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4. what were my efforts in trying to resolve any of the problems from the beginning to the end (at least up to this point)?

I have written email after email trying first to reconcile our differences or misunderstandings only to be met with inappropriate and irrational anger and non-responsive rebuttals.   When finally I was able to get Andy to come to what I thought would be a face-to-face conciliatory meeting (Feb 17 2012) where we could calmly discuss our differences, Andy walked in with a look of "I want to kill you" on her face.  I noticed that and calmly, even jokingly, mentioned that to her.  She stated that that was exactly how she felt.  Nonetheless, I attempted to go on with this meeting while being as calm and polite as I could (and I think I was successful at that, had any rational person observed us).  But Andy, after less than 15 minutes here, stormed out.  That was the beginning and the end occurred just the other day (May 10 2012) when I got the following email from my attorney who got his information from her attorney.   My attorney said: "She exprressed that you threw her out and mis treated her a lot and that was the main reason why she did not come back."  The truth is that not only did I not throw her out, I wrote Andy on Feb 17 2012 (the same afternoon of that meeting) saying the following (in effect, trying to get her to ignore any disagreements but assuring that I wanted to continue)

"I promised you that I would stay all night, if necessary, to continue our discussion or, if you wished, to put parts of it off until another time. I know you were upset but I at least got to understand some of what bothered you as well as what bothered me and that is progress.

"At any time that you wish, I remain available to discuss whatever you wish to discuss (or learn, or understand, or anything else you choose). Soon or even later remains a choice that I offer for your decision on how to proceed.

"But even more pressing than that is that the Foundation annual meeting is next Wednesday and I still need for you to come here to attend it."

Finally, I wrote Andy on May 11 2012 regarding the entire May 10 2012 email from my attorney which not only said what I quoted just above but also said that the "loan" (I repeat, see the Agreement, it was specifically NOT a loan) was for 20K (and even I don't know how $25,000usd could have suddenly become only 20K of any currency imaginable).  So, I asked Andy to clarify the statements made by my Attorney attributed to her Attorney and herself and asked which of the many things in that email that I questioned did she agree or not agree with.  As usual, there was no response.   [[That latter "no response" was the final straw and the genesis of the Shocker page of this web-site - but let us continue]]  Some time ago, Andy wrote me and said that she retained an attorney and that she and her attorney waited for me at two meetings at the Mediation and Conciliation Center here in town but I did not show up.  And she was so upset that she said that I should never write her again and should write instead to her attorney.  At her suggestion, I did just that.  First, I told him that I had just called the M&C Center and they said that that statement about missed meetings was not true and that they had no record of me ever being summoned to one, much less two, such meetings.  So, with the results of that phone call to the M&C Center,  I asked her attorney what we could do to conciliate this situation.  He never responded.  After waiting for a response that never arrived, I then decided to retain my own attorney and that is how my attorney got to receive the email response that (see above) he forwarded to me.   So, it appears to me that no one including Andy seems to know or can make any statements of what is the truth. That is why I agreed with the TPOTRFOMPW and participated to a limited extent in their preparation of these web-site pages which include my "truth".  However, I backed up my truths with Evidence, something Andy or her attorney (so far) does not seem willing or able to do.  Andy made lots of derogatory statements in so many emails that apparently have little or no real substance behind them.   Now I think it is the time for her to act and provide some proofs.   I can't even imagine what "truths" she could come up with that I have not addressed and/or provided evidence to refute.  Oh, by the way, I suspect that Andy will say that the publishing of my evidence as to her theft is a breach of (whatever she thinks it may be) but I suspect that Andy will also ignore any hypocrisy on her own part and have some excuse for why she could do this exact same thing on the Civil_SMA list (see 10/24/11 - subject: beware) when she reported in great detail that someone named Dylan Butler stole much lesser amounts from her.  I suspect that she will come up with some unsubstantiated reason as to why what she did in Oct 2011 was appropriate and what I'm doing, same thing except larger amounts plus evidence, is not.  

We, the individuals who are involved in TPOTRFOMPW, have gathered all of the information that appears on the various (and linked pages below it) webpages from conversations and other varied communications with Michael.  As a matter of fact, he was adamantly against our publishing any or all of it.  But we were too anguished by his constant reluctance to take actions quickly against this woman as well as his continuing protection of her in spite of what she did to him.  We met often and argued often and finally overruled him and after publishing all of these pages, he finally agreed to at least read and comment on them and offer some major corrections and suggest many deletions, some of which we accepted.   As these thoughts and words now approximately, and to the best of our ability, reflect his own words, they remain worded "in the first person".  He also got us to eliminate certain things like the details and amounts on the budgets and the cashflow spreadsheets and we finally agreed that the "tops" of these documents were all we would publish at this time.  We feel strongly that he has been "taken" by a greedy and malicious and immature woman who professed to be completely trustworthy to gain his confidence and trust and then she turned around exhibiting nothing of what she was before he helped her out of her very serious financial mess.   Her true colors are now showing.  We even provide evidence, something she ignored in making her own wild accusations unsubstantiated by her own words in the many emails we examined.

written, edited, and uploaded (and password protected) by TPOTRFOMPW



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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