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Who is eligible for grants from us? 

As of Oct 10 2008,  we have ceased accepting new grantees 

The above statement notwithstanding, we must continue to comply with certain laws under which we are incorporated as well as the by-laws we vowed to live by when we attempted to obtain that incorporation.  You may see more of these legal requirements, if you desire, on our web-page for Legalities    We also have spent much time investigating the BBB (Better Business Bureau's) requirements for charitable organizations and then greatly reduced most of these requirements (because of our 3rd world locale), but that still leaves us with our minimum eligibility requirements shown below.

It is critical for any person representing any organization that wishes to be in our grant program to know that we will have NO administrative staff of our own until, at least, after the death of our Founder, and therefore if the requirements stated on this web-site are NOT met, additional opportunities to apply for grants might not be available, as we have huge limitations on our time availabilities.  We are anxious to make grants to all eligible organizations.  But, in the interest of fairness, each organization must do its part and provide us with information under the accountability provisions required by our greatly minimized version of the BBB standard of accountability.

Each NEW grantee organization MUST:

  1. be a non-profit organization located in San Miguel de Allende
  2. be an operating organization (e.g. Jovenes Adelante or Mujeres en Cambio) and not a conduit organization (like we are, or like S.M.C.F. is)    Why? - click on this >>> SEE ****#1below.
  3. have an already existing organization structure in current operation and a history of such operations and be able to demonstrate your "staying power" (or continuity for future operations without major changes being necessary).
  4. possess the ability to receive our grants in US dollars in checks made payable to "whatever the name of your organization is"    Why? - click on this >>> SEE ****#2
  5. at all times, now and in the future, have a contact person whose first language is English and who is also reasonably conversant in Spanish     Why? - click on this >>> SEE ****#3
  6. be able to fulfill our requirements (be sure you read 1st year requirements and future requirements before you state you can do this) because we do not wish to waste your time or ours     Why? - click on this >>> SEE ****#4 and #5
  7. be willing to meet the Foundation's requirements as stated on this web-site (be sure that you read why this info before you state whether or not you are willing to do this)    Why? - click on this >>> SEE****#4 and #5
  8. have email capability so that all communication (except for your annual certification letter) between the various grantees and this foundation will be accomplished using emails and attachments  This will include everything except the paper copy of your annual certification letter and the  payment of grants which will be made by check either picked up by you or delivered by us to a location in the centro area.   This is necessitated by the time-efficiencies inherent in email.  Why? - click on this >>> SEE **** #4

Additional credit, especially in any period of world economic recession, will be given to organizations that:

aid San Miguel children 
aid San Miguel Mexicans in the categories of education, nutrition, housing, clothing, or medical necessities
have a low ratio of overhead expenditures to total expenditures
have a high ratio of "mission expenditures" to total expenditures
compensates their volunteers in ways that reward the volunteers at little or no cost to the organization
have longer histories of effectiveness in town
have longer histories of continuity of their operating personnel
utilize more and better management techniques
have management succession and training programs in place

****Some supplementary information regarding "Why we MUST insist on certain things?" follow in numerical order below:

  1. Part of our IRS accreditation stems from the fact that we, ourselves, are a conduit and not an operations organization.  That means that we must grant funds only to operations organizations.  We may not give funds to conduits like ourselves, nor may we give funds to individuals as we are not allowed (or able) to adjudge their needs nor watch their progress.   We may only give funds to organizations that "do this work" themselves.
  2. Due to IRS requirements for us, our check can not be made payable to cash, or to individuals, or to any conduit organization, but must be made out to a payee organization that looks and sounds like an organization that appears to meet requirements disclosed on this web-site
  3. Much of what we require and will continue to require is something that can not be translated by us into Spanish.  But, we can explain it in English and it will be up to the organization's contact person to both translate and implement the requirements.
  4. Since 2000, we have dealt with many local individuals and organizations that made promises that they could not, or have not, kept.  The strain on this Foundation was such that we almost closed down completely in early 2004.  This was mostly due to individuals who wasted our time and their time. We can not allow that to happen again. We wish to continue to help San Miguel (primarily the children) but we will not hesitate to immediately cease all relationships with organizations that harm us in any way or, more importantly, cause problems that may ultimately detract from or harm the work we wish to do for the other innocent organizations and their innocent beneficiaries.   This may seem heartless but unless we do something to avoid what has happened in the past, there will be no MPWCF and no funds to dispense.  Please be sure to read FAQs which repeatedly addresses this problem and tells you why we must do this this way.
  5. There are even more reasons for why we require the information we require and you can read about it at "why this info".

Organizations that comply with these requirements will remain in a position to share in annual grants from an endowment that is guaranteed (see funding) to be at least us$2,900,000 shortly after the death of the Founder of this Foundation.  You therefore can assume that minimum grants to even the smallest grantees will be at least us$20,000 each and every year.  In making this estimate, we are very definitely aware that our motto (see our logo) is "underpromise and overdeliver". We are doing, and will continue to do, just that.  We hope our grantees can underpromise and overdeliver, as well.

You should also be made aware that it will be impossible for organizations that have not been accepted into the grant process some time (perhaps even as much as five


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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