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This webpage attempts to give the reader our requirements and our thoughts about the following:

  1. our copyright control over these webpages as well as how to easily obtain permission to reprint one or more pages.
  2. the webpage names (URL-links, top of page titles, and other substitute names used occasionally
  3. the evolution of webpages on this entire website
  4. problems we have encountered regarding consistency (or inconsistency) in creating these webpages and what you can do about any inconsistent statements feel you have discovered.

1 - Copyright control - you have our permission to copy and paste anywhere else (but only if unchanged) any and all pages in the MPWCF website BUT ONLY IF you adher to the following requirement --- our URL-link must be shown and each copied page attributed to us as in the following quotation: "reproduced with MPWCFoundation permission  --  "

2 - our entire website follows the principal of using /one_word.htm URL-LINKs such as .  However, that is the URL-link name.  Each web-page ALSO has a name that may or may not be identical.  See above name of THIS page.   While the URL-link and the page name are identical on THIS page (as "copyright"), the name we are referring to as page name now always appears just a little below the website name (which is  "the  m p w c   foundation,  inc.") and just above the first long underline.  In addition, and only occasionally, we ALSO have a nickname for a page with the nickname referring to something important that appears on just some portion of the entire page.  A good example of this is the page with the URL of  being identical with the top line some details but the page ALSO being referred to as the "REPLY instructions and examples page" (because of that page containing those most important details in the middle of that page).

3 - this website evolved from a Geocities offer back in 1998 to host a do-your-own website, years before the Foundation was even incorporated in Texas (USA).  As an early experiment in creating websites, the Founder obtained (at no cost to the Foundation) web-building software from Microsoft and started explaining some of the early requirements that he thought he would need for the Foundation that was later to come.  So, the first pages were written in 1998.  But as the Foundation grew, and its grantees grew, and the raison d'etre (see beliefs ) came to fruition with the passing years, the 3-page web-site grew and grew.  While we made massive time investments in updating all webpages, some repetitions occurred and some inconsistencies (in choice of language, but possibly even in direction or instructions) have also occurred.  And the "logical order" has gotten more than a bit dis-ordered.  For that we apologize and continue in our attempts to make it easier for any grantee (especially) but also any reader to understand.

4 - as one of our main objectives was to make our own mission versus overhead ratio as much better than 99% to 1% as possible, we minimized our entire administrative staff to just one person (at least until our 2011 Shocker).  Hence the inability to perfectly solve the problem discussed in point #3 above.  However, we continue to hope that the readers (especially the grantees) will bring any problems to our attention and not allow themselves to be confused by any problem we, ourselves, have caused.  One of the reasons for the annual comments letters to grantees was to point out to all grantees where they have fallen down in following our requirements but we agree that our part of any confusion should NOT be one of their problems.  We constantly ask that each grantee contact us each year before December 31 with any problem they perceive.   We will do what we can about these problems but we must rely on our readers to inform us when they do not understand something or any inconsistency.


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

Some, but not all, pages on this web-site were selectively modified as recently as the date shown at the bottom of the MPWCFoundation web-page.   This entire web-site is copyrighted  © 2000-2020 by The Michael Paul Wein Charitable Foundation, Inc  

QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS about this web-site?          E-mail us at    SPECIFY EXACTLY  the page name using the entire URL link and illustrate your question or comment by showing both the problem wording and your question or comment about IT.