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I spent countless hours reading the 320 emails that I currently have (mostly between Andy and myself) in my Eudora mailbox for Andy Blair.  They take up 2,024K in disk space and merely extracting the pertinent parts that apply only to Andy Blair deception by itself took up 19 pages of information with tiny margins on all four sides, and MS Sans Serif 9-point fonts.   So, although they remain available, for the time being I decided not to show all of them on this page.   If anyone is interested in reading further, emails-all, for more information.

SUMMARY OF EMAILS – My first impression in re-reading all of the emails is that virtually everything that we talked about in the earliest emails was either for fun (our original and primary cause for multi-emails each day) or intended to either discuss or fulfill the beginning parts of our Agreement. Once that was accomplished, I continued to try hard to first solve Andy’s time and/or financial problems.  But, after reading these emails, I am no longer discounting the (hopefully, slim) possibility  that I was "set up" (or "played") from the very beginning.  First, there was Andy’s excitement that I would consider her for the major job (that of backup Executor of my entire Estate, which included the paying of a huge Executor fee in excess of $300,000usd).  However, when she later found out that although she was the backup to the current Executor, he seemed like he would be around to complete this job.  Next, she may or may not have nudged me into my discovery of her financial debts.  It was after that that I then came up with a way to compensate her currently for future services that I would someday critically need.  Later, when she already had the money in her hands, the relationship soured so surprisingly quickly with her manufactured “hurts” at the minor things I said, most of which were intended to encourage her towards better financial practices as well as towards the necessary time management (in both of which I was a retired but acknowledged expert).  I had been so sure of myself about her honesty and trustworthiness that it took forever to see even a mere possibility of Andy’s deviousness.  But the fact that Andy kept accusing me of bad things now leads me to believe that anyone who sees only bad in another might just be bad herself.  The interesting thing, to me, is that she never confronts the fact that she was the one person who terminated the agreement and never did anything to rectify the situation until, finally, she much later made the totally inadequate offer of the 10½ year payoff  (longer than my life expectancy) (and without even the 21% interest that she will continue to save until she completes her re-payment) of the $25,000usd advance for future services (treating the advance as if it were a “loan”, and not an advance, in the first place) and ignoring completely the professional services part of our Agreement which, in itself, benefited her even more so than the $25,000usd advance.

Prequel – Andy and I were originally friends between (approximately) 1998 and 2002. Andy abruptly (with just an email announcement and no explanation) unilaterally terminated that original friendship.  Later, in 2011, after calling that 2002 termination the undiscussed “elephant” in the room, Andy first discussed that in an email, confessing that she acted irresponsibly and took all of the blame for the abrupt termination.  She explained that I had done nothing wrong and that she was going through a tough time and her actions were not all that clear to herself, even now in 2011.  As a result of this conversation, we then put this problem behind us.   [[HOWEVER, a later note: but this was almost EXACTLY the same thing that once again happened in 2012]].

Starting on August 28 2011 – Having realized that as I got older (I was 75 years old at this time, and suffering from "end stage emphysema" - and attached to my oxygen source for 21 hours of every day), the plans that I made to execute my last Will and other estate papers were to be carried out by the few people that I could trust with my estate.  However, they too were getting older and I thought a much younger person that I could trust would be a good thing to have.  I contacted Andy with this idea and she considered it during the Aug 28 to Sep 3 2011 period.  Our emails evolved and Andy recognized the fact that she probably would not be the Executor (because my first and second choices were more likely to outlive me on my list of Executors) but the possibility of her being groomed to be the CEO of the Foundation (with its $3,200,000usd expected endowment) began to be discussed including what that entails. Andy became more and more interested in the Presidency of the MPWCFoundation.  She also stated that she may not have all of the skills that the Presidency would require but would be willing to learn if I’m willing to teach her.  I was willing and I was excited that a young person that I trusted (and whom I considered smart and who had both writing and people skills) could take over from me and thereby continue the perpetual aspect of the Foundation and help San Miguel women and children far into the future.  However, because of Andy’s past actions (in the way she ended the friendship in 2002), I needed to get an ironclad agreement so that I could plan my own future and that of the Foundation.  Once I got that ironclad agreement verbally, I was willing to begin the long process of grooming her.  She not only gave me her word to that effect but some time later, once her own financial situation came to light, we even agreed to a written contract that specified an advance net payment of $25,000usd to be used to pay off her unmanageable debt to Visa (and save her $437usd in interest every month) plus my providing professional advisory services to help her get her financial life back on track. all of this in consideration for her providing future services to both me and to the Foundation 

[[editor's note - almost all of the amounts shown on all of these Andy Blair-subject webpages are expressed in USA dollars.  These are, in fact, often pesos (converted to USD) and/or or Canadian CDN dollars, but since the original budget was created in USA dollars based upon the original format that I provided to Andy and the original information provided by Andy converted into USA dollars - perhaps my original mistake but easily correctable because both the USA dollar and the Canadian dollar were basically the same, usually convertible at between 9.50CDN to 10.00USD OR 10.00CDN to 9.50USD most of the time.  It was just the peso that varied considerably and so it was converted to USD for purposes of usage on these pages.]]

