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this page will ultimately specify my few gripes about SMA - nothing really terrible but nevertheless, my concept of its imperfections.  Obviously, I choose to live here and nowhere else and I've had (as of 2010) seventeen years to ponder and accept my decision.

The utilities (SAPaSMA-water, CFE-electric, TelMex-phone, and CyberMatsa-internet) can do no wrong (or at least that is how they run their monopolies).  All problems, even when you present proof of their direct complicity in the problems, are adjudged to have been caused by the customer and except in very isolated and frustratingly "long-delay, long-explained, and long-denial" cases, you will never be made whole ever again.

The Coollist (which Fred Carpenter. John Carey  and  I started back in 1996) and its successors (Civil-SMA, etc.) have gotten so out of hand that it (they) are impossible to read (due to too much unnecessary garbage and too little understanding of how to write an item or respond to an item) and too much Marketing and Sales by gringos taking advantage of Mexico and Mexican laws.  Top that off with the fact that too many of those who now write, fail to disclose whether what they write is a fact or an opinion (and the source of either, if appropriate), fail to disclose their own biases or agenda when recommending something, and fail to give sufficient information or at least a way for the reader to gain additional information.  Add to that the fact that too many writers fail to re-read their own writings for accuracy or even its ability to communicate whatever the writer is trying to communicate.   And lately, the new trend is to respond to a previous notice by someone else, with a short response (as short as "yes" or an address or phone number) without leaving the new reader with any idea of what the originating problem or question was (an improvement would have been leaving the originating problem at the bottom of the new responding answer).

Noise - noise IS Mexico and I (and you) had better merely accept that.

Gossip - see more about this on a page devoted to this subject.



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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