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Dish Network - explain here how Dish Network's advertising can not be believed; how they stole their promised "free receivers" refund by just out-waiting me and not performing their own promises - place copy of my receipt and their advertisement that promised the refunds and the correspondence with their Customer Service (better name is Customer Gets No Service) people here, too - also show how easy they make it to subscribe and how difficult they make it to unsubscribe; and show how they continued to bill my credit card after I informed them (and all other pertinent parties, including my bank and my credit card company, on the day) of my unsubscribing.  And then they continued to harrass me with collection calls and notices.  They were the worst vendor I have ever (in my now 74 years of life) known.

ESQuotes -  review fantastic product that costs very little and does what it promises EXCEPT that shortly after installation (and of course, payment), problems occur and the email address, the web-site, and all other "contacts" suddenly are no longer answered. 





















“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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