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This page should not have been necessary but there exists in town just a very few nasty people who, for reasons that are apparent only to themselves, feel no remorse any time they decide  to defame others.  This "defense" exists ONLY because they have made it necessary.  The following contains a public letter I made available (in 2004) to anyone with "doubts" about the mission, goals, and the current and future physical implementation of the work of this Foundation.  To illustrate the longevity of such defamation, I again heard portions of the same story from someone else as recently as in 2010.   And although the Foundation (now, in 2010) has an even longer history of grants (see Our grantees), some people still believe the worst of what they've heard.

the following was written by me, Michael Wein, in 2004 - QUOTE 

Money is being taken from poor children. I now know WHO is doing this and what I intend to do about it. Because the problem and answer is quite long, I summarize it all under the following subject headings:

What and who is taking this money?
What are the details of this problem?
What is the solution?
What I am going to do if the solution only works partially?
A parting thought, courtesy of Col. Phil Maher

What and who is taking this money?

Gossip and the malicious or merely ignorant gossipers. Gossip is rampant in SMA and it is hurting the most defenseless people among us. I have heard malicious gossip about so many of all of us; and the gossipers are causing untold hurt. What is being said is too often untrue but enough people not only believe it but pass it on, adding their own embellishments. What I have heard about myself (and I will tell you what is being said below) is not really hurting me but it is harming the children of San Miguel who can not defend themselves. Absent the results of this gossip, these children would receive the benefits from the $2,900,000 endowment that is intended to fund the major part of the mission of my Foundation

By this I mean that both the MPW Charitable Foundation and myself have been defamed so much and so often that some local organizations (with missions intended to help the very people my Foundation also attempts to help) do not ask us for grants. This is because they have been falsely led to believe that they will not receive any grants. As a consequence, they are thereby losing both current and future grant money that at this time is still very much available and that would help their beneficiaries, mostly the women and children of San Miguel.

What are the details of this problem?

There has been so many lies that cause misunderstandings about the MPWCFoundation and I wish to clear this up. In a town where there is so much negative gossip, that is difficult to do. But, to set the record straight, I intend to publicly prove, in the manner described below, beyond any doubt that:

The MPWCFoundation does exist and is recognized as such by the USA Internal Revenue Service.
The Foundation has been making larger and larger grants which are intended to continue during our evaluation of each grantee's transparency and continuity of operations. In turn, this is expected to lead to substantially larger grants after my death. The Foundation has already given at least one grant to more than 25 organizations in this town. See our list in process at Our grantees
The Foundation asks grantees to provide even less information than what the USA IRS requires of them.

Later on in this email I will explain how local people will have the opportunity and power to prove or disprove any of the above statements. In addition, I will also disprove any of the following lies. I have been made aware that certain malicious people have been stating the exact opposite of the above. I have also heard the following lies about me (and I now know the names of those who have engaged in this most often - more about that at the end of this long letter). Comparable lies have most likely been said about many of you. For instance, I have heard that:

The MPWCFoundation is a tax scam
and more recently, I have heard that I personally "live off my foundation".

Since I am the only person who has ever been expected to contribute money to the foundation, it is obviously NOT a tax scam (unless you consider my receiving a extremely small tax benefit, available to anyone who contributes money to any qualified charity, as a tax scam) and even I can't figure out how I might "live off" a foundation that costs me real money every year and gives me little other benefit except the pleasure of helping needy people.

In addition, I will prove with independent physical evidence, that I:

own assets in my own name that are sufficient to carry out my promises to the Foundation.
have executed and had notarized estate documents that demonstrate my commitment to keep my promises.
can present an easily understood Excel spreadsheet that shows all calculations in consistency with the estate documents.
calculate that the Foundation, based upon current asset values, will receive at least $2,900,000 (and probably considerably more) as its endowment shortly after my death.  Added later note as follows: The aforementioned $2,900,000 or more is not (in 20010, us$4,500,000)

Don't let gossip keep needy people from getting the educational, nutritional, housing, medical, and other help that they (chiefly women and children) critically need. Although our current grantees will continue in the grant program no matter what the future brings, at this moment we also have current unallocated funds for as many as four or five more grantees.

