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The yearly history of the growth of this estate is disclosed in the 1st through 4th columns from the left (below) in a 7-column table.  All figures are based (at least during the Founder's life) upon actual results through the last completed year, followed by conservatively small estimates for future years thereafter.  The figures are shown in USA dollars ($000 omitted)

on Dec 31 of each year (1) mpw's estate value on that  date (2) $$$ change from prior year   (3) percent change from prior year  (4) FIVE-year average percentage change (**)  (5) TEN-year average percentage change (**)  (6) TWENTY-year average percentage change (**)    (7)



(**) it should be noted that during the years prior to 1995, the Founder lived in Manhattan (New York, NY 10022) and worked and earned income (and spent NYC-level living costs) which effected and reduced the "net" total of, and the "net" changes in, his estate.  Starting in 1995, he ceased to earn income from ANY working source and his expenditures remained those of a full-time retired resident of San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico.  For reasons of immaturity, no exact figures now exist for the years prior to 1985.  However, reasonable estimates put them at the following dollars at the following year-ends:  1960-$5.0 (that is, us$5,000), 1965-$10.0, 1970-$40.0, 1975-$100.0, 1980-$225.0

(**) also, the 4% average increase that we use as an estimate for future years, is exceedingly conservative as a NORMAL 5-year and 10-year average, and even more so, 20-year average, should be just less than 10%, which is consistent with the general market as well as our own history.   Of course, it should be remembered that all increases/decreases shown above are NET of the Founder's own costs of living, both in NYC and later in SMA, and that the costs of living in both locations include significantly high USA income taxes paid on all earned and unearned income as well as large contributions to charities, so the NET percents above would obviously be less than the the GROSS 10% expected returns on investments before the costs of living, by at least 1% or 2%, perhaps even more. 

The years 2008-2012 were years of international financial turmoil.  We were confident that the financial system, given a reasonable and fair amount of time to correct the problems that caused the turmoil (which problems were caused due to the lack of governmental financial regulation for so many previous years), would return to the norm once again.  We did not predict whether this would take two years or ten years, but we did predict it WOULD occur.  



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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