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The allocations page will contain the names of all grantees approved by the Founder prior to his death.  To that extent, the allocations webpage supercedes and replaces sections of this web-page and its underlying "potentials", etc, webpages insofar as selection of grantees is concerned.  Only grantees so approved on the allocations webpage (previously considered "certified") may receive grants (either the annual grants or the much bigger "endowment" and final distribution grants) after the Founder's death (note, however, that there are some exceptions noted later on this page).  As an indication of the most important requirements for such approval, no requirements are more important than the following:

Possessing an observable and written set of policies and procedures that ensure that future generations of your organization's management will understand and continue the policies and procedures that are consistent with your organization's current methods of operating and the goals and mission upon which such MPWCF approval was granted.  Quite obviously, if we are to promise huge grants (or even larger "endowments")  to any organization, we would like to have some assurance that what our Founder agreed to prior to his death appears to be what your organization is going to continue doing.    And now (in 2013) where we plan to transfer portions of our (now calculated at us$4,000,000 of more) directly to the grantees as "endowments", we expect this even more than before.   More of what we expect to see is shown in great detail on the continuity webpage.
Creating and issuing annual comparative financial statements that openly and fully disclose your financial operations as well as disclose the internal workings of your  organization. We feel that whatever you choose to do should be non-secretive and that all of your constituencies deserve to know what is going on in your organization. We are especially interested in:
comparisons between years, in both actual and budgeted information
sufficiently and accurately detailed descriptions (in general categories) of significant categories of sources of monies received  and significant categorization of expenditure
the relationship of "mission" expenses separated from and compared to general overhead expenses
compensation (of any sort) paid to non-Mexicans (especially your insiders like your board members, officers, etc.)
costs of fund-raising as well as the net amount of funds raised
supplementary notes explaining that which the financial statements do not otherwise explain
an example of the above is shown at financials-example
More about both of these requirements, including definitions, can be found on web-pages called transparency and continuity as well as on the pages underlying the use of templates

The following organizations are approved as of this moment:

The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation (**)
Rider University (**)
Jovenes Adelante 
no longer approved are the following:  Feed-the-Hungry, Computadoras pro Jovenes, and Casita Linda (see note A below) nor are presently any of the others shown on the past and present grantees webpage

(**) be aware that the two organizations noted (with **) above are approved as default organizations in the event that insufficient San Miguel de Allende organizations meet the necessary requirements. For such SMA organizations, the (see above) requirements must be met prior to the Founder's death AND must continue to be met in the years thereafter.  Should approved organizations cease to meet this criteria in later years, provisions for transferring the grants, and possibly the entire Foundation endowment, to the default organizations are provided for in the Founder's Trust Agreement (which is part of his Estate documents and is a condition of his Will).  This latter restriction also continues to apply after the Foundation closes down as discussed in the March 15 2012 notice at webpage Correspondence). However, in the event that the two default grantees (Rider and ACLUF) (who have been getting copies of each succeeding years - forever - input from any SMA grantee who has received their allocated share of the endowment)  ascertain that any (or all) of the SMA grantees have not met their obligations under this website (and the Founder's estate documents - of which they received a copy at his death), they shall institute procedures to recapture (and share 1/3 - 2/3 - Rider and ACLUF) the restricted endowments so distributed.

Based upon a 2012 decision to close down the Foundation in approximately two years after the Founder's death, a tightening up (combined with a hurrying up) of the qualities (see above) required of the final grantees is further discussed in the entire table at the top of webpage subsequent changes (especially the March 15 2012 notice - more about that at webpage Correspondence).  It is quite possible, given past histories from each of the SMA grantees mentioned above, that the entire endowment will NOT be allocated to the SMA grantees, and that even significant portions of it might be allocated to the two (or more) USA default grantees because the Founder has gotten completely disillusioned with the SMA grantees non-performance (limited, or even no, improvements over the years) on the subject of Continuity.    Prior to his death, the most recent annual input received from each grantee shall have been reviewed by the Founder and each year, his most recent judgment of percentages of the total endowment shall be posted to the allocations webpage for later use in dividing the total endowment to be allocated to each grantee   If 100% of the grantees each get 100% of their allocated share of the endowment, the allocation shall approximate 30% to Jovenes Adelante, 30% to Feed the Hungry, and 15% to Casita Linda.  At this time (March 21 2012) no other grantees are being considered, so the remaining 25% of the entire Endowment of the Foundation shall be allocated to (1/3 - 2/3) Rider and ACLUF.   However, based upon  past performances, the Founder currently suspects that a more likely result may be something like (for example) Jovenes Adelante 25%,  Feed the Hungry 20%, and Casita Linda 7%.   For the time being, let us use these percentages only as an example.  If that example became final (and see allocations for the current "most recent judgment of percentages of the total endowment"), that means that only 52% of the entire Endowment is to be divided among the SMA grantees and the remaining 48% would go to USA Grantees listed on that page.   

See the webpage allocations for the latest (assuming I lived long enough to complete the page) "approved and at this moment final" allocations to each of the San Miguel and USA grantees.

(note A) This status probably will not change as these organizations, all for various reasons of their own, have ceased to provide annual information.  Each has agreed that the information required is also useful and necessary to them but they never seem to input such information.  Therefore, should the Founder die unexpectedly or prematurely (or should he become incapacitated or of diminished capacity), the "approved" status shall remain based upon the Founder's most recent judgment as disclosed on allocations webpage prior to his death.   The current (and this is true at any future time, too) judgment (as well as after-that-updated judgments) can be found on the allocations webpage for each San Miguel Grantee and each USA grantee.   I'm truly sorry, dear friends, but your role in partially causing my early departure from this earth is not be be overlooked.  You've had 7 or even more years to get your act together and you've finally, by February 2013, flunked out next to completely.   


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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