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What is our timetable (our normal calendar)? 

Calendar of normal events at (approximate) expected dates during our fiscal year which begins on July 1 and ends June 30th, each year (please note that effective as of December 31, 2008, we no longer accept grant requests from new potential grantees):


 what happens at that time?

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jul Final internal accounting is completed for our own prior fiscal year ending each June 30th  what we ask of our grantees, we also do ourselves  
oct 15 Submission of our own internal tax reports to the USA's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on Forms 990ez (and possibly Form 990 later, if and when required) IRS information
nov 1  (this is no longer applicable)   by 9am, we should have received confirmation of each grantee's interest in continuing with us and this begins the following year's grant process.      future requirements and due Oct 31st (A)
early Jan. local charitable organizations are requested to submit their required inputs for first year's grants - Note that as of Oct 10 2008, this is no longer applicable as we have ceased accepting new grantees    Eligibility    and   initial requirements
Jan 16 (this is no longer applicable)   by 9am, current grantees should have submitted their required inputs in response to last year's "Comments" letters regarding improvements required in this year's Jan 31 input due Nov1-Jan15 (A)  Do NOT send these more than 5 days earlier
feb 1 to 16 (this is no longer applicable)   by 9am on Feb 1, current grantees should have submitted all remaining input for the current grant year;  initial and then final review of all grant input received should be completed in early February; all input must then be reviewed prior to presentation to our Trustees by late February due Jan 31st (A) and Our trustees. Do not send these more than 5 days earlier
late feb Annual meeting of our Board of Trustees occurs in late February or early March Our trustees
as noted Payments to grantees (normally completed during the period March through early May) Our grantees
may Submission of annual State of Texas franchise report as required IRS information
may plans for next year are made and reviewed, continuity updated, mostly by May 31st.  
jun 30 End of our Foundation's fiscal year - June 30th  

Be sure that you read and understand and consider the implications for your organization of the new fact that we are going to dissolve this Foundation a short time after the Founder's death, whether or not you have met all of our requirements WELL BEFORE his death.  Your share of the endowment will be decided by him before he dies AND it will be based upon your cumulative input year after year.  You have been provided guidance on this in the table at the top of subsequent changes and the latest update "results" of our reviews of each organization are disclosed on the allocations webpage.

 (A)     although each of these "due dates" are critically important for all grantees to meet (because, if we DO NOT receive all input from ALL grantees at the SAME TIME, we are forced to review the ones that do not meet our deadlines out of our normal efficiency zone for review.   That costs us time that we can not spare AND it costs the grantee a tougher and more critical review (so, you, too, lose by your laxity).  Too many times, it is apparent that the work itself was done at the last minute and this, too, will require more additional work by the grantee AS our review will again be tougher.   The correct and proper method in every case is to make sure that your work is documented in a written procedure (THAT is part of continuity!!!!!!!) and updated and amended each year for changes that are either new or recently thought about.  What this really suggests is that all work should be started way in advance, not at the last minute.  Each "due (date)"  has many parts, some of which can be done well before the due date.   We strongly suggest that ignoring these principles will COST you more than it costs us.  Ignore it at your own future risk. 

Oh, yes, one more thing.   We have asked repeatedly for questions (submitted well before December 31st each year) from you whenever you do not understand something.  Those who do not ask, now five or more years into the program, have no excuses for not complying completely with our requirements.


“Underpromise and Overdeliver”

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