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This page is intended to summarize the instructions for each ongoing (meaning a local San Miguel de Allende grantee who has received grants or other instructions from us within the last year) grantee on what is required each year after the first grant has been given.   

First, here is an IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING YOUR "METHODS" of responding to us in ALL inputs to us:

We have found that the grantees that COPY each question/suggestion/point/instruction and only after doing that they THEN add their own unique answer directly below each individual point, it turns out that they generally do a better job in responding than those who merely read each item and respond with only a reference to the originating question/suggestion/point/instruction.   This better job saves time for both of us as neither of us has to go through the frustrations of re-asking for information that was asked for previously but was ignored intentionally or by oversight.   As a result of this, we must now insist that you submit ALL input this way Since almost everything is now submitted using computers, this method is even easier because using this "copy and paste" technique assures fewer mistakes or oversights.  This method should apply to EVERYTHING that is described below.  And be aware that we have no objection to you taking last year's answers and using them (after you re-read them, amend them, correct them, delete portions no longer correct, etc. or otherwise ADAPT them to become your NEW AND MORE CURRENT answers) for your starting point for this year's now even more complete current submission.    For instructions on formatting REPLYs, click HERE and read the mid-page section entitled "Regarding EMAILs and REPLYs to email" on the page that this click brings you to)

From now on, all of our FORMS (or Templates) will have "updated by MPWCF on mm/dd/yy" dates so that everyone will know if they used the latest such form.   And all of your input to us must now have information on who prepared, who updated and who reviewed the final input and what was the date that each of the foregoing was done.

Deadline dates for you to know (remember we must report to our own Trustees shortly thereafter) (be sure to read the three notes marked (A) on the Calendar webpage) (finally, do not send anything more than 5 days before the due dates):

Between June 30 and August 31st, each grantee should have re-read any and all of our latest "Comments (that need to be responded to between Nov 1 20xx and Jan 15 20yy)" email(s) from us to you regarding your last grant year's input, this email having  made suggestions for improvements for this year's grant input.  We will expect an email response using this "comments email" as the starting basis for your reply with your point by point responses interjected after each individual point (each response being placed on a separated line from that which is being responded to).  See the "Starting work around November 1st ... by January 15th" caption below.  

Between October 25th and October 31st, send us an email with the subject: "(your individual 5-letter-code)-(grant year 20xx)-Section A Confirmation".  To compose this email, use the template given to you on the webpage due Oct 31st.  Be sure to "copy and paste" exactly what we left for you to use.  See due Oct 31st

Starting work around November 1st and completing your responses by January 15th, send us an email (between Jan.10 and Jan 15) with the subject: "(your individual 5-letter-code)-(grant year 20xx)-Responses to your comments letter dated (mm/dd/yy)".   To compose this email, use the template given to you on the webpage  due Nov1-Jan15.   Nothing else should be combined into (or contained in) this email.   In the event that we sent you two or more Comments letters since February of last year, be sure to add to the subject line whatever wording differentiates between the two or more responses.  During this period, you should also read our site map for MPWCF to see if there are any pages that you should re-review, especially read all pages marked on the site map with a large red (C)

Before February 1st of each year, in accordance with both Section B2 and Section D of ongoing requirements, send us an email.   To compose this email, use the various templates given to you on the webpage due Jan 31st which accomplishes all of the below (and more).

In preparing responses to anything requested below, do not reinvent the wheel.  Where at all possible, be sure to utilize your own prior year's responses as merely a "starting point" and edit them, update them, correct them, and definitely add to them, so that this year's responses are better, more complete, and a greater indication of where you now stand on each of the below points.   And be sure to use our Comments email (both any ASAP email that presumably you've responded to before you received last year's grant, as well as the email due between Jan 10 and Jan 15) from last year so as to include our latest suggestions.  When each response is completed, review it so that you can consider it as this year's response and therefore let it be  judged as if it were completely new this year.  Be sure each response (each template) also includes the name(s) of those of your people who are responsible for its completeness as well as the date they completed that particular input.
After reading and understanding all of the instructions included in the many links given to you on the annual certification letter web-page, you will be prepared to go forward.         
One covering email should be sent to us listing by name each of the many attachments (and each of the attachments themselves should be appropriately SUBJECT-named as described above). The covering email should refer to every attachment PLUS the certification letter itself.
One attachment of a one-page complete comparative financial statement including all appropriate disclosure notes (Subject-name this as Financial Statement) (It will include the Statement of Receipts and Expenditures as well as the Statement of Financial Condition, and also the reconciliation between the two Statements, and all of this will be on ONE long page, longer from top to bottom, and not too wide for one 8 1/2 by 11 paper, whenever printed)
A separate (and physically ink-signed) PAPER copy of the annual certification letter should be delivered to us at Suspiros #14, San Miguel.
Please DO NOT SEND by email or deliver in person ANYTHING else but what we have asked for. 
Be sure that you read and understand and consider the implications for your organization of the new fact that we are going to dissolve this Foundation a short time after the Founder's death, whether or not you have met all of our requirements WELL BEFORE his death.  Your share of the endowment will be decided by him at any time convenient to him before he dies AND it will be based upon your cumulative and hopefully improving input year after year.  You have been provided guidance on this in the table at the top of subsequent changes 
Lastly, if the Founder has already died and the Foundation's (approximately) two year waiting period before dissolution has passed, and you have received your share of the (currently estimated at us$4,000,000 or more) Foundation's Endowment, you should follow the instructions for an annual "Endowment Assets Report" that must accompany your annual (all still due Jan 31st) Financial Statements.  These instructions will be found on the afterwards webpage.

Grant year 2014 will be the fifth year that we are trying this summary/checklist method of controlling all responses.  If you have ANY questions, the time to ask them is prior to December 31, 2013.  Only one of you has ever asked questions and most of you should have (as we saw so many misreadings of our instructions).  So for grant year 2014, we are trying something new since one or two of you seem to still have difficulty conforming to our need for consistent and comparative input.  On the next page you will find information about, and links to, our templates, wherein we do everything for you except fill in the answers (which obviously are to be your own unique responses).  Please, and this is the last chance for some of you, don't miss out on this last opportunity.  Do NOT edit our questions.  BUT DO EDIT YOUR RESPONSES.



“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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