What is the solution?

I will make available for professional verification my entire personal financial situation. How's that for even more transparency than the kind of transparency my Foundation requires of the organizations in this town?   I ask for transparency from these organizations as a prerequisite to receiving grants from the MPWCF, although I ask much less than the transparency I now offer regarding my own situation.

In whatever way the residents of this town choose them, I will allow a combined group of 3 USA Certified Public Accountants and/or Canadian Chartered Accountants to volunteer their services to verify the above claims. They shall be restricted by nothing other than their own normal professional and ethical requirements. The aforementioned group of 3 CPAs/CAs may do anything they deem necessary to perform a normal professional verification. The only requirement I have of them is that they publicly present evidence of their professional qualifications and later issue a written and signed "certification" available both to me and to the public of the result of their audit..

What I am going to do if the solution only works partially?

I truly hope that the above offer ends any future gossip on this particular subject, but if it does not, there are alternative means to stop the gossip because I now know the people who are primarily spreading these lies. If I later hear of any gossip that negatively impacts upon the Foundation or me personally, I will assert all of my legal rights and commence prosecution of the offending parties. We in town have talked about slander and defamation far too long without taking the next step. I will take that next step. And the costs of that legal action will be the closest I come to "living off the Foundation" insofar as that money, to be spent on this legal action (unfortunately), will obviously increase the overhead of the Foundation (now only a cumulative total of us$229 in some seven years, including all incorporation and legal fees).

A parting thought, courtesy of Col. Phil Maher (USA consul-agent):

REMEMBER ME? My name is gossip.

I have no respect for Justice.

I maim without killing. I break hearts and ruin lives.

I am cunning and malicious and gather strength with age.

The more I am quoted, the more I am believed.

I flourish at every level of society.

My victims are helpless. They cannot protect themselves

against me because I have no name and I have no face.

To track me down is impossible. The harder you try,

the more elusive I become.

I am nobody's friend; I am everybody's enemy.

Once I tarnish a reputation, it is never quite the same.

My name is gossip.

Thanks to Col. Phil Maher - published in Atencion (12/94)

And a last note from me, since the above notice about gossip was in Atencion in 1994, this problem has been around this town for a long, long time.

Michael Wein

END QUOTE  - the above was written in 2004 - 

Please note that while the above public notice caused the persons involved at that time (2004) to cease their defamation, lies once told have a long LONG life.  As I said above, I have heard some of the "defaming statements" disclosed above as recently as 2010.   Sadly, we had to waste many years and many dollars were not given to deserving organizations who would have otherwise had the additional funds to aid needy children and women of San Miguel.

There is an old related story, equal to the above in its costs to the women and children of San Miguel.  As many of you know, all of the profits from the rental of two apartments in my house are currently and annually donated to the MPWCFoundation.  It is the gossip calling me a "bad landlord" that has caused a decrease (and finally, a cessation) in such rentals and such donations to the Foundation.  Those of you who know me know that I am a man of my word.  If I say I will do something, I do it.  Apparently a very few of my ex-tenants have not kept their word, especially the written word in the leases (see rental discussion) they agreed to and signed prior to taking occupancy.  When I fulfill my obligations under those leases and a tenant does not, I first remind them and if they repeatedly ignore their obligations, I take actions.  These are the actions that cause the gossip started by ex-tenants.  Apparently they felt that they could conveniently ignore their obligations while receiving the benefits of my fulfillment of my  obligations.   

I ask you, the reader (or the receiver of such gossip), to assess whether or not there is a possibility of some bias from any person telling you only one side of the story.  

There is more about this subject at the very bottom of the Gossip page.



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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