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Below you will find our templates for the January 15th deadline, wherein we do everything for you except fill in the answers.   Copy and use verbatim  - 100% from the beginning to the end of the template -  the one template provided below.

There should be an email addressed to us -, sent by you,  between January 10th and January 15th of every year.   The subject of this email should be "EXAMP-2014-Response to MPWCF's Comments dated mm/dd/yy (that need to be responded to between Jan 10 2014 and Jan 15 2014)".   You should copy and paste the below templates (emails and/or attachments) (nothing less, nothing more) and send them to us after inserting your own answers.  Be sure to conform to the following color-coding.   And, in the event that we sent you more than one such Comments letters since February of last year, please so respond to each of the Comments letters separately, differentiating between them based upon send-dates of each comments letter.

Things you should read, then possibly change to ENTER your own information, and then if changed, change the color coding to BLACK

Things you should read as they are instructive in nature, but you should delete or erase them (and close up the space) before sending them to us. (GREEN)

Things that ask questions or make statements that will remain unchanged on the input, but which will be followed by the below... (NAVY)

Responses to the above questions or statements from us, that respond to the above questions or statements. (BLACK)

Changes (this year's editings, deletions, additions) to the above that was otherwise THE SAME as you sent us last year.  Note that in these cases, after the grants have been paid, the changes are to be re-colored to match and become the ongoing response. (RED).

This (the below) is the template for the EMAIL  that is intended to respond to (each one or more of) the prior grant year's "Comments" email(s) that you should "REPLY" to (see more about the "REPLY" method - and definitions - below) or (2nd best choice) copy and paste the original email from us to you into your email and then respond to each comment immediately after each comment (always leaving one blank line between each item).  Your email must look like the following format (please be sure that you, once again, look at the "some details" webpage (especially the very long section entitled "Regarding EMAILs and REPLYs to emails" and even more especially near the very end of that section where a graphic example exists illustrating the "OUTdenting" of each subsequent REPLY added by each subsequent responder (you, us, you, us, you, etc.)).   Effective October 1, 2014, we will no longer accept REPLYs that do not LOOK like that as it is too difficult to understand "who said what to whom and at what date was it said".   You must LOOK at what you are sending (before it is sent) and KNOW that it meets this test as well as being editable (for our responses, if needed).  As a consequence of this last requirement, know that PDF responses are not editable and therefore not eligible.    

To the Trustees of the MPWCF:

This email's format has been updated by the MPWCF on October 18, 2014

This email is submitted in response to your email dated Feb 10 2013 with a subject of EXAMP-2013 - MPWCF's Comments (that need to be responded to between Jan 10-Jan 15 2014)

From here on down, you should copy and paste ("REPLY") to MPWCF's last year's Comments letter and after each of the individual comments, you should skip one line (i.e., leave a blank line) and then insert your response.  Avoid block (generalized, all-inclusive) responses as they are not acceptable.  We've asked specific detailed questions and expect specific detailed responses. Each Comment (entire sentences or paragraphs) can be separated or pulled apart (if necessary) so that each part of each comment is responded to separately and completely.   Also, the ENTIRE Comments email (every line) should be in your response.  Do not delete any part of it from the first to last word that you received.  Should it become necessary for the MPWCF to reply to your reply, we will follow the same REPLY method (i.e, even further OUTdenting) and your reply to us, if required, should then again be a REPLY, with even further OUTdenting, ad infinitum, ad absurdum).  Be sure that the method of OUTdenting is followed 100% so that both parties to an email will ALWAYS know WHO said WHAT and WHEN (especially in cases where there is a reply to a reply to a reply. etc.)

You should write (and re-read for fully-answered/responded to clarity) specific detailed complete answers to each of our  questions.  We wrote the questions because your original (in the prior year) input was lacking in appropriateness (or completeness of disclosure).  Transparency is the issue here and the fastest way OUT of our program is to continue to hide (or even unintentionally, fail to disclose) information that any outsider should know about your organization.  You are not in a competitive profit-making industry where secrecy is necessary.  Please do not hide information.

If we returned/sent a document originated by you last year that contains our comments on the document itself, your responses should be made as much as possible on the original document itself and sent back to us.  The responses should be color-coded on the document (and explained ON the document) where at all possible.  If not possible because it is too voluminous, it should be explained on another attachment (not on THIS email template).  All documents that are sent that are not original THIS year, should bear the old ORIGINAL SUBJECT and ORIGINAL YEAR previously named.   Use this format for the Subject  EXAMP-2013 - MPWCF's Comments (dated mm/dd/yy) (that need to be responded to between Jan 10-Jan 15 2014)

et cetera for each additional comment that we made to you.

et cetera for each additional comment that we made to you.

We acknowledge that we have both read and fully understood the implications on this year's and future grants described in the entire table at the top of subsequent changes

We acknowledge that the persons signing this paper below have either (1) prepared this email and the attached documents or (2) verified for completeness and accuracy this email and all of the attached documents.  We also acknowledge that the process necessary for continuity in the future has been documented in records accessible to the entire organization in the event of a future absence of either one of us. 

signed by (name, title/position) of the person writing this email

signed by each person writing or verifying any of the information included in this email or on any attachment (as well as specifically naming which things they are responsible for).



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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