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Below we present a FORMAT (or an EXAMPLE) of financial statements that will meet our normal requirements for full disclosure, comparability, consistency, etc.   Please remember that at the bottom of your statement, immediately after the reconciliation of each column (one year) to another column (another year),  additional notes and disclosures and explanations of variations between the columns help to explain to the reader that which he or she needs to know to completely understand the financial statements and the workings of your organization.  You should also see the requirements of the USA's Internal Revenue Service on our web-page Form990EZ and note that our requirements are quite similar, although just slightly different so as to reflect the needs that San Miguel Allende brings to this transparency requirement .   Also, we strongly recommend that you review and understand the transparency and disclosures pages that explain further what we are looking. 

In order to understand the dates in the below EXAMPLE, this EXAMPLE is assumed to have been the results for the latest completed year which is 2010 for this example, which normally would be published in January or February of 2011.  It also shows the budget for the next year (2011) and actual results of the prior year (2009) together with the budget for 2010, both of which should have been prepared and published most probably in January or February of 2010.  And, of course, this example would be for "grant year" 2011.

Please prepare your financial statements using a computerized spreadsheet (such as the MS Excel spreadsheet illustrated below) which will aid you in this and in future years in all computations (totals, sub-totals, etc.) and consistent formatting.  And, most importantly, use our (below) format in ALL respects to insure consistency between years.  Where you can not follow our format, a disclosure note must explain why you can't, item by item.

IF the ENTIRE 53-LINE EXAMPLE does not appear on your screen ABOVE THIS line, please email and request a copy of "finls-example.htm" in our reply to you.

The statistics and confirmation information (shown above to the right of the Financial Statement) was placed there due to webpage constraints.  In you own input to us, please place it and any other such information BELOW the above Financial Statement so that, whenever necessary to do so, a printout of the Financials will fit on one or more 8 1/2 by 11 inch pages. 

We strongly insist that you review and understand the Disclosures page that explains further what we are looking for.

One further thought: comparative  columns are necessary as the relationship of one column to another is a critical necessity for disclosure, and the breakout (whether by individual line description or by footnote/disclosure) of unusually large (in amount) categories should always be shown and not buried in some "other" or "miscellaneous" or just regular category.  And the reconciliation of each of the four-columns beginning and ending cash is a CRITICAL part of the entire presentation which should always be present on the same one-page only financial statement.




“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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