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We used to ask you to send us a COPY of the below letter.  No more, as this has been superceded by the new use of templates which we discuss below and which should make your work clearer and easier.  Use the templates instead.  We leave for transition purposes much of the below but cross it out so that  you know not to do this anymore.  START BY COPYING IT COMPLETELY and then edit it to meet your specific individualized answers for your annual certification letter to the MPWCF.  You may ADD to the letter but DO NOT DELETE any item OR CHANGE any item NUMBER.   Be sure to CIRCLE your answer ON the form for each question and THEN explain any "NO", if applicable.

Note that EACH question requires a response. Where the response refers a reader to another attachment, the name of the attachment should appear on this page AND ALSO AN EXACT replication of the name should ALSO appear on the attachment.  In addition, remember that each attachment should be named in the following format "codename - year- (name of the attachment). 

Note for grant year 2012 and subsequent - the below "certification-example" has been superceded by the FORMAT set up for your use on the due Jan 31st template webpage.   Look for the CERTIFICATION LETTER near the very bottom of that page AND USE IT INSTEAD of the below .

(The name of your organization)

(The street address)

(Telephone number AND email address)  

                                                      ( date of this letter to the MPWCF)

To the MPWCF:

The undersigned principals of (insert name of your organization) certify that for the current grant year (insert this year) our organization has read, understood, and complied with your requirements as specified on your web-site at and most specifically, we answer the following questions:  

  1. If there has been any changes in our answers to your questions 1-20 of your 1st year requirements page since we first answered them,  we have re-submitted by email dated (insert most current submission's date here) with the subject entitled "codename - year - Questions 1-20" a newer and more current version of this latest "questions 1-20" statement.     circle answer yes/    no change    /no          (if “no”, explain as #1)  
  2. We have reviewed your latest "open comments/questions" email from the prior year and answered them completely (using the copy-reply format, described at the bottom-half of the some details  web-page, and adding our answers to each question as a reply/response after each individual question).  You should have received this by email sent on (enter date) with the subject: codename - year - Responses to MPWCF Comments email dated mm/dd/yy.    circle answer yes/no              (if “no”, explain as #2)       
  3. We submitted by email answers to your 2nd four questions on the some details web-page.  You can find the questions and our answers on (specify exactly where this can be found, using the codename - year - etc format)   circle answer yes/no              (if “no”, explain as #3)       
  4. We submitted by email one combined detailed financial statement that includes next year's budget figures, this year's actuals, this year's budget, and last year's actuals (using the format shown on your financials-example web-page). The attachment is called codename - year - financials.     circle answer yes/no              (if “no”, explain as #4)      
  5. We have submitted a detailed email entitled "Subject - codename - (year) - 7 questions"  in response to Point D of ongoing requirements.  We also submitted, where necessary, attachments referencing that email with Subjects for those points that required longer and more details responses.  Each of these supplementary attachments are first listed by name only on the "7 questions" email and referenced to the appropriate attachments that, in turn, are entitled "Subject - codename - (year) - 7 questions - Point #D(number).      circle answer yes/no              (if “no”, explain as #5)      
  6. Except where it is a physical impossibility to do so, all of the above documents, including this one, have been sent to you via email.  The emails  (preferably only two or three, if possible) have succinctly named Subjects at the top and, if a very long email, sub-headings listed at the very top of the email with further detailed explanations under a repeat of each sub-heading later on in that email. answer yes/no                (if “no”, explain as #6)  A paper copy of this certification letter has also been delivered to you at Suspiros #14, San Miguel.
  7. In all other respects, to the best of our individual knowledge and belief, we have complied with the requirements set forth on your web-site,          answer yes/no                (if “no”, explain as #7)
  8. at least one of the undersigned has, within the last 8 months, read, understood, and agreed that we have complied with all requirements of your website.  answer yes/no                     (if “no”, explain as #8)  
  9. For all of the above items that required explanations (as in "if `no', explain as #xx), each individual explanation is clearly referenced to the question by repeating the question and, using BOTH the "number" AND a short (approx. five to eight words") caption above the answer that summarizes the question, is then followed by our response.  And, if there are many such explanations necessary this year, one separate attachment with a name "Certification - supplementary explanations" should be attached to the email (only, not the paper) copy. answer yes/no                     (if “no”, explain as #9)  
  10. For any compensation or any other fees paid to anyone at all, we certify that such amounts are carefully and completely explained and quantified on the face of our financial statementsanswer yes/no               (if “no”, explain as #10)  

Signed by the following (please have your chief financial person and chief administrative person and chief executive sign this certification - formDateOct2010).

X (name and title) etc. etc. etc.________________________________

X (name and title) etc. etc. etc.________________________________

X (name and title) etc. etc. etc.________________________________      

And now, this one last "helper" for our grantees.  The very most important webpages (that should be read EVERY year by EVERY grantee) are defined and designated with a "(C)" on our site map page.  To aid  you in referring back and forth between this checklist page and each of those pages, we include below a table of links between each of these pages.  The links are listed (more or less, but mostly) in the order of their "completion by you (and necessity)" basis.

checklist (summary) use these templates to create your input for the year certification - use this for preliminary work continuity - defined & discussed 
transparency - defined & discussed financials-example - use this format  disclosures- examples for your fin'l statements ongoing requirements for each year  
some details - including "how to reply" 1st year requirement - where applicable eligibility - where applicable our calendar - for your information
subsequent changes - use after Founder's death site map for this MPWCF website    




“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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