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The founder's estate is conservatively valued at, and after-death distributions are to be made from, the following amounts.   All values are in thousands of US dollars (in other words, $000 omitted).  Values shown are as of various recent year-end December 31st dates (plus at 1996 which was the end of the first year of the Founder's San Miguel attempts at philanthropy when he made an initial pledge to donate to local charities (after his death) only his house - which cost approximately us$500,000)

Some notes of importance to the reader of this page:

** house is included above at its out-of-pocket cost.   However it was appraised by 3 separate and independent  local appraisers  at values of us$675,000, us$695,000, and us$700,000 in October 2001, and San Miguel property values (especially in the centro area where the house is located) have steadily increased since then until recently.  In August 2005, the house was appraised at well over us$1,000,000, more than us$500,000 higher than the value included in above computations.   For the above computations, the house remains valued at its cost basis.  The years 2008-2011 were years of world-wide economic turmoil and the value of the house at this subsequent time is unknown although nonetheless still probably higher than its cost basis.  Of course, in the current years where the USA has a clown for a president and he upsets all kinds of the world's financial stability, it is even harder to guess at the current value of this property.

note #1 - for the background and history of these amounts, see history & estimates It should be noted that the above endowment will most probably increase significantly as the years go on.  See more about the expected increases in the section of history&estimates that estimates future years.   

It should be noted that there are clauses in the founders will to protect him from harm.  Since there is currently a possibility that his death or disability will be from unnatural causes, such as from murder, abuse, or other harm  caused by either friends or foes, in practice,  the first duty  of the executor is  to allot up to us$200,000 or more ($200.0 of the above) to a fund  which is to be  used to Investigate,  pursue,  and  then  prosecute the  offending  individual  or individuals.  

Other provisions in the  founders will that ensures continuation of the Founder's wishes can be read by you near the very bottom of the  founders will page (see points d- and e-). This ensures an outsider's independent review of the Foundation's operations after the Founder's death.



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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