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I was saddened the other day when one of the local listservs had a posting about the spelling of Calle Stirling Dickinson without any mention that that street was named after a man whom the city administration was so very much indebted to that, for the first and only time, a San Miguel street was named after a gringo. Were it not for Stirling, 99% (or even more) of us would most probably not live here today. A fuller tribute to this spectacular human being, and a marvelous article about, Stirling and who and what he was can be found at personalities in an article written by Mary Elmendorf.

The above was sufficient reason but it became coupled with a more recent passing of the irreplaceable Elena Shoemaker (who among so many other contributions, often corrected the misspelling of Stirling's name), suggests the need for (at very least) a listing of "those who came before us".  For reasons I no longer remember, I started such a list many years ago (there are at least 180 people that I knew here in town who are no longer alive) and you may see this memorial list below (and learn how -at the bottom of this page- to add missing names to it). Every one of the original 154 people on the list has made a significant  contribution to what I believe too many of us take for granted now.  And, although obviously subjective, I appended the title (SMACE) next to each person I personally knew to be a San Miguel Allende, Contributor Extraordinaire. 

For those of you who are even more interested in updating this page or any other page of this free (and containing no advertising) SMA online newsmagazine, see write to & for us and contribute whatever you wish.

This list on the SMA online newsmagazine should never have been necessary.  This is just one more example of what Atencion could have but never would do in its constant pandering to the tourist and the local real estate interests, coupled with their blatant lack of interest in the welfare of the expats actually living here.

Following is a list of Gringos whose deaths have been brought to our attention.   As of April 19, 2016, this page includes only the names of those 154 gringos whose life here was both known by us and known to have died.  Most probably, others who died elsewhere or whose death was not made known to us should have been listed.  As of today, this page will attempt to correct that problem as we publicly ask for the names of those who should not be forgotten here.  Names (deaths) added subsequent to April 6, 2012, have not been verified.


ahrens, sylvia  SMACE 

alshouse, robert

alten, ivan SMACE 

anderson, irene SMACE 

antil, francis SMACE 

appelman, arthur

ater, george

banning, anika SMACE 

bartell, sally 

beekman, david SMACE 

bell, george SMACE 

bell, peggy SMACE

bennington, rita

blair, marian SMACE

box, hal

broadfoot, bryan

brooks, leonard SMACE

brooks, reva SMACE

brown, russell SMACE

brunner, nilo

bruns, janice

buchanan, beryl SMACE

butler, kendal dodge SMACE

campbell, duncan SMACE

campbell, rosamund SMACE

carmina, senora SMACE

chaffin, regina

childress, doris

clancy, sarah

clay, don SMACE

cohen, maria luisa

competello, tom

converse, jane

cotton, jack

cranston, toller

crissman, richard

cross, caryn

crouch, cheryl

cummings, alan

curtice, claire SMACE

dale, bette SMACE

daugherty, chuck SMACE

d'avignon, sue SMACE

davison, rosa

dawson, elenna

dawson, john

deal, jack

de gast. robert

demers, cecile

demeulenaere, simonetta de vries SMACE

denham, alice

depperschmidt, jean

dickinson, stirling   personalities SMACE!!!!

dickman, gert

dodge, david

dodge, elva

doran, diane

dunham, helen

dworkin, marcia

eades, virginia (ginger)