In re-reading these emails, I slowly recalled so many instances of how often Andy grossly overreacts to almost everything (and, of course, I then remembered that she had always done this, including way back in 2002 or prior), whether it be positive praise or anything negative which might be even slightly critical of her.  At that time, I also recalled her marveling at the fact that I answer all questions she ever asked of me, something I was later to discover was not at all true of Andy (who just ignores questions she does not like to hear or certainly not answer).  In the Sep 9 (see below) email, while talking about our 2001 (or so) termination of our earlier friendship, she mentions that she had (and later I figured out that she still has) so many issues with trust and with friendship that it led to the end of our first friendship (and apparently has again).   Reminder of that earlier "trust issue" fact had led to my early 2011 reactions because as I had become aware once again of Andy's trust issues, I went out of my way to show her by my current deeds that I was someone who not only could be trusted, but that I trusted her and anyone reading our Agreement can see that I was more than fair in what I offered her currently in return for her future obligations (unfortunately, my trust in her was a huge mistake on my part).  And although my trust in her was misplaced, she would be hard-pressed to show any evidence of my causing her to mistrust me (as every promise I made -both before and after the Agreement- was carried out on time and as discussed). 

A sample picture of the beginning of the table of 19-pages extracted from our emails to one another is below.

A note is required here for understanding.  In creating the below "table" of the extracts, I created a column to identify each of the emails by date and time (especially since there often was more than one email on many dates) and rather than having to read the entire email again, a second column that gave an approximate place marker within that email (e.g., 30% down, 25% down, 80% down, etc.) and then finally, to help find the particular paragraph, the First Words that started most paragraphs were "bold and underlined".  Finally, next I either copied or summarized the point that I wished to save or emphasize.  Another thing that I wish to note here is that BOTH Andy and I used the "interjection" method of replying to one another wherein when receiving the other's email, we "replied" and "interjected" our response immediately below the other's comment or question.  Without that understanding, the "he said" and "she said" interplay within each email might confuse the reader.

Date  &time of the email

%. Down from the top of the email

as identification, shown below usually are the First words from the paragraph being quoted         And then the rest of the thought is SUMMARIZED HERE

Aug28 7:23pm

30 to 60%

Then things settle … Andy said: It's the kind of sensible thinking you were, I recall, habitually inclined to push me towards …..….living with constant integrity (there's always an equilibrium, a balance-point, where things are fair, 'right', transparent as they should be); any betrayal of trust at any level shuts down the heart and shuts down the life. I live by that--so: Yes, I'm trustworthy…….(I'm as private as I ever was--but that's not the same thing as secretive).



I said: Yes, you are, and while imperfect, probably still as good as I can find to act as Executor – this comment during a  “getting reacquainted” period was acceptable, but if it had been made much later, it would later be considered something akin to a huge misjudgment on my part

Sep 3


She said (actually qouted) and while imperfect, to which she added TYFRT (which she defined as “thank you for recognixing that”

Sep 3


ABsaid: Ok, well I must …. I am interested, very interested, in playing some helpful role in an organisation that describes itself in terms of giving support to "San Miguel charities mostly benefiting women and children"

Sep 3


MPW said:… I will need your phone number, your street address, and your legal name, all for the documents that will be "found" in my personal papers when the time to use them arrives.   To which Andy replied:

- Legal name is easy …: Andy Blair. That's really all there is.
- Phone # is cell 044 (415) 114 0113. … I almost never answer (especially if I don't recognise the caller's #)--but I ALWAYS return any message that's left. If that line # ever changes for any reason (it shouldn't), I"ll be sure to let you know so you can update your files.
- Address... is... a little glitchier. You see, there is no mail service--no street names, no house numbers--where I live. I can 'describe' it... and that will get a taxi or, say, an ambulance, to the right general area.... but.... you know that they NEVER listen to the last part of the instructions, so I invariably have to go out to the gravel road and hunt/flag the wayward vehicle down. I use my la Conexion box (on the libramiento) for receiving Mexican mail (Telmex bills, for ex, go there). So... do you want the address that could actually pin me down on google-maps... or... do you want the address that would actually get a piece of mail to me?

LATER (sep 5 email) stated: Mailing from WITHIN Mexico:

Srta. Andy Blair, c/o La Conexion, caja 578B

Libramiento a Dolores Hidalgo #11, col. Independencia

San Miguel de Allende, Gto 37732 Mexico

STILL LATER (I rec’d the address used in the Agreement directly from Andy in person):

Camino a la Cieneguita 100km (there is no street address)]

Sep 3


ABsaid: I know how much care and energy and spirit you've put into this Foundation; I can imagine that you want the peace of mind of knowing it would be respectfully and competently tended, according to your vision and intent.

