flat paved streets . The best anyone can hope for, if that is a consideration to you, is a relatively level path to wherever he or she is going.  If such a consideration is important, know that the apartment for rent is within 5 minutes of the central Jardin, the Instituto Allende, and near-central Benito Juarez Park, and all paths are as level as one finds here in El Centro or anywhere else in town, for that matter

Walking distances - 5 minutes to the Jardin; 2 minutes to Juarez Park; 2 minutes to the Instituto Allende.

Services included - gardener and maid service and purified drinking water.

Facilities available - telephone and all wiring for either USA satellite TV or local cablevision as well as wiring for various choices of internet access.

For more information or to see the apartment: email You may also phone 152-2654 any day of the 7-day week between 8:30am-11:30am and also between 2:30pm-5:30pm (while someone is always here, he is medically impaired and can not answer the phone at other times except in a dire emergency).

I encourage you to look at this web-site that explains all that you might want to know and also includes pictures of the apartment for rent. The entire web-site is found here at and the pictures of the apartment may be found at

In the interests of FULL DISCLOSURE, although the apartments are the contractual property of the MPWCFoundation, Michael Paul Wein is also a tenant on the property within which the separated apartments to be rented are located. Nonetheless, he does not profit from this venture as all net profits from rentals are donated annually to charitable organizations in San Miguel. This is explained further on this web-site.

click here for further Details - find all necessary information (plus a map)


OR  if you are looking for PICTURES of the apartments, merely click on "Select Album" (on the right, immediately below) and choose either Apt #1, Apt #2, or the House itself            OR  click on one of the Albums below


If you have any questions, please (preferably) email us at or (secondarily) phone 152-2654 between 8:30am-5:30pm most days.   The best times to call are between 8:30am-11:30am and between 2:30pm-5:30pm. In any event, please do not call after 5:30pm any night.



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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