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This section will contain occasional editorials from the publisher. 

March 24 2004            We need you to make this paper succeed               Michael Wein, publisher

A paper is nothing without interesting, informative, provocative, opinionated, humorous, absurd, useful, or other "stuff" to read.     We need YOUR input, your letters of criticism, your opinions, your tips, your fiction, your everyday thoughts.   In short, and again, we need your input.

As we announced at the very beginning, on March 13th, this paper is for you and most importantly, by you.   There are no other writers, no editor, just you and your neighbors.

In a town of filled with expatriates who have made it known that they have opinions on almost everything, I would assume that sharing those opinions is not too much to ask.   Hopefully, your neighbor will do this also, but YOU can not sit back and wait for others to do your share.  If this paper has or will have any value to you at all, and it can only get better if all of us contribute, you owe it to yourself to do your share.

There is virtually nothing that effects us in San Miguel that is not worthy of your writing about it (although I refer you to how to write us for the few exceptions).   Why not sit down at your computer now (ooooh, that IS where you are now) and write something that would amuse, illuminate, aid, provoke, or otherwise be of some value to one or more of us.

You ARE out there.   Now put some of yourself IN HERE.

And let me also announce a contest that awards a us$1,000 prize for the favorite writing published in this paper as voted upon by you, the readers.   See the announcement in local events listed under the date of "now to May 20th".

Objective of this page:   If and when there is a perceived need to present the publisher's opinion or give a voice to his position, it will be published on this page.


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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