Sep 9


ABwrote Re: (not proofread--so go easy on me!) – an example of Andy trying to protect herself from me (even thou that fear was unwarrented

Sep 9


ABsaid: Though I knowit seems such an urgent priority to you to ensure the comfort and safety and well-being of others. I don't just mean the big-picture MPWF vision; I mean the care you've taken on behalf of those who have won your trust on a more intimate level. Again and again,

Sep 9


There's poignancy ….. repeated evidence that the writer has almost certainly gone through much of his life being misinterpreted,

Sep 9


Same as above-very confidential so it is not printed here – should be read ONLY if critically necessary – this paragraph pretty much sums up Andy’s inability to trust anyone.

Sep 11


ABsaid: Oh, I know -  I didn't mind at all you pointing it (twitting) out.... I loved it, in fact  -- this is before Andy morphed into her hating the same thing.

Sep 14


ABsaid: Lucky you - …… I am pretty sure I'm going to be a old maid--if I'm not already.

Sep 14


Today (mar 26 2012), looking back to Sep 14 2011, I just began to notice that Andy EDITs my emails to her prior to her responding by removing any points or questions she does not wish to respond to.  I guess that it was foolish of me to think that her idea (about “privacy, not secrecy”) was true and that she really believed in her case that privacy was different from secrecy.

Sep 16


MPW did this: Once again I sent my definition of Friendship to Andy and months later I realized that once again she would not send me hers.   Once more I see (finally, today Mar 26 2012) that her definition was so different than mine that she chose not to reply.  Her idea of friendship turned out to be of the Facebook variety.  Mine had to do with trust and openness and honesty and transparency.

Sep 16 3:56pm


That's a happier  -- Andy said Let me tell you very clearly right now: I'm someone you can talk to about such stuff matter-of-factly. You probably know that already. If you ever want the peace-of-mind that can come from articulating the unspeakable, you won't shock me or freak me out.        Wow, now in hindsight, this is a huge LIE.  I discover now (Mar 26 2012) that right after Andy finishes  telling me how much I can tell her, she proves over and over how little about her she will tell me and how little it takes for anything  I have to say that DOES SHOCK HER. THIS is the same woman who later said she broke our Agreement because I said things in an email that DOES NOT even appear in that email

Sep 16


Oh I get it.--- once again Andy said she did not have enough time.  I thought that I could help her as I was paid huge amounts of money as a time management consultant not too many years ago.   I saved this idea for a future meeting.

Sep 22


Andy very carefully avoided answering my question about “her definition of a friend” once again

Sep 22


I think it’s most efficient -- Andy said she trims “no longer relevant bits” but she ALSO ignores questions relevant TO ME.

And, although the above table was intended to merely be an example of all of the 19 pages of extracts from all of our emails, I noticed that the Sep 16 3:56pm email contained a (very early) basic untruth from Andy that has come back to haunt me.  She said "If you ever want the peace-of-mind that can come from articulating the unspeakable, you won't shock me or freak me out".   Now (NOW!!) I am myself shocked at how fragile she was and how much my very minor comments (certainly minor when compared to what she proclaimed possible just above -- and which inspired me to even more openness than even I can be usually counted upon to give -- but which was never shared equally by Andy) about how she could better improve her financial situation has, IN FACT, not only freaked her out, but led her to believe that I had no respect for her, and out of that came her conclusions that I was out to harm her (and she believed that I did harm her) in such malevolent ways that any unbiased reader would find totally convoluted and irrational.  (At this time, you may wish to refer to Shocker, especially point #3)   I fully expect (maybe 10 years from now - if I'm still alive) Andy will, once again, apologize for this in the same way as she recently apologized for her 2002 actions that were remarkably similar. 

Finally, the continuation of the above table of emails (between August 2011 and March 2012) can be found at emails-all.

We, the individuals who are involved in TPOTRFOMPW, have gathered all of the information that appears on the various (and linked pages below it) webpages from conversations and other varied communications with Michael.  As a matter of fact, he was adamantly against our publishing any or all of it.  But we were too anguished by his constant reluctance to take actions quickly against this woman as well as his continuing protection of her in spite of what she did to him.  We met often and argued often and finally overruled him and after publishing all of these pages, he finally agreed to at least read and comment on them and offer some major corrections and suggest many deletions, some of which we accepted.   As these thoughts and words now approximately, and to the best of our ability, reflect his own words, they remain worded "in the first person".  He also got us to eliminate certain things like the details and amounts on the budgets and the cashflow spreadsheets and we finally agreed that the "tops" of these documents were all we would publish at this time.  We feel strongly that he has been "taken" by a greedy and malicious and immature woman who professed to be completely trustworthy to gain his confidence and trust and then she turned around exhibiting nothing of what she was before he helped her out of her very serious financial mess.   Her true colors are now showing.  We even provide evidence, something she ignored in making her own wild accusations unsubstantiated by her own words in the many emails we examined.

written, edited, and uploaded (and password protected) by TPOTRFOMPW


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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