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Who are our past and/or present grantees?
Philosophy regarding grants and grantees
Guarantees we make to our grantees

Who are our past and/or present grantees?

As of the end of our June 30, 2015 fiscal year, the Founder has now given almost us$170,000 in personal donations to this Foundation, all of which must (by law) be granted to past and/or present grantees.  In our 2012 annual meeting of our Trustees, we decided to dissolve the Foundation approximately 2 years after the Founder dies.  We expect to distribute all Foundation funds (calculated now to be more than us$6,000,000) to some of the Grantees who are already listed (in alphabetical order) below:

ALMA - care for ancianos - care for the elderly

American Legion Auxiliary (Post #8)

Amigos de Animales - friends of the animals

Anyel - a local school teaching music to local children

Audubon - San Miguel chapter of International Audubon Society

Biblioteca Publica's Atencion newspaper - provided funds for new modern computers for their office 

Biblioteca Publica's Computer Club - provided funds for start up computers when the club first started in 1995

Biblioteca Publica's Stirling Dickinsen Scholarship Fund - student scholarships

Biblioteca Publica's Santa Ana Teatro - provided funds for new seats for the Teatro Santa Ana 

C.A.S.A. - midwifery and birth control

Casa de los Angeles - care for children of single mothers who would otherwise not be able to afford daycare for their children  while the mothers work

Casa Hogar Santa Julia - orphanage for young girls

Casita Linda - building inexpensive housing for those who desperately need housing (alternate USA replacement. if necessary, would be "Habitat for Humanity")

Center for Global Justice - headquartered here in San Miguel de Allende

Colegio Atabel - local children's school

Computadoras pro Jovenes - computers and computer training for school children (alternate USA replacement. if necessary, would be Jane Goodall's "Roots and Shoots")

Crescimiento - provide rehabilitation services, education and basic nutrition for handicapped children

Cruz Roja Mexicana - Mexican Red Cross, San Miguel offices

FAI Guanajuato - fights for children’s rights

Feed the Hungry - feeding children in and around San Miguel de Allende  (alternate USA replacement. if necessary, would be New York City's "City Harvest")

Hospital de la Fe - local general hospital

Lions Club of San Miguel - concerns itself with eye problems and solutions (alternate USA replacement. if necessary, would be Linden High School, Linden NJ)

Micro Loans - loans to local women who do not otherwise have access to credit (much like the international Kiva and Grameen programs)

Mujeres en Cambio - education and economic endeavors for rural Mexican females (alternate USA replacement. if necessary, would be "National Organization for Women")
Parque Olimpo - a children's park in Colonia Olimpo
Patronato pro Ninos - medical care for children  
Programa de Musica de SMA - the Suzuki kids learning musical skills
Rotary Club of San Miguel - Midday - passing on grants to their own grantees

San Miguel PEN - scholarship program focusing specifically on emergency situations among young people who live in San Miguel (good students with good attitudes and hopes for a better future)

Science Camp San Miguel - teaching youngsters about science and promoting their interest in futures in science

SMA Online - a community newsmagazine for expatriates living in San Miguel  (no grants of money are involved here - the MPWCF has only provided volunteers and management assistance)

So Others May Eat (S.O.M.E.) - a program providing food to local Mexicans every Wednesday

Sociedad Protecion Animales (SPA) - aiding and protecting animals

Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship - making grants from their own outreach Program and/or Jovenes Adelante scholarship program 

two USA organizations - The American Civil Liberies Union Foundation and Rider University (the two "default" organizations we picked in our initial application to both the State of Texas and IRS.  We made grants to them chiefly when we were not able at any annual grant time to find sufficient SMA organizations who were willing or able to meet our criteria.)

FILING NOTE: for internal filing purposes, we (the MPWCF) file all of the above grantees under the first five letters of each grantee's name as listed above.  As examples, look at the four Casa-type names above. They would be CASA , CASAD, CASAH, and CASIT with spaces and/or periods between letters eliminated.  We ask all grantees to use the above coding in accordance with their own names as shown above.  All required input for annual grants must be submitted using these "file methods".  Failure to comply with this could result in loss of all of portions of grants as the grantee's input could tend to get lost otherwise.

Philosophy regarding grants and grantees

Our founder, Michael Wein, spent his formative professional years, as a financial management consultant to, among others, Avon Cosmetics.  In his work with Avon, he was introduced to the work of the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, which followed a philosophy Mr. Wein believes in now.  This philosophy is now part of our Foundation's philosophy:

"Each grantee organization should have a plan that includes a method that tracks the performance of their organization, their programs and/or its participants. This tracking should define clearly their main objectives and obstacles.  This plan should also enable anyone to evaluate the effectiveness of their plan and its methods.  If a grantee organization won't commit to measure their own return on their own or our Foundation's investments in them, our grants may either not commence, or, if started, may cease."

Our foundation never attempts to second-guess any grantee in the grantee's attempts to carry out its mission. We decided at the beginning that we would merely help finance that mission. What we do do, on the other hand, is attempt to assure (through financial transparency) that all constituencies of each grantee can decide for themselves on whether or not their own contributions to the grantee (whether as a volunteer, current or prospective financial backer, employee, etc.) are worthwhile because they can SEE what the grantee is doing with those contributions.

Guarantees we make to our grantees:

Since our Founder could previously only physically guarantee our promises during his lifetime, he has already arranged for many legal and management controls covering the trustee's and/or grantee's actions after his demise.  There is more information regarding this on the following web-pages:  the founders will and the way the Foundation will be funded are an important part of this promise and guarantee.   And, although there should be no changes after his death from what the Founder specified on these web-pages, any changes that do become necessary must be fully disclosed to all readers at subsequent changes and you, the reader, are requested to complain to all authorities (but chiefly to the ACLUF and Rider University) if the changes do not appear to be appropriate, or if the trustees are not following the Founder's original instructions.   More about the ACLUF and Rider University (and how, why, and when to contact them) can be found at founders will


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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