earlygrow, raven

echlin, leticia SMACE

ershun, florence SMACE

ershun, joe SMACE

everett, david

fagas, irma

feirich, libby SMACE

fernandez, nell harris SMACE

fisher, donna

foley, joe

foreigname, adele

foudray, keith

frahm, wendi SMACE

frazee, maria teresa 

friedman, ruth

galloway, margaret  SMACE

gaston, mary  SMACE

george, dick

gerez, toni SMACE

gold, ruth

golden, charlotte SMACE

goodman, nadia

goodheart, annette


gould, cleo SMACE

gower, rosalie SMACE

greene, eve SMACE

greenhouse, catherine 

griffin, don SMACE

guy, christine

haen, peter

hagins, clarence

hanson, wanda

hanson, robert

harrison, ceil

hayes, carolyn

heady, victor SMACE

heck, bob

heimowitz, jack

hoerner, jack SMACE

house, fred SMACE

irving, augusta SMACE

jaffe, ruth

jaffe, sid

james, claudia

jesperson, james

johnson, peggy

johnson, wendy

jorgensen, svend

joyce, anita

kamelhar, murray

kapel, joe

kaplan, renee

kaufman, howard

kay, john

keith, florence

keller, keith

kelso, steve

keogh, john SMACE

keogh, linda SMACE

king, reggie SMACE

kligerman, josh SMACE

knutzen, bill

kramer, phil SMACE

kruk, norman

kurtz, mary

lazinchuk, maryanne

leveque, jim

levine, annie

levy, maurice

lichter, barbara SMACE

logan, gordon

loomer, mimi

maher, philip (colonel) obituaries and eulogies SMACE

mankins, gordon

mann, patricia fought

marinovich, joanne SMACE

marsh, mary swetland

masterson, mary stuart

martin, marnie SMACE

marzulli, pat

masterson, jo

mccauley, mary

mcgann, george SMACE

mcgann, louise

mcginty, tom

mckay, jock

medalia, nahum

merdinger, sandy

michaelides, janet

milosz, sareda SMACE

minton, joe

moore, ginny SMACE

moran, carol

morgan, harv

morris, helen

mudge, peter  SMACE

nadel, eli  SMACE

nevius, richard cass

newton, marianna SMACE

nicholson, peggy

novak, jerry

olwyler, peter SMACE

o'hanna, eunice

o'neal, ruth

osias, betty

osman, ed

paris, sue

pelham-keller, richard 

perlet, marion

peters, lois

phipps, elizabeth

porter, bill

profitt, christopher

proulx, tom

quinlisk, bud

redgate, beverly

reid, sue

reindorf, esther

reynolds, dallas "mack"

reynolds, jeanette

robbins, frank SMACE

roberts, ines

rodgers, jacquelyn

roettinger, phil SMACE

roettinger, susan SMACE

rosemarin, rick

rosenberg, milton

rosenblum, lou

rosenthal, george

rozanski, steve

ryan, rolla

sawyer, tom SMACE

scardigli, remo

schell, betsy

schuell, tom

schuman, joyce (joyous heart) SMACE

shiffman, babe

shiffman, georgeann

shoemaker, elena SMACE

sigler, roger

silvers, arthur

sisto, jack

sisto, stephanie

smith, martin

smith, shanghai

smith, susan porter SMACE

snyder, dorcas SMACE

somerlott, bob SMACE

stanton, ken

stein, john SMACE

stewart, frank

stice, don

sullivan, loretta SMACE

teigland, lowell

teldon, carol

todaro, francesca  obituaries and eulogies

tolpen, doris

triplett, bill

truitt-patterson, pat SMACE

ukkerd-toorchen, charles

underwood, nancy SMACE

veal, carol

velte, bill

velte, jack SMACE

velte, luisa SMACE

velte, robin 

vidargas, dotty SMACE

waldstein, barry

walsh, katy  SMACE

webb, cassandra SMACE

weber, walter SMACE

weiner, pat

weiss, wanda

weissman, bernie

weitzman, abe

welch, jane

wells, may

whaley, michael

wheelwright, farley SMACE

wheelwright, virginia SMACE

white, herb SMACE

williams, ann

winetsky, doris

wishart, marian SMACE

wodin, gerry  obituaries and eulogies SMACE

wodin, robert

wolf, dan

wolford, david

wood, bea

yakerson, sid

yohn, michael

zaidenberg, arthur SMACE

zaidenberg, tommy SMACE

zap, marge SMACE

Objectives of this page:

1- as this community hosts many part-time recurring visitors, we often are saddened to hear of the passing of both part-time recurring visitors and full-time residents, well after their actual death.  If for no other reason then to fill a void that should have been filled by Atencion and thereby record the passage of such people, this section is available.

2- this section will contain all notices of "deaths" of local people that meet the criteria described in Instructions .   All names will be listed in alphabetical order.

3 - we have another page for obituaries and eulogies for those survivors who wish to make known their feelings regarding those who have passed away. click on obituaries



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