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NOTICE - All profits  from the rental of  these apartments are donated  to local charities that support the nutrition, housing, education, medical and other needs of local Mexican children and women - for more information, see our web-site, just click on MPWCFoundation

HOW TO GET TO SUSPIROS #14 from El Jardin

The MAP below presents the general area of the apartment at Suspiros #14 showing the area south of El Jardin if you walk south from El Jardin towards the Instituto Allende and/or Parque Juarez.  Follow the light blue path from El Jardin, go south on Jesus for 2 blocks, and then make a sharp and extreme right followed by a quick left and then you will be on Suspiros.  Go to Suspiros #14 which will be on your left.  It will take you about 5-minutes to walk from El Jardin.

Suspiros #14 is a quiet one-block street between Paseo de Parque (a/k/a Nueva) and Tenerias and  it  is parallel to Zacateros/Ancha de San Antonio.  Suspiros can also be more easily identified as the street just behind Espino's Market or around the corner  from Cafe Rama and also La Palapa-the fish tacos tent.  The house at Suspiros #14 is near the center of the triangle formed (see map above) by the RED CIRCLES at the Jardin, the Instituto Allende, and the Parque Juarez.

Others may define CENTRO in so many other confusing ways, but the following map (showing the Colonias closest in to the Center, El Jardin and the Main Parroquia) is more accurate and can guide you more authoritatively.

The above colored circle is the center, surrounding the Main Parroquia, and it defines CENTRO. The legally defined "Historico Centro" is well within this circle and is the smallest area with a named definition .  Long-time definitions include the above circle, because of its equal areas away from the Parroquia, but you should be made aware that going east and west (left and right on this map) from the Parroquia quickly brings you to the more extreme uphill and downhill walks in our town.  North and south (pictured as up and down on this map) are the closest thing to level walking areas in the town.

To see the apartment:
Telephone us at 152-2654 between 8:30am and 5:30pm any day, or come by unannounced, ring main bell, and ask for the Mozo
(but only on) any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 10am and 1pm. Please do not drop by unannounced on any other day or any other time as there will be no one available to show you the apartment  other than at those times.   

Lease commences - the lease (in normal circumstances) commences on each December 1st.
Length (minimum) of lease - 12 months (one entire year).   However, if we have space available at other times than December 1st, a lease can be for shorter periods, but ending on November 30th.
Rent - $685 a month plus utilities -  and you might like to know that historically there has very seldom been annual rent increases for desirable tenants.   
Description of the space - light, airy, breezy, apartment with patio facing south, completely furnished, one-bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, patio, fireplace, ceramic tiles, other amenities.  Kitchen is completely  equipped  with a long list of necessary kitchen things including toaster oven, coffee maker, etc.
Outside exposures -  three (northern including the Parroquia, plus southern and either western (for apt.#1) or eastern (for apt.#2).
Location - Suspiros  #14 (a quiet street in el centro, near Espino's food market, and in the heart of centro and within the triangle formed by the Jardin, Benito Juarez (French) Park, and the Instituto Allende - (see map in the middle of this web-page) - an especially safe and secure apartment in a lovely house and in a prime Centro location - conveniently near everything including restaurants, art galleries, theatres, shopping, language schools, library, etc., etc., etc.
Walking distances - 5 minutes to the Jardin;  2 minutes to Juarez Park;  2 minutes to the Instituto Allende
Services - telephone,  gardener and maid service, as well as being wired for either Mexican Cablevision or USA Satellite TV (the latter is available at LESS COST monthly than Cablevision) and also wired for high-speed Internet access. Additionally, the drinking water is purified so you will save another $17 month by not having to buy purified water as most other renters must do.



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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