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This is our new BULLETIN BOARD, free to all users, to be used for rides offered, recommended employees available, garage/tag sales, and the like.  See more details immediately below.

As a service to our community, but with practical considerations needed to implement this, all bulletin board entries or announcements MUST follow these rules.

we WILL PUBLISH these items: rides offered to others, employees available (gringo referral info must be included), garage/tag/yard/estate/moving sales, current addresses of ex-SMA'ers, notices of transitions of people who live and have lived here, shut-in people who would would welcome visitors, and new restaurant openings and old ones closing. 
we WILL NOT PUBLISH these categories: rides wanted, employees wanted, or anything else for sale, for rent, or anything else from commercial interests. 
Other items not listed above will be considered on a case to case basis.
To keep this bulletin board somewhat current, all items will be deleted between 60 and 90 days after the original posting.
The writer of each posting will be responsible for any responses and therefore should include his/her email address and/or phone #, as well as ALL pertinent details of what the posting is about.  We can not afford the time to amend postings once they are first included. And because of the need for quick viewer accessibility, all items must be limited to the approximate size of about 200 words.  Please submit all information without graphics, without big or unusual fonts, and with ALL information in a form that allows for quick and understandable reading.
The following sections are below: Transitions (people arriving, leaving, etc. and restaurant openings and closing,  Garage (etc.) sales, and "all other notices" in the third section

All items will be listed in the order we receive them.  To leave a message for this bulletin board, click on or email

6/1/04 -  We are having a serious crisis here at SMA OnLine that might cause us to cease publication.   Please read the 6/1/04 article (the first item in the  EMAILed information section, right under the web-site changes section) on the news about us page and its effect on "community bulletin board"

Transitions (people arriving, leaving, and (as odd as it may sound) restaurant openings and closings:



Garage, tag, yard, estate, moving sales:

June 12 - Sat., 9 - 2 Pm, Fabrica Aurora...lots of great stuff!  Used wooden doors, cupboard doors, cabinets, outdoor lighting, plant holders, 2 stainless steel sinks with stainless steel counters, plumbing supplies, clothes, furniture, paintings, lovely stained glass window, clothes, kitchen supplies, etc. 
Great setting...the Fabria Aurora has been turned into wonderful artist studio's and antique and clothing stores.  Call Holly at 152-1274 for directions

All other notices:



-Six levels of English for adults
-Using texts "Side by Side" and "Interchange"
-Supplemental audio and video tapes - tape recorders, TV and VCR provided
-Teachers Guides for every lesson - in-service training
-Use of a modern school facility - The José Vasconcelos School - in Barrio Obraje
-Class hours are 6:00 to 7:30 PM, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
-Classes begin Monday, August 23 and run through April, 2005
-Teaching experience not required

Call Bob Wolfe 152-1232 or e-mail

5/15/04  -  Dear Friends of Ruth O'Neal, Unfortunately, there is very bad news concerning our dear little Ruth. She is in a hospital in Phoenix, AZ in great distress--lung cancer. I knew that she was moving back to Arizona, because San Francisco was too cold and damp for her. When I called to try to get her new address, I got the news that she was in the hospital with severe shortness of breath. Of course, I thought that it was a matter of congestive heart failure and could be treated with medicine.  Alas, that is not the case. Ruthie told me that she has cancer. I had hoped that somehow Ruth would not be told, and called her yesterday when I got her phone number from her son, Rolin, who lives in Phoenix. She had GREAT difficulty talking and coughed horribly, but apparently did not know the bad news. This morning I called her again to chat and read a poem that I wrote about her two days ago. She was breathing a little better and not coughing, but knew the diagnosis. It grieves me that she is so miserable. I asked whether she was being given something to make her more comfortable, and she told me that they are trying to take care of the problem. Of course she has been on oxygen since arriving at the hospital. Mail can be sent to her % Rolin O'Neal, 1851 West Hiddenview Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85045. Rolin and Nardine's phone number is (480) 283-8909.     from Michelle Smith

5/10/04  - Sue Paris (at 152-0932) has knowledge of Dora, a recent graduate of the Don Bosco School, and Dora is looking for full-time work at almost anything.  She is computer-literate but speaks no English (although Sue says she is about to take English-speaking lessons).   Dora is attractive and bright and eager to learn.

Objectives of this page:  this page is intended to act as a current bulletin board for our San Miguel expatriate residents.  "Current", for practical considerations, will have to be considered as 30 days of exposure and then deletion.  If the item is still current in the mind of the writer, a new item should be emailed to us for publication for another 30 days.  The criteria for what will be published is discussed at the top of this page.